What You Should Know about Made to Measure Suits – and Why They Can Easily be Your Best Choice

Almost all of us have heard of the term made to measure, but not all of us can honestly say what a made to measure suit really is. We may know that it’s different from a ready to wear suit which you can just buy off the rack, but is it like a bespoke suit, then? Made to measure suits, sometimes referred to as MTM or M2M, is a unique classification in itself.

Simply put, it falls between ready to wear suits and bespoke suits, and it is actually the newest model of making suits, with bespoke suits being the oldest. Made to measure suits are suits that are made according to the customer’s measurements, their preferences in style, and their choices in fabric.

A made to measure suit is made using a block pattern, and this pattern can be comprised of a full canvas, a half canvas, or a fused canvas. So what else should you know about made to measure suits? More importantly, why can they be your best choice, bar none? Let’s find out.

The basic benefits of made to measure suits

In a nutshell, made to measure suits can offer you a kind of middle ground – it’s not exactly a bespoke suit, but it’s not just a simple ready to wear suit, either. A good made to measure suit can offer a brilliant fit and quality compared to a ready to wear suit. And although it may take some time to make, it still takes less time than a bespoke suit and it is more affordable than a bespoke suit as well. One of the major differences between all three of the suit styles is the creation and manipulation of the pattern.

The difference between made to measure and bespoke

You may be understandably confused as to what the real difference is between a made to measure and a bespoke suit. Suits are made from patterns, and a bespoke tailor will not use a block pattern for a suit – they will create a pattern based precisely on the customer’s size. Made to measure suits are created from a block pattern, but it still follows the customer’s measurements and preferences when it comes to style and fabric.

To put it more clearly, a made to measure suit is made from a block pattern, but the block pattern can be altered by the tailor to accommodate your measurements prior to creating the suit. A bespoke suit is made from a custom pattern created by the tailor catering specifically to the client’s measurements. The only major similarities between the two are that customers can choose their fabric and their style.

The real advantages of made to measure suits

If you want a superior and better fit compared to a ready to wear suit but aren’t ready to sacrifice a ton of money for your suit, then a made to measure suit is for you. It offers a much more customised fit according to your body type than a suit that’s RTW. You can also select whatever aesthetic styles or details you want, and you can choose your preferred fabric for the suit. Also, a made to measure suit takes less time to make than bespoke, and its pricing is less compared to bespoke as well.

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