How to become a plus-size model

How to become a plus-size model or where to start is every day’s question of our website visitors. If you’re aspiring to be a plus-size model or don’t know how and where to start, dive into today’s episode. Today we will focus briefly on the 10 tips on how to become a plus-size model.

How to become a plus-size model? Here, you go!
In recent years, there has been a new group of models who are roaring and breaking the fashion industry rules. They are called the plus size models.

A plus-size model is a person who holds extra weight and height and they don’t belong to zero size field.

To be a plus-size model, you should have a height of 5’7”- 6. Also, you need to have a normal and desirable body figure.

How to Become a Plus-Size Model
If you want to get entrance into the field of modeling and be a plus-size model, you should follow our article.

How to become a plus-size model! Please read, how to get started
How to get started is a question for every aspiring plus-size model. First of all, get good images, and agencies look for clean and clear images with no makeup.

What they see is your natural state day to day-to-day life.

Whatever you represent your day-to-day life is their attention. Also, you should wear a very simple dress and your background needs to be as clean as possible.

You are the focus. Don’t put anything else in the background.

Keep shooting
You need to have a good-quality picture with a professional photographer. Keep in mind you need to pay for it. Hire a professional photographer to make quality photos for you.

Your picture is the first shot of catching eyes on you. You should give your portfolio in the right hand.

What kinds of modeling do you want to be?
In recent years, the plus-size modeling industry has had tremendous growth. This is really big news for a full-figured woman who is always dreaming of being a model.

If you want to be a plus-size model, first you have to identify what kind of model you want to be.

How to Become a Plus-Size Model
Once you’ve decided on the type of modeling, then you should go for the next level. It means you have to be serious about modeling through the industry or agency research.

Keep in mind taking care of physical and mental health is so important for the plus-size model.

You don’t get paid!
You won’t get paid for a lot of the work you’re doing at the beginning. Make a good portfolio and build a career for some time. But the thing is that you stick to the career. Later on, you’ll get paid.

Another thing is that you have to travel a lot just like thousands of miles. But, here you will be paid for your travel. So, be patient on the trip and you have to be habituated to traveling.

Never take it just for fun. If you’re serious about your modeling career, you will succeed very soon.

How to become a plus-size model
1.) Look at your height and size measurements.
The height and size measurement depends on what type of modeling you want to be. Follow the variation;

For fit modeling, the model should be 5’5” to 5’9” and size 18
For runway and high fashion modeling, models should be 5’9” or up and sizes 10 to 20/22.
For print modeling, it should be 5’8” and up and 12 to 18 sizes.
For commercial modeling, you can be any height and size 12 to 18.
Although you see the tough measurement, there are often exceptions.

If you don’t fulfill these measures, don’t be upset because fit modeling, commercial modeling, parts modeling, and local modeling can be excellent options for you.

How to Become a Plus-Size Model

2.) Give close attention to your body.
Models should have very healthy skin, teeth, hair, and nails. The body of plus-size modeling should be toned or in shape. If you want to care for your body, drink a lot of water, eat healthily, and get daily exercise.

At least, 2 liters of water per day would be great for your health.

When it comes to exercise, get 150 minutes of moderate exercise (brisk walking or swimming) and 75 minutes of strong exercise (running) per day. But your goal might be a combination of both exercises.

Eat healthy foods such as fruits, meats, vegetables, and grains, but avoid fast food, sugary foods, and fatty foods.

3.) Be confident with your body.
To be confident is very important for a successful plus-size model. You have to KNOW the shape of your body and you should be comfortable with that.

If you’re not satisfied with your body figure, it will be very difficult to be a plus-size model.

How will you be confident with your body?

Just start your positive self-talk. Avoid your negativity such as ‘I’m fat’’ or ‘I’m not enough”.

Discuss your positive things such as “I love my body” etc.

Pay attention to your loving things. Pick any body part; it can be hands, thighs, breasts, or freckles. Now, say loud about the body part in a complementary way, for example, “I love my breasts in this shirt”.

Now you can concentrate on the body parts that are allowing you to move very well. For example, instead of discussing how bad, be grateful that the legs are helping you exercise, walk, dance, or more. If you think of it like this, you’ll feel confident and can go for a long run.

How to Become a Plus-Size Model
4.) Go for research.
Find out the agencies that contract with the plus size models. It’s not like all types of agencies do the contract. You can look for plus-size modeling agencies.

You can take their reviews and comments regarding the agencies. You can ask for measurements and height to know whether the agencies are right for you or not.

It would be great if you go for a thorough analysis of the top models. For example, you can learn about the world’s first plus model size. By knowing this, you will have a clear-cut idea of what the industry looks like. You will have a complete plus-size model search.

This also indicates that you’re serious about modeling.

5.) Avoid scams.
Be sure all the time that the agencies you’re looking for are well-known agencies. You could look at the top agencies’ websites to know what a well-known agency looks like.

If anyone demands an advance payment to show you, this is a red signal, (that means a scam agency).

Don’t pay any agent or manager to find the work for you. The agency that’s legitimate only works on commission-based. They take the commission only when they book a job for you.

Be careful of internet agencies and talent promoters who say they’ll promote you on their website for money or free.

6.) How to become a plus-size model! Make a good portfolio.
As an aspiring plus-size model, photos are your resume.

Make sure you have a few quality testing photos. Testing means when the model has the photographer, he takes pictures for the portfolio. It’s good if you have a professional make-up and hairstyle artist for the photo shoots.

It depends on the photographer and it can cost almost $200 to $500 to make a good quality portfolio for the model. You need to get two main photos such as a body shot and a headshot.

A body shot is a full-length shot that shows the figure. You need to put on a dress that will highlight your body figure, skin, and hair tone.

Your motive should be what to put one in the shot is simplify. Your outfit needs to be simple (one solid color or no logos).

Keep in mind your make-up or hair needs to be so simple and natural.

On the other hand, a headshot means a photo of the head and shoulder. You can get the bare shoulder in the shot or you can put on a light cardigan, a simple tank top, or a button-down shirt.

7.) Make practice at home.
Before facing an open call, shooting for the portfolio, or plus-size modeling auditions, you should practice. For practice, you should know the shape of your body and how to move.

You should look for the good sides, angles, and shapes that highlight your body type.

Lighting and mirrors can be your good friend. Stand before the mirror to know your body shape so that you give a perfect pose.

Do with various forms of lighting such as bright, incandescent, and dim so that you can observe which lighting provides the skin tone.

Also do different angles just like above, below, side, and front to notice that angle highlights your facial character.

Keep in mind that you always hold the limbs lightly away from the body to make the separation. It will make an illusion that the limbs are toned and slim.

Lengthen your neck, get your jaw angle to the camera, and learn how far you can turn the head before the nose “breaks” the cheeks. Make a practice of these poses before the mirror daily till you feel natural.

8.) Attend to an open call.
Look for an open call, casting or attend if the agency has any of this. Look for the specific requirements of that agency.

For example, what you should wear or what you should bring? It could be a kind of simple outfit. It might be a tank top simple jeans or a simple dress. Don’t do anything loud.

The agency may ask for 2/3 best outfits. Also, they may ask to bring different copies of photos.

Keep in mind that you should never provide the original photos because there is no chance of getting the submitted photos back.

9.) Contact the agency through e-mail.
You have to submit your portfolio through email if the agency doesn’t have any open casting. You have to submit some pictures, measurements, and how you could be contracted.

Keep in mind that you should include the name, height, age, weight, hips, bust, waist size, eye color, hair color, and contact information such as phone, address, and email on the back side of your photos.

10.) Network
While you’re so serious about a plus-size model, networking is a big factor. Keep attending conferences or events of recruiting where high-class agencies would be attending.

What you need to do is just introduce yourself to their representatives and have feelings for the agency.

Networking will also help you to meet the destination of plus-size models. Then you will have a good chance to connect with other agencies and can get a lot of tips and tricks on how to be successful in the modeling industry.

Be professional while talking to any agency. Introduce yourself and tell a bit about yourself.

The law of beauty is changing. The body and the perfect measures have already been left behind. Around the world, there are already agencies that look for the plus size model.

how to become a plus-size model! you should have other criteria:
14 years old
Be photogenic.
Have a well-groomed skin.
Healthy hair.
A great smile and expressiveness.
Great teamwork skills.
Responsibility, loyalty, empathy, and efficiency.
The impeccable image inside and outside the agency. Your image sells 24 hours a day.
For how to become a plus-size model, you could follow our 10 tips for a successful modeling career. Above all, keep in mind to be successful in your modeling, you should have the patent first and then you can shine in the long run.

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