Modeling advice – What I did to become a model

become a model

I started out as a cocky, unfocused, young man with dreams to be a fashion model. I went to my first model scouting event, which hosted 30 of the top modeling agencies from around the world (with 3000 other “hopeful” models in attendance), when I was 17 years old. At the time I was under the illusion that to become a model, I just had to be good looking. “Every modeling agency will be begging me to sign with them”, I thought.

And boy was I wrong! It was more like ZERO modeling agencies wanted me to sign with them! I went there cocky and left broken!

become a model

Although I was embarrassed, I refused to give up! I realized that maybe there was a thing or two I didn’t know about being a model and could learn about how to be a model.

Heck, if others have become models, then I can learn how to become a model too!

Next, I contacted any modeling agents and scouts that would listen to me. I asked them what it takes to be a model and what they look for when signing a model.

How do I be a model? What are the “modeling secrets”, can you teach me how to be a model, I asked?

become a model

I asked professional models how they made it and asked them for any modeling tips and secrets they could give me.

I read every “how to be a model” book, self-help book, nutrition book and exercise book I could get my hands on.

I learned every modeling secret and tip there was! I increased my confidence, irresistibility, fear issues, goal setting and anything thing else which I was told to improve on in order to be a model.

I studied and improved on what I was told and more. I applied it all until I new that I was ready to be a model. I felt completely unstoppable! And I was!

I decided to go back to the same model scouting event, which I had been rejected at before. This time I was prepared… I was finally ready to be a model!

The funny thing was that I looked exactly the same as the previous year, but was treated totally different.

On the day of “meet the modeling agents” I was focused, confident, fearless and energetic. When I met each agent I brought a totally different attitude. This time they loved me!

I received plenty of callbacks and was greeted so excitedly by some of the best modeling agencies in the world! All my hard work was finally about to pay off!

Every day for the next two weeks my phone rang constantly with different modeling agencies trying to convince me to sign with them!

“Be a model with us”, “no model with us”. It was crazy!

become a model

What I have learned through these modeling tips, hints and secrets about what it takes, from the best agents, scouts and models is, that: Almost anyone can be a model!

Yes, that’s right if you want to be a model you can too! Now stop and remember where I started.

I had been rejected by all of these modeling agencies. I thought modeling was all about my looks. If that were true, then I would have become a model the previous year.

I looked the same as I did the first time they saw me, but was a different person the second time. And it worked!

become a model

So what changed? It was my thinking that changed! Nothing more. You must change the way you think if you really want to be a model.

Since then, I have been blessed with the opportunity of traveling to multiple countries to model. It is hard work, but it is hardly considered work to me.

I now live my dreams and enjoy my job, you can too!

Now it’s your turn to learn how to become a model!

From hearing my story I hope you have been inspired and assured that “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

If you believe you can be a model and are willing to work for what you believe in, YOU CAN be a model! Now it’s time to show you how to be a professional model.

Are you ready to turn you modeling dreams into reality?

Are you ready to take my advice? A proven system for modeling success! I am talking about 14 “must know” secrets on how to be a model?

I GUARANTEE that if you follow my 14 step plan to be a model, doing the exercises I have written out, that you will be able to do anything you desire.

Even if you decide that you don’t want to be a model. The information offered will guarantee success, not only in modeling but in anything!

-Thanks a lot for reading my topic -“Modeling advice – What I did to become a model”. Hope read and enjoy. Best of luck!


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