Woman fitness model – Expert modeling and fitness advice in 2024

Today, we are going to share with you some of our favorite health and fitness experts for women fitness model and male fitness models. Always the awkward girl growing up I was never part of the elite inner circle at school…modeling wasn’t something that I ever thought I could do. It’s been several years since I started modeling and now have focused my attention on personal training and my family. I had a tremendously wonderful time modeling and I never lost sight of the fact that I did it for fun and for the enjoyment of capturing a moment, and forgetting to live a fraction of a dream; when you lose that then it’s time to quit.

………so step inside my little girl’s dream!!!

I got into modeling by chance…I wanted to get some really good pictures of myself and I met this photographer online through an online modeling website. Through him I met other talented photographers, such as Dan Howell of NY and so on….it was really fun for me, I made some great friends and did some exciting work from it, including a CD cover for 70’s band Vanilla Fudge.

What advice do you have for models?

There are a lot of scams out there. Always, let someone know where you will be and a number where they can reach you. Call when you get there and when you leave the shoot that way someone knows your whereabouts. Always, be prompt and professional in your work if you are a woman fitness model a male fitness model, or a bodybuilder.

How important it is for models to be healthy?

Depending on the type of Modeling that you are doing you may need to maintain a certain lean look and many models have very hectic schedules so you must eat healthy meals and snacks. Protein and lots of fruits, veggies, and fiber-rich foods will keep you feeling satiated and are packed with Fit vitamins and other essential nutrients that keep you looking good from the inside out. As a personal trainer I know the importance of eating clean and of exercise, I never view working out as boring rather I see it as a reward for my body to ensure that I have the healthiest life I can have.

Fitness and Beauty for A Healthy Self
Fitness and Beauty? Where does it begin?

Young girls live in a world of: ‘what if’ and ‘if ‘only’. They so badly want to fit in and be accepted and sadly it’s so easy to believe all the hype the media sells us about our bodies and faces being THE passport to happiness. The media is full of diet and fitness success stories – they all work and get us the body and life we want.

So young girls restrict and deprive themselves. They have lists of ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ foods. They take pills, powders, potions, and other desperate measures to look the way our culture dictates is beautiful. And yet sadly, even when they reach that supposedly ‘magical’ figure on the scale – they may feel temporarily elated but soon they start worrying about regaining that weight. Their goal weight has become their jail weight.

Many live quiet lives of desperation! They smile on the outside and feel isolated and self-loathing on the inside – and this goes for stunning models too. Outer beauty is no guarantee that you’ll fall in love or like with yourself. Being thin is no guarantee of happiness. Happiness and loving your life are inside jobs. It’s about realizing you’re a wonderful, fabulous being no matter your size or shape.

Tips: We love tips! So how do you fall in love with yourself?

Remember that:

  • It’s not so much how you look or what happens to you that determines your happiness – except for fleeting moments of elation when ‘you get that modeling contract’ or something else wonderful happens to you – it’s the story you tell yourself that makes a difference. Let me give you an example: What triggered the diet that I became anorexic on was receiving a letter from a boyfriend who sent me a picture of myself in a bikini and said that he couldn’t wait to see me in my bikini again. The story I told myself was: “Yikes if he thinks I look good in a bikini I’d better lose some weight so he isn’t disappointed!” Because I loathed myself so much I ‘couldn’t hear’ that he was saying I was already beautiful to him.
  • Your body has a ‘sell-by’ date. Unless you’re willing to spend plenty on nips and tucks as you get older, gravity will take its toll, your hair will grey and your face will wrinkle. Is that so bad? Well, it will be if all your self-esteem revolves only around your appearance. What great qualities do you have to build on? Are you funny? Are you a good listener? Do you have a kind heart? Are you generous? When we focus on the attributes that make us beautiful from within we get MORE beautiful as we age.
  • Remember that a guy may initially be drawn to another who is physically beautiful but if that person is constantly putting themselves down, or talking about dieting and what they can and cannot eat – the relationship has a poor chance of survival. I’ve found that when I’m self-confident and being my quirky vivacious self, regardless of my body – that’s what people find sexy.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Woman Fitness Model – Expert Modeling and Fitness Advice”. Please read my other article “Model Skin Care Tips and Tricks“. Hope read and enjoy!

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