How to Become a Supermodel

Discover what it really takes to become a supermodel! Here we cover brief information about how to become a supermodel.
Do you want to become a supermodel OR EVEN JUST A REGULAR MODEL? Is it your dream to model in different countries across the world?

If so… then you are in the right place.

First of all, understand that… whether your dream is to become a supermodel or a regular model you are going to need to start out at square one as all other models and supermodels do.

How to become a supermodel
And before moving on, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Jordan Sales.

That is me in the black shirt laughing on the main banner for this site and in the white tank top in the second picture above.

I started out as a model and then merged into becoming an agent for a top modeling agency. Next, I became a photographer for that modeling agency.

Here is some of my photography:



How to become a supermodel
I have been a working model, modeling agent, and professional photographer, so I will give you only real advice, from my personal experience.

Throughout this website, you will learn everything you need to know, to begin a career in modeling and to become a supermodel or regular model.

It’s your energy that is the most important thing and you will learn more about this throughout my site.

How to Become a Supermodel! Top 5 Female Supermodels of All Time
Over the years, many big names have popped up in the modeling world, but how many of them can really claim ‘Supermodel’ status? With some singers and actresses making an impact in the modeling world too, the lines have been blurred somewhat.

For instance, you can see Victoria Beckham around Harvey Nichols, but that wasn’t where she made a name for herself. Jessica Simpson is often seen to take on big campaigns, but would she be in that position, if she hadn’t got her to break on the big screen and in the charts?

Sticking strictly to the career models, in no particular order, these are our top 5 female supermodels of all time…

Gisele Bundchen: With Forbes listing her as being the world’s first-ever billionaire supermodel, Bundchen’s couldn’t be left off the list. The Brazilian doesn’t just have that as her only contribution to fashion though, as she also led to a whole breakthrough for her country and being able to crossover to the American markets.
Cindy Crawford: A name you can never forget, Cindy may have been known for appearing in a handful of flicks, but modeling made her who she was – one of the best supermodels ever.
Naomi Campbell: Leading the way for black models, Naomi Campbell was scouted at 15 and soon became one of the most sought-after models in the ‘80s and ‘90s. She leads a revolution (with Tyra Banks) in modeling and the ability for those who don’t have typical European features to lead mainstream campaigns. Without her contribution, modeling could still be in the dark ages.
Elle MacPherson: Known as ‘The Body’, there’s a reason why people still talk about Elle MacPherson. She’s another who had a stint at movie work but is more known for lending her ideal body to several high-profile campaigns.
Claudia Schiffer: On top of her outstanding beauty, Claudia Schiffer became a household name during the ‘90s, thanks to her highly publicized Guess? Jeans campaigns as well as being the face of Chanel. She was unavoidable and managed to continue with such great form in the years afterward too.
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You will learn… what it takes to become a Super model… how to become a model… HOW TO GET SIGNED WITH A TOP MODELING AGENCY… AND HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU BOOK MODELING JOBS!!!

Thanks a lot for reading our article – How to Become a Supermodel. Enjoy the rest of this site and much love and blessings!!


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