Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

Top 10 Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts with Reviews in 2024

Are you looking for buying the best shoes for squats and deadlifts? If so, you’ve landed on the right track. Let’s dive into the content!


Strength training is one of best ways to get the better shape, to increase the strength, and to tone your body. And your entire lifting experience could be a lot more enjoyable if you just add a good pair of lifting shoes.

However, squats or deadlifting are the exercise that must be part of everyone’s workout routine – regardless of gender, age, and fitness purposes.

They are not just for legs you know – rather they provide benefit in the entire body in a different way. Whether you are looking to reduce pounds, maintain powerlifting or deadlifting, and run faster, this shoe is ideal for you.

When choosing the best weightlifting shoes, everything will depend on the exercise you are going to perform and the money you want to spend. Just follow the 10 top shoes for squats and deadlifts.

Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

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1. ADIDAS ADIPOWER WEIGHTLIFTING SHOESBest Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

Crush your workout with this lifting shoe. When it comes to the strong frame, it’s made with a sturdy base. This white color shoe is specially designed for weightlifters. When you’re at the gym, it will easily help you stabilize your feet.

Go for it, and the single instep strap extends across the top of the foot for a lock-down fit and stability. Besides, its unique outsole adds breathability to keep you cool.

It got different when released the first time adding the PU coated rubber to enhance flexibility, durability, and ventilation of the shoes.

I’m personally a big fan of this shoes weight. They’re not very heavy just like Reebok Legacy Lifters. So you can smoothly use it for your squirt. They also have multiple colors.


• Specially designed for weightlifting
• Used PU coated rubber for flexibility, durability, and ventilation
• Rubber sole
• Adjustable loop and hook instep strap
• Anti-slip outsole rubber


• The fit is a bit in the toe but if they solve it, it will become great product. 


The Adidas Powerlift shoes have become the product of the third generation and got much popularity since their fantastic release. This shoe is getting an appeal for three reasons.

For example, first, they’re not expensive one; second, they come with a lower heel, so lifters could give a smother transformation into heel shoe when lighting; third they’re designed with the single strap and provide a wide range of safety for recreational lifting.

This light shoe will also help stop foot turnover slowing in different power movement. I personally think this shoe may be an ideal option for the beginners who want to use it for their squirt.

The good thing is that you can squirt as much as you want. These shoes are absolutely weightlifting shoes. Also, they’re not running, walking or cardio around town shoes.

However, the shoes hold the lower ideal heel for low-bar squatting and good for lifter’s stability, so you don’t need an additional heel for achieving depth.


• Lightweight leather for ankle support or durability
• Air mesh collar, lining or tongue for the height breathability
• Synthetic sole
• Lightweight and durable
• Great shoes for squirt


• Somehow narrow fit according to some customers 


The MEGIN Men’s Squat Shoe is exactly a powerlifting shoe that’s specially designed for heavy weightlifting. It comes from the Nordic Lifting house, a good well-known company for making high-quality fitness accessories.

This Squat Shoe is made for powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other sportsmen who do work for heavyweights.

They add solid base that brings extra power to squats, leg presses, deadlifts or others.

If you’re a professional athlete or you want to spend most of your time in gym, then this squat shoe is perfect solution for you.

This pair of shoe will increase your training session at gym and make you output the best performance. Actually, they are not every day’s running or sneaker shoes.


• Ideal for bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters or other sportsmen
• Highest lifting performance
• Coming with Olympic stability
• Perfect for squats, leg presses, deadlifts, and other exercises
• One year warranty
• Hard anti-slip sole


• The metatarsal strap is fairly cheap type 

4. REEBOK MEN’S LIFTER PR CROSS-TRAINER SHOEBest Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

Reebok’s Lifter PR Cross-Trainer Shoe is a worth building because every part of its design is developed with the personal records in mind. The sturdy hook or loop closure and dual-rubber outsole confirm the highest stability from clean to jerk.

Actually, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort with the Reebok Lifter PR either. Its anti-friction lining and air-mesh tongue provides enough air or moisture in a workout.

It has two strap closures that lock down the feel, and its heel clips perfectly hold your foot in space. If you go to gym every day, this durable shoes could be a good recommendation for you.


• Synthetic and mesh upper
• Rubber sole
• Upper leather for comfortable support
• Perfect shoes for stability in time of workout
• Multiple colors


• The fit was large for a couple of customers.

5. NIKE ROMALEOS 3 MENS WEIGHT-LIFTING SHOESBest Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

The Nike Romaleos 3 is one of the best editions in Nike’s weightlifting shoe line. They are the latest version from the previous Romaleos 2 model that has got the popularity among the different strength sports.

The Nike Romaleos 3 is beautifully designed as a hybrid lifting shoe that means, they could be used for a lot of strength sports. Also, Nike ensures the signature Flywire material to increase the shoe’s flexibility and reduce the weight.

It’s a great shoe that brings perfect stability. This lightweight shoe includes two different insoles. Mesh material and outer leather provide this shoe durability, comfort, and breathability.

However, you will have the option of choosing different colors. If you’re a fan of black color, you could go for it.


• Rubber sole
• Lightweight and 2 different soles
• Durable, comfortable and breathable shoe
• Made in Vietnam
• Various colors


• Thin Heel Cup
• Somewhat Expensive

6. SABO DEADLIFTS SHOEBest Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

Finding the right pair of the best shoes for deadlift is something that can give you almost an instant benefit. This sabo deadlift shoes are the most unique, durable and innovative shoes on the marker.

The shoes are perfectly designed for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Boxing, Wrestling, and Kettlebell Sports. Basically, it provides confidence when trying heavy sumo deadlifts due to additional side material and hard flat sole.

With this durable deadlift shoes, you can squirt very well. If you’re planning to buy a good sabo deadlift shoes for powerlifting, this one can be an excellent option for you.


• Synthetic and fabric leather
• Outsole side support
• Special design for Deadlifts, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Boxing and Wrestling
• Comfortable, durable and secure
• 2 colors


• The laces are short.
• Shoe is uncomfortable outside of the gym



Adidas has brought the Powerlifting shoes with a solid and wide base. This shoe comes with lightweight mesh to give your feet cool. Its high-density midsole provide the support, so you can take part in the competitive weightlifting.

To offer you the right amount of support, Adidas gives a power strap that fastens across the laces as an anchor.

Also, the footwear includes an instep strap to assure that you have a safe fit. This aspect confirms the highest level of lockdown support for the difficult weightlifting moments. The more you secure the feet, the more you’ll get confident for lifts.

The lifted heel (0.6 inch) is made with a high-density EVA material that increases the shoes’ lifetime. So, you shouldn’t worry about the material and you can undoubtedly trust on it for weightlifting.

The pair of shoes also features removable insoles, so it’s easy to upgrade new one for more support.


• Made of high-density EVA material
• Rubber sole
• Instep strap for safety foot
• Lightweight mesh for giving cool on feet
• Easy to walk around
• Different colors


• The strap is a bit thin and flimsy


If you’ve seen a bunch of seasoned weightlifters sporting Adidas in the gym, you’re not crazy and there’s a reason why the shoe is often preferred.

If you want a good running gym with technology use, or you want to use it for powerlifting, this Adidas can be an excellent option for you.

These women’s shoes are a common flat soled shoe. They are not much expensive and available in a wide range of colors. When talking to shoe brand, Adidas is my personal favorite.

This soft and breathable shoe is beautifully designed to follow the shape of women’s feet. They’re really stylish and can be easily used outside of the gym. They are simply an all-around great shoe for powerlifting.

You might find most of women will recommend it. Or they wear Adidas as an option for powerlifting.


• Ideal for running or powerlifting
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Rubber sole
• Multiple colors


• Not suitable for running in wet condition
• Poorly made according to customer



ASICS shoe is ideal for power training. This shoe is really resistance, stable, adjustable and lightweight within your field. This pair of shoes will make a real difference while squatting.

This ASICS Men’s Lift Master is one of the best weightlifting shoes on the market. The heel and the sole are very strong that comes from good materials. The construction of its upper layer makes them lightweight without losing strength.

The closure tape is nicely constructed and provides a feeling of durability. It’s a real help to the feeling of compact shoe that is so good when lifting heavy weights.

If you spend most of the time in gym or want to work for weightlifting, this shoe could be a good recommendation for you.


• Ideal for weightlifting or powerlifting
• Synthetic
• Multiple colors
• Midfoot Strap
• Giving you secure feeling while squatting


• A bit narrow, and somewhat tight on the foot

10. REEBOK MEN’S LEGACY LIFTER SNEAKERBest Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts

With the new Reebok Legacy Lifter, it seems that Reebok has come closer to the philosophy of a classic weightlifting footwear model. The main material of the surface is leather, and they move away from the current trend to offer more typical features of the CrossFit in the shoes for weightlifting.

This Reebok legacy lifter is perfectly constructed for weight training. Besides, the heel height provides the best squat positioning. Also, its forefoot flex grooves will help your feet move naturally. Their Straps and Cushion for safety make a great comfort and fit.

The heel of the shoe is wide and the stability is perfect. They include a great base for weight loads. The strong sole is a very good help in our RX.

They’re really comfortable and they don’t go bad in case of breathability. But what exactly stands out is how well constructed they are at the level of structure. The super building really makes them the clear bet of Reebok.


• Best squat positioning height
• Secure straps and cushion for comfort
• Ideal for weight training, deadlifts, and weightlifts
• Supportive upper
• Multiple colors


• Expensive but you’ll pay for quality.


1. Flat sole: Like usual shoes, weightlifting shoes don’t have any curvature. They’re fully flat that prevents the swing when lifting the weights.

2. The sole is hard: while choosing the running shoes or going to the gym, what exactly you look for is absolutely flexibility and comfort.

But when it comes to weightlifting show, you can’t find this as it’s rigid or hard-soled. It has bit flexibility in the tip, but nothing more that. So get the idea.

3. Velcro tapes: Some shoes include these tapes and others don’t, which serve to make a better grip of the foot. They aren’t important. But it’s necessary that your shoes provide you stability and good grip

4. Heel: It is so crucial. A weightlifting shoe that doesn’t include a heel is not a weightlifting shoe. So, it’s one of its main features.



There are a lot of height heel for weightlifting ranging 15 to 25 mm but 19 mm is the standard height level. It varies from person to person. When you want buy the shoe, you should look at heel height. Ensure it’s adjustable for you.


The shoes you’re going to buy is enough comfortable. Choose the one that will rightly comfort you.

Ensure your shoes are quite rigid. Choose the one that will allow you to train correctly without discomfort.


When choosing the weightlifting shoes’ fitting, a secure wrap is a recommendation for you. Make sure the fitting locks down your foot and protect it from shifting in the foot area. Therefore, a good fitting shoe should be tight one, but not so tight to give discomfort.

• It is recommended to have a weightlifting shoe that sticks to the standard measurements regarding both width and size.

• Putting on loose shoes will fall you at risk of during the heavy weightlifting or powerlifting. So avoid to get the lose one.

• On the flip area, so tight shoes can bring different painful toe situation like crossover toes or hammer, ingrown toenails, corns, and bunions.


Some weightlifters include one or two straps that work for an extra support. If we talk about the standard one, it comes with one strap that runs across the midfoot.
It narrows the upper unit to make your foot safe and free from possible sliding or wobbling inside the shoe.


When it comes to sizing, there are a lot of things you should look at.
There are a lot of brands in market. They come with various size standards from each other. That’s way you can’t expect to get the exact size in all shoe series.

• A styling shoe also influences sizing. So if it’s produced to get a snugger or narrower fit, then you might have to go up for the size than you usually wear.

• No shoes are identical. One of them is confined to be bigger than the other. You have to base the shoe size on your bigger foot.


Before buying the right weightlifting shoe, you have to keep in mind about quality of the product. The product should be high standard than usual shoes because you have to work for weightlifting.

When you want to buy any weightlifting shoe, it’s important to know its quality, brand, comfort, prices, and design as well.


Usually, the best weightlifting shoes are those that put the foot close to ground for preventing injuries. When you will go for choosing the weightlifting shoe, make sure the shoes have a thin sole and it is supportive in the laces area.


When choosing a shoe, confirm that it comes with rigid sole to transfer the power produced by the leg and the muscles of the gluteus directly to the pedal. This maximizes production and minimizes the amount of effort expended in any pedal stroke. If your sole is padded or too soft, the opposite thing will happen.


Ensure the shoes that are Comfortable, flexible, little cushioning and light. Choose a model that you use to train completely in the gym and you will notice the difference!


The weightlifting shoes are practically so important to develop in your Olympic lifts. It favors all people but especially people who do not have very good mobility in the entire hip, ankles, knees. And they provide you a more favorable position both at the beginning of the lift and in the reception.


• Great stability both in basic exercises and Olympic movements such as lifts or squats on the head.

• The movement range is wider due to this stability,

• Protection of injuries caused by poor foot support.


We’ve just analyzed 10 best shoes for squats and deadlifts that have got most of the positive reviews from the Amazon. If you want to purchase the best cheap weightlifting shoes, consider the above criteria.

There are a bunch of brands in the market. But we’ve picked up those that are appealing among the customers for their best quality. If you’ve decided to buy the one, our recommended shoes could be an excellent option to pick the best one.

This first thing you need to look at is height of the back of the shoe. Watch out the heel location. The elevation could vary from 1 to 2 centimeters. It will allow the right angle to make lifting correctly.

What kind of weightlifting shoes do you like? Comment us below. If you like our article best shoes for squats and deadlifts, please comment and share us.


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