Victoria’s Secret Model Requirements

Victoria Secret Model Requirements! If you would like to know how to become a Victoria secret model, you must have to know about the Victoria Secret model requirements. Modeling is not an easy task at all. A successful model has to much more work hard for that. Victoria’s Secret is a brand that I think everyone wants to work for. Victoria secret models must need to follow different types of modeling requirements like – fit body, the height of a model, the weight of a model, age of a model, hairstyle of a model, and so on. Today, we will focus here briefly on the Victoria Secret model requirements.

victoria secret model requirements

Victoria Secret Model Requirements

I’m going to explain to you how to become a Victoria’s Secret model. The first thing about being a Victoria’s Secret model is obviously you need to have the Victoria Secret model requirements look and this can range to anything. But in most cases, it’s usually the same. Victoria’s Secret model, like girls who are over 5 feet 7 inches (5’7”), but not too tall. So, Victoria Secret models height usually 5 feet7 inches (5’7”) to 5 feet 10 inches (5’10”).

The girls need to be quite slender, but still womanly like this means that they want the girls to have curves. Usually, we take them girls for Victoria’s Secret models to be at least a 30 for C bust and a bit bigger, but too big we don’t like either.

So, therefore it’s between 30 to 40, and two, maybe 30 to double D. We like the waist measurements to be about twenty-four inches (24”) and the hip measurements to be about thirty-four inches (34”). But usually, we like the girls to have long hair; to be a Victoria’s Secret model as well as it’s quite ladylike and very feminine.

victoria secret model requirements

Obviously, if you have short hair it won’t work against you, but in most cases. It’s better to have a longer head because of course, they can do a lot more things with their own set.

Here, is a model that we have used for Victoria’s Secret campaigns in the past. She has the typical look of the Victoria’s Secret models, and it’s probably one of the most successful girls. She’s very tall and slim and she has quite a lot of good cleavage.

Victoria Secret Model

Sighs she’s not hugely busted, but she’s got a nice cleavage size. As you can see from the pictures here on the back. She’s got a lot of experience in swimwear and fashion type modeling. These always help as well, because these are the sort of pictures that Victoria’s Secrets type companies like to look at when we are suggesting them for those sorts of companies.

Victoria's Secret Model

Victoria’s Secret model also need to be very attractive and very feminine looking. They’re the two major things that they ask for when it comes to Victoria’s Secret models.

Can you handle being a Victoria’s Secret fashion model before walking one of the world’s most coveted runways?

You got to meet more than just the height and weight requirements. It takes a lot to join the ranks of these angels on Earth. And it’s not all glitz and glamour. Before we hit the runway, let’s dive in.

Fitness models can’t just rely on genetics and a fast metabolism to book Victoria’s Secret model gigs to look lean and toned pursuits and fashion shows. Daily workouts are a must. These girls are constantly working on their fitness. The most popular workout among models is Ballet Beautiful, a ballet-inspired program by Mary Helen Bowers. This is the same program that Natalie Portman used to get in shape for her role in Black Swan.

Each ballet beautiful session is almost two hours of intense toning exercises. This is to make sure models look sculpted and strong without the bulk other favorite exercises. Among models include boxing spin classes and skipping rope. If they have a big show coming up, you can find them working out as often as twice a day.

Workouts can get so tough that angel Martha Hunt called her Pilates reformer a torture machine. And even went on the go models make sure they squeeze in a workout or to Victoria’s Secret models veteran Adriana Lima doesn’t let travel ruin her fitness regimen. She tells W magazine, you can always bring a jump rope because it’s so light and easy to carry work ethic if you expect modern life to be full of parties and exotic vacations around the world.

Think again, Victoria’s Secret models sign contracts with the morality clause. In them, this means no more partying. All night models are expected to be responsible and professional when facing big brands in Victoria’s Secret.

victoria secret model requirements

Executives showing up late is unacceptable for signing any model to Victoria’s Secret. Casting directors carefully examine their work ethic. They have to make sure a model has what it takes to handle a busy schedule. And boy, is it busy. Victoria’s Secret models are always, quite literally, kept on their toes. They have to juggle several modeling jobs at a time, often in different places.

Victoria Secret Models are constantly dealing with different photographers, directors, and other models. The ever-changing environment can be very overwhelming for Victoria’s Secret Angels in particular. It’s a full-time job in between tough workouts and long shoots. They’re curating their Instagram feeds and talking to the press.

Polish VCs model Monica Jaga Check tells Fashionista. It feels like I was just hired by a company and I’m literally like going to the office. Forget tripping on the runway. Laziness and lack of discipline will surely be a model’s downfall personality. Once you get your body on point, it’s time to flaunt that personality. Victoria’s Secret models sell more than clothes and lingerie. They sell a lifestyle.

Part of the casting process is seeing models have a pleasing, approachable personality. How do they measure this?

Auditions only last a couple of minutes and it’s really just to see how models look and walk when it comes to their personality. Victoria’s Secret looks online. Social media is where models show everything else you can see on the runway.

Casting directors gauge how relatable a model can be by looking at her social media. Can your profile pass the test?

Victoria’s Secret models are basically Instagram royalty. Most models have millions of followers under their belt. Now, you’ll need more than just a pretty face to keep your followers interested. Model share everything for makeup, free selfies to sweating it out on the mat.

In the age of social media, it’s now a model’s requirement to always document their healthy and active lives with family and friends. Being a Victoria’s Secret model is comparable to being a celebrity. Say goodbye to a completely private life preparation.

victoria secret model requirements

Ever wonder how Victoria’s Secret models look so flawless on the runway?

On top of working out and going on juice cleanses or liquid diet hours are spent preparing the models before each show. According to Karlie Kloss, she and the models spend most of the day in their hair and makeup chairs she admits to in style. By the time the show actually rolls around, I’m kind of exhausted and it hasn’t even started. Getting fully glammed up for Victoria’s Secret show is quite the ordeal. It begins with waxing off all body hair.

Some models like Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swayne, pull up for laser hair removal next hour, full-body spray tans for that lovely beachy glow abs. Yes, ABS is then airbrushed on each model’s stomach, which is kind of a relief to find out they aren’t all that perfect in real life makeup as applied not only on the face but on the body as well.

Many models make use of hair extensions, which can take hours to attach. And when walking around backstage at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, make sure you have a mask. Hair stylist can go through at least forty cans of hairspray before the show. The good news is the girls get to indulge in some yummy snacks backstage before the show, but most times they wait until after they strut their stuff to gorge on pizza diet.

Speaking of these models eating habits, let’s take a look at their diets. Some models I carried, Levine and Jordan Dunne can get away with eating bacon and McDonald’s for. For walking the runway, but most models are on a healthy diets. Many Victoria’s Secret models swear by eating clean and green to maintain their lean and toned bodies.

Models pair grilled lean protein with a lot of veggies. Common proteins include chicken, breast and fish for breakfast. It’s often an egg, white omelet or oatmeal with some fruit when leading up to a show. Some models go on liquid diets. Adriana Lima goes on a total fast right before a show to keep from bloating our Victoria’s Secret models afraid of carbs. Model Josephine Scriber says she cuts down on carbs because they make her sleepy.

But she’ll usually have a cup of brown rice with breakfast to fuel her long day. Stella Maxwell has been Victoria’s Secret angel since 2015 and vouches for moderation. She says she doesn’t believe in cutting anything out completely. She tells Express, I think your body will respond well if you make it happy in a moderate way, kind of like portion control. So what do you think? Are you ready to do on the wings of Victoria’s Secret model?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks a lot for reading my article- “Victoria’s Secret Model Requirements”. Hopefully, you read and enjoy it. Have a good day!

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