20 Types of Modeling in the Modeling Industry

If you are looking for different types of modeling, this article is for you.

You might hear that to be a model, you should be tall, thin, fair skin and fit. This is true for high fashion modeling such as garment designers to show their designs in the best way.

If you don’t adjust to one’s criteria, don’t be upset. There are many other areas in which you can work successfully and earn money as a model. The modeling industry requires different shapes and sizes, you just have to find the right one from different types of modeling job.

types of modeling
To help you, we’ve listed the 20 different types of modeling that work in the modeling industry.

Different types of modeling? Here you go!

If you think of the female models, automatically some famous model name comes like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks etc. Even, there are a bunch of models whose name is unknown but they’re earning huge bucks.

They’re doing hard work behind the scenes as fit models, showroom models or commercial models working with suppliers, manufacturers, airlines and fitness, etc.

If you can’t be the future supermodel, at least you will possibly fit into one these categories.

Different types of modeling! Please watch below this video:

20 Different Types of modeling that you should know

1. Fashion Modeling

When it comes to fashion modeling, this is so exclusive and difficult among all categories. Young, tall and thin is the main focus of the fashion model.

If you have to lack any of tree, you would hardly be accepted. The size requirement of the fashion model is needed.

types of modeling

Requirement for female fashion models

Height: As a model, you should have 5’9” to 6”. But, there are some exceptions such as one inch or two inches.

Measurement: 34-24-34. Some exceptions are there just like 1/2 inches.

Age: You should be 16-21 years old.

Size: 0-4.

Weight: 105-130 pounds, directly proportional to the height

Requirements for Male Fashion Models

Height: Height should be 5’11” to 6’2”.

Weight: 140-165 pounds

Measurement: Waist between 29” and 32”. Shirt size between 15-15 ½ neck, sleeve size between 32 and 34 and jacket size between 40 and 42.

Age: 18-25 years old.

2. Editorial Fashion Modeling

Editorial fashion modeling is available in the editorial spreads of pages such as Glamour, Elle, and Vogue, etc. You should have the requirements of a fashion model to be considered in this category.

editorial fashion modeling

When talking about agencies, all are mostly found in New York City but jobs/agencies could be found in other cities like LA, Chicago or overseas.

3. Fashion Catalog Modeling

Fashion Catalog Modeling has slightly loose requirements than fashion modeling. But, it’s still difficult to get into. You can see the catalog model working one clothing catalogs and posing in different outfits.

The female models that are in the height of 5’8” to 6’1” work here. Male models must be 5’10” to 6’2”.

fashion catalog modeling

4. Runway or Catwalk Modeling

For the runway or catwalk modeling, you should have a size of 5 feet, 9 inches tall. Usually, taller is better one.

Runway models should have accurate measurements so that they can be fit into the clothes that a designer is going to show to their clients.

runway or catwalk modeling

As a female model, your measurements shouldn’t exceed the 34” around the bust, 23” around the waist and 34” around the hips.

5. Commercial Modeling

The commercial modeling does a lot of different jobs such as print advertisements, television shows, catalogs, campaigns, and magazines, etc.

No size or height requirements are needed for the commercial model. If you’re dying for being a fashion model, but don’t fit the size or others, you could still get the work in the commercial model.

commercial modeling

Besides, if you’re not interested in commercial modeling, that’s not a problem. Still, you can suit yourselves in different categories of the modeling industry.

6. Print Modeling

Print modeling is found in a variety of types of publications like magazines, billboards, posters, print advertisements, calendars, campaigns, flyers, booklets, and banners.

print modeling

As a print model, you need to have an attractive face, nice body, good skin, and a pretty smile. If you’re a print model, you can get the work in two ways such as freelance modeling or through an agency.

7. Glamour Modeling

Model’s beauty, body, and appeal are the main keys of glamour modeling. The one who is so pretty is considered in this category. Simply, if you have a nice body, a good attraction, and a bit sex appeal, you will be valued in this field.

Although no size or height requirements are necessary, you have to be at least 18 years old. Glamour models are usually hired to participate in a swimsuit, lingerie, bikini or form-fitting attire. Sometimes, you can work in music videos, magazines or calendars, etc.

glamour modeling

If you are considering glamour modeling , be careful because there are many dishonest people who take advantage of young models. It is advisable to have a reputable agency to find the best for you.

You can do the work as a freelance model. Also, you’ll be able to find the task through agencies as a commercial model, print model or promo model.

8. Promo Modeling or Promotional Modeling

This promotional model is known as a promo model. A promotional model is used to represent a brand, service or product. No height or weight requirement is needed for this field.

Although there are not requirements of weight or height, other common requirements (a great attitude, nice smile, outgoing nature and ability to adapt or learn) is necessary.

-Spokesmodel: A spokesmodel is a really lucrative form of promo modeling. These kinds of model get contracts with specific companies that work for brand image, attending events, advertisements, traveling the country, etc.

promo modeling or promotional modeling

-Trade Show Model or Convention Model: This is another form of promo model. These models are used to represent the brand, product, and service, especially at a trade show or convention.

No size or height requirements are needed. In this field, the model needs to work for long hours and they have to engage with other people to fulfill the company’s mission to consumers.

9. Catalog Modeling

The catalog modeling has the job description as similar asfashion catalog model’. But, it doesn’t have similar size requirements. Usually, the catalog models are needed in all sizes and shapes. A bunch of clothing designers is available in the world providing a lot of option.

Companies create catalogs (graphics or on the web) to sell their latest clothing lines and other products. It is the work of the model that the garments and products look good.

catalog modeling

In this area, you will find great opportunities to represent the publicity of different companies. This is very lucrative for many models. There are many growing numbers of websites that require models to promote their products online.

10. Petite Modeling

These models come with a shorter side almost 5’4” and under. If you don’t get work for a fashion model, don’t be upset because you can work for this Petite modeling.

petite modeling

Usually, they work for commercial, print, glamour and promotional modeling. For small hands or feet is not an obstacle for this category.

11. Freelance Modeling

The freelance modeling refers to self-represented. They don’t sign with any agency or they don’t have any manager or agent. They just find the work themselves. Besides, they do their own marketing, branding, promoting or networking.

This bight might sound really good. Nowadays, freelance models get a lot of platforms to start their career. The internet can be their main source or weapon. If anyone does the job properly, he/she can be famous without any agency.

12. Fitness Modeling

Fitness models are healthy, in shape or get a good muscle. No height or size requirements are needed for them but they should have shape. You will find a lot of agencies with fitness modeling departments.

So, if you want to be a fitness model, you should have shape first.

13. Parts Modeling

This type of model shows its parts as a model. They expose their hands, feet, legs, stomach, etc. For representing the parts models, there is a bunch of modeling agencies. You can also seek a job if you have an interest in parts modeling.

However, this is an area where new models do not usually think. But it is an important sector of the industry.

The most common parts of the body need to show just like hair, eyes, lips, hands, legs, and feet. These body parts are used to promote many products on television.

You need to have exceptionally good proportions and know how to take care of body parts. This is definitely a modeling area that is worth considering, as it can be surprisingly profitable.

14. Plus size Modeling

The plus-size model is playing a crucial role in the fashion and commercial modeling industry. Many top fashion agencies now have a plus-size department.

Over the years the plus-size modeling has got tremendous popularity. Usually, plus model is valued with the size rather than exact measurements like 12 sizes or up.

In the practical world, the size of 12 isn’t regarded the plus size but it can be in the modeling industry. If you would like to know brief information plus size model, please visit our other page how to become a plus size model.

15. Child Modeling or Kids Modeling

When we talk about the child modeling, a lot of celebrities’ names come just like Brooke Shields, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Connelly and even CNN’s Anderson Cooper etc. They all were child models.

If you are a child or want to be a child model, you should have the age of 12 years or under. In the case of size and height, it can be any.

Agents look for the child modeling that have a lot of personalities or who are capable of working well on the set or aground the strangers.

16. Art Modeling

Art models work for the visual artists. This type of model becomes the subject of the art piece. They just go for a pose when the artist explains or makes a piece of art. As a real-life visual aid, they are used.

There are a lot of platforms where they can participate. The example of this art adds paintings, illustrations, photography, and sculpture.

17. ALT or Alternative Modeling

ALT or Alternative Modeling is different from typical modeling standards. They go for tattoos, piercings, and unusual hairstyles, etc. You can work in this field with the help of the internet, networking and niche magazines.

18. Mature Modeling

When it comes to the mature modeling, this field has tremendously expanded. Mature models need to have the age of 30 years or over. And they could work well into their 80s and 90s.

They are usually referred to as a commercial model and they could do everything a commercial model does.

19. Fit Modeling

Don’t be confused with fit models. Fit models usually work behind the scenes in the fashion houses. Also, they work with garment factor to ensure the size or fit in the clothing manufacturing process.

Garment manufacturers need different shapes and sizes of fit models for fitting their garments appropriately before shipping to consumers.

You might not get the look that the print model requires or height of the runway model. But if you consistently maintain your measurements, then this is the modeling for you.

20. TV Commercial Modeling

Modeling in television commercials do not have general criteria for size and age. TV commercial modeling needs something different and specific for that job.

In this field, it is essential to know some sort of acting skills but the ability can be natural.

In general, it is necessary to have some acting skills, but this ability can be natural or acquired. There are many types of television commercials, ranging from stylized aesthetics to the most realistic aesthetics.

In this field, the agent usually looks for those models that are publically known and people can easily recognize them.

This opens the doors to almost everyone, who feels they are capable of this platform.


Now, we’ve reached in last part of today’s episode. We have explained the top 20 different types of modeling here. If you’re interested in any or anyone meets your criteria, you should pick up that one.

Overall, keep in mind, when you decide to go for a category, always look for a well-known agent.

Thanks a lot for reading our article – 20 different types of modeling that you will find in the modeling industry! Please read another article about how to become a model. Hope read and enjoy!

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