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Is it your dream to become a professional model?

Would it fulfill your dreams if you could get signed by a top modeling agency? This page is the most essential webpage online for you to read!!! You will learn how to become a professional model, what it takes to become a professional model, the truth about modeling schools, how to get signed with a top modeling agency, and how to make sure you get booked for modeling jobs once you get signed! I have modeled for several years now and am also an agent and professional photographer. You will learn more about me throughout this page.


Modeling is now more popular than ever in today’s society!

There are numerous TV programs focused on the modeling industry. With more people wanting to become models it increases the competition dramatically.

So that only those with a strong mind and proper knowledge of how the business works can break into it.

Makes sense doesn’t it? When each agency can only take on a certain number of models… only the best will make it.

The more competition the more knowledge is needed.

Modeling schools, however, will charge anywhere from $300.00 to $3000 to teach you very little.

Whether it is $300 or $3000, that is a lot of money for most average kids or parents to come up with.

It would be so much more helpful to have actual models, agents, casting directors, and photographers to simply tell you what it takes to break into the business and how you should go about this endeavor.

Those are the exact reasons why I created my E-course, “HOW TO BECOME A MODEL” – The 14 MUST KNOW secrets to becoming a professional model!

It is written by myself with the help of several top models, agents, casting directors, and photographers.

When you have a team of professionals in your corner eager to help you become a model it becomes much easier. That is exactly what my course is all about!

I went to my first model search with over 20 top agents from around the world in attendance and was turned down by every one!

The next year I came back, looking the same, and got picked by more agents than I could handle! No modeling schools can teach you how to do this, but my course can!

Another great example of going past rejection is Tyra Banks. She was told her forehead was too big. If she had listened she would be nothing great today.

Instead, she continued trying and continued through the painful and long trial and error process until she found out what did work.

My course will save you from the ENTIRE trial and error process!

Now look at her! A supermodel with her successful TV show: America Next Top Model. You can do this too!

Now several of you may be thinking that maybe you are not confident enough to be a model.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt very confident?

We have all believed in ourselves at some point.

And that power is available whenever we want!

And the key to this is proper knowledge of what confidence is and how very easy it is for anyone to become confident!

Whether you are male or female it doesn’t matter. Confidence is a skill that can easily be learned and increased as much as you want!

Another common fear is that you may not be good-looking enough to be a model.

Have you ever seen a magazine ad, a movie, a commercial, or a runway show that made you think to yourself “Hey I am just as attractive as that person”?

That is because looks are quite irrelevant!

There are several different divisions for modeling. Some clients want people that look “weird/different”, some want sexy, some want average, some want plus size, some want petite, some want tall, and some short.

There is a place for all of you.

I just got a call at the agency today for a girl who had to be 5’5 and NO taller and she had to look average! It paid 3000 dollars plus travel and hotel!

You see what I mean now!

So if everyone’s look has a place in the modeling industry, why is it so hard to become a model?

Think of it this way… You are an agent.

You can accept 20 new models this year and you have 200 new models to interview.

Your agency only has clients that want different-looking models and average-looking models.

So first, you do what?

You narrow down everyone with the right look for your client’s desires. If your models don’t have the right look for your clients they won’t get booked and then you won’t make any money!

So let’s say you have it down to 50 models. So how do you choose the top 20?

They all have the look… so what would make you want to pick one model over another?


  • Which models left you with the longest-lasting and best impression on you?
  • And that is exactly what my course will teach you!
  • How to know exactly what agents are looking for and how to give it to them!

Now you understand!

My goal is to share these secrets with anyone who will listen. I have helped THOUSANDS of aspiring models live their dreams and can help you as well!


What I will show you, will guarantee modeling success!

Modeling schools will take anyone and tell them what they want to here and they will gladly take your money!

I will guide you in the easiest possible direction for you to begin your modeling career!

Here is what modeling schools will show you :

How to walk on a runway

  • How to apply to makeup: (You don’t need to know this! A makeup artist will do your makeup for you!)
  • How to dress fashionably (I have seen models with no fashion sense, still making it big!)
  • How to pick the right hairstyle for you. (Your agents and clients can determine that without the help of modeling schools!)
  • Modeling schools will claim to be able to teach you: How to take professional pictures (I’ve seen some of them, and you don’t want those types of pictures in your modeling portfolio!)
  • “Modeling etiquette”. Some modeling schools will try to teach you “table manners” as a necessity for becoming a model! (That’s garbage!)
  • They will also try to charge you outrageous fees for bad photo shoots, portfolio books, and portfolio cases… Price tag: $3000.00
  • Most of this is 100% not helpful without proper knowledge of the business from an actual industry professional!

Here’s a funny story:

Barbizon modeling schools asked me to come and speak to about 200 families to convince them to join the modeling school. They told me to name my price and they would pay it.

I told them I would be glad to, but stated that I would NOT lie to these people.

If a model is 6 inches too short to be a runway model I will tell them the right avenue to start with.

I stated that I would not lead people in the wrong direction.

Guess what happened?

I never received a single email back after that! Enough said!!!

Just take a look at what my course “How to Become a Model –” to become a Professional Model” has to offer you.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Is it your dream to become a professional model? “. Hope read and enjoy. Best of luck!

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