Is Modeling Really Glamorous?

Don’t you like to travel? Don’t like changes? Don’t like having friends one day, then leaving them the next day? Then modeling isn’t for you. Modeling is all about travel.

After all, the photographers will not come to you! Even if you’re keeping close to local markets, those local markets are well beyond your own backyard. “Go see’s,” auditions, shoots: these take models hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. And typically for days or weeks at a time.

Scams are as old as the modeling profession. Because there are so many young men and women who want to become models and who will pay money to achieve that goal.

There are plenty of scam artists out there who are willing to take your money. And one familiar scam is that of the photographer who tries to get aspiring models if to pose for photographs that cost hundreds or even in the thousands of dollars.

The problem isn’t that they are going to steal from you. After all, most of these photographers do in fact to give you the photographs. They’re not stealing from you. But what they do is try to convince you that you need many more photographs then you actually need.

They also try to sell you on other services such as putting the photographs together as a lavish portfolio, saying that model the agents will not accept anything that does not look like this.

The fact is that modeling agents have very precise rules about what kinds of things they need in your portfolio. So ordering up a standard portfolio and thinking that it will apply to many different modeling agents is wrong.

Another type of scam is more difficult to pinpoint. This is where people, usually men, solicit portfolios from eager women aspiring to be a successful and famous model only in order to meet them and chorus them into modeling nude war performing sexual acts for them. Always make certain that any modeling agents you may with are reputable.

As you progress toward the upper ranks of the modeling stratosphere, you begin to see more models abusing drugs. Models who stay around their hometown and model for local department stores will not see this.

But any model who has dreams of the runway in Paris or Milan will eventually come into contact with models abusing drugs.

In some cases, models take drugs in an effort to lose weight. In other cases, models take drugs to escape from the stress of the profession or to fit in with their crowd.

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