How to get signed with a modeling agency

Modeling agencies select their models by different ways. Today, we’re discussing about how to get signed with a modeling agency. The reason I’m writing this post is because I have gotten so many questions about getting into modeling. I have been constantly jamming people and all that stuff on how to get signed with a modeling agency or what to do like so about visas and how to get paid, like when an agency is legit, what to wear all these things.

I decided to address them today. I’m addressing a lot of your questions. At the same time, the main part of this article is how to get into an agency, how to apply and how to get signed with a modeling agency.

1.) Research Modelling Agencies:

I would suggest that you start off by looking at all the agencies online to your research. Search for modeling agencies in your area, look into research about them, find out about them, find what you feel you feel more connected to, and go there and find out there times for open calls.

2.) Applying:

a.) Open Call
b.) Online Submission

Applying to a modeling agency. There are two ways. The first way at which I highly recommend is to actually go to the modeling agency. If you go to a modeling agency, they would probably have an open call and that’s when you would walk in. Somewhere around like submission’s or become a model or scouting or something like that, you would probably go on that tab. Then somewhere there, I would tell you when they’re open calls are.

The reason I say open calls are better than submitting an online application is because seeing you in person is really important and it looks different than seeing you in a picture.

3.) Be Yourself:

I think personality is a huge part of this. If your personality is bad, like nobody’s going to want to sign with you. Just coming in with a good personality and a good vibe and meeting on one on one is a lot better. I would find out when the open calls are usually there, like Tuesday, Wednesday, between like three to four or whatever. You would head over there and I would say, I’m going to show you how you’re going to dress for that in just a second.

The next way of applying to an agency is if they do not have an open call, I would suggest that you give them a phone call, ask them when you can come in or if they do have an open call. If they don’t, then I would submit online and usually all of the agencies ask for these specific pictures. It’s going to be a photo like this and then it’s going to be a side profile photo and then it’s going to be another profile photo on the side, and then it’s going to be a photo from probably your knees and up maybe three quarter photo and also a full length photo from far away.

how to get signed with a modeling agency

They would want to see your shoes and your full body. And of course, the most important one is your face shot. You’re going to get a headshot. There’s like five photos, one, two, three, four, and then maybe five like this, and then the long one either.

So, yeah, this is how you would submit your pictures. Some agencies actually tell you the photos that you have to take their examples there for you, which makes it a lot easier.

These photos that the agency actually take, you can also take yourself and I would suggest that you would do that. The reason is because a lot of agencies, when you do go to open calls or even when you do apply online. You have those pictures ready in you to want to go out of your way every single time.

Before even applying to an agency online or going to an open call, even if the open call doesn’t require four photos, just take some really basic photos. It won’t take you much time. You literally are just going to stand and take the photos. I told you in those specific angles.

Yeah. And just have somebody take it for you. Does not have to be professional. You don’t have to go to a personal professional. Please, you know, take it with an amazing camera. You can take it with an iPhone camera against a white background, a beige background or whatever it is. Just take those photos and you’ll be set to go if an agency were to ask for photos of you.

4.) How to Dress:

How would you dress for a casting? One really important thing is they want to see your body. You want to wear something that is fitted and that actually looks good and is flattering. Look through your closet and find something that is the most flattering and should be black or white. The typical outfit that you would wear to a casting or to get signed with an agency would probably be long, high waisted fitted jeans. They can shoot at your legs and make them look longer and you would wear probably a black tank top to show your shoulders and neck.

how to get signed with a modeling agency

It could have a little detail at the back. It could be a little more than this. This is pretty simple. It could have like a little thing over here. But usually a black or white t shirt are black and white tank top with a black fitted high waisted jeans.

It could be wasted, too, I would suggest, to stay away from ripped jeans just because this looks more classy and elegant. And I would wear a pair of heels.

You could wear a pair of pumps or you could wear like a thin heel, but usually like pumps with like a stripe open toe like booties in the winter. Now, in the summer. No, it’s really hot. I would not wear this to a casting right now. Like, impossible. What I would wear is actually like a mini leather skirt or a jean skirt, black again, a tank top, some castings or some agencies don’t really mind.

So like you would you would kind of just style it up in your own way. Remember, your personality is still important. Whatever way you would want to put this together, have a little touch of you there, ask for hair. I would come very natural if your hair is straight or if your hair is currently whatever way you like it, but come very natural, don’t do too much the same as your face.

Do not like it with makeup. Like for example, today I just have some concealer, large and eye-shadow. Yeah, very simple makeup and natural look. Not too much going on. They want to see you as a blank canvas so they don’t want to see you wearing like a flowery dress or a leopard print shirt. You know, they want to see you as a blank canvas, a girl that they could dress up and that they could send to clients.

And that would work for beauty. That would work for sport. That would work for, you know, Ekom, etc.

One of the questions I get constantly is, what about hi, I’m not too sure, am I, you know, am I the right height? So each agency is different. Each agency is looking for a different kind of model. Some are more like talent and model agency. They don’t mind you being to really tall for the market. So the minimum usually for models is going to for female models is going to be five eight (5’8’’). Then for male models it’s going to be six feet and above.

So yeah, but do not let that stress you out. You can always do beauty. If you feel like you’re too short, just give it a shot. Whether you’re tall or whether you’re too tall or whether short, you’re not going to do anything. You’re always going to gain something in the end, even if just experience even. It’s just a lesson. Don’t trust yourself too much about your height requirements.

5.) Scams and Business Side:

There is one other thing I want to address. You can see here that I talked about me getting a look at down below, getting scammed, like me paying money to something that wasn’t even an agency. I learnt over the years that, like, you never have to be an agency any money. It is very common. It is like it’s I don’t know, it’s the rule, I guess, for every agency to take, at least in the US, to take 20 percent from your paycheck.

That is just standard. Some, like my agency charge like twenty. I think it is to keep your picture up on the website. These are just standard prices. But when an agency tells you, oh, you’re going to need practice. We’re going to set you up in this program and you’re going to pay a thousand six hundred or two thousand dollars to do that program. We’re going to set you up and you’re going to do the runway and all that stuff. That is bullshit. Do not trust, never trust that you can always come and ask me.

I’ve done that for so many people and I’ve read into it, looked into the agency for them, heard what they had to say, what the agency told them. I’ve helped them figure out if it was a scam or not. I feel like it’s dedicated more towards female models, but male models, it is everything I said basically is the same thing. I’ve also helped male models get into agencies. I just helped somebody who I will not mention the name, just get into Ford models and think in California it was so.

There’s just there’s little steps that you have to take and you will get there. Just believe in yourself and you got this. As for male models and what to wear, I would wear a pair of block jeans and a white t shirt or even blue jeans and a white t shirt, maybe a belt, a casual shoes, not like sports sneakers or something more dressy.

6.) Test Shoot:

Another thing I would do that is not I haven’t really got to do with this is I would contact people like I would post on my story and be like, if anybody wants to test, shoot with me. What a test is? Basically it is if you meet you and the photographer, me and a photographer takes your photos and he gets the photos for his portfolio and you get the photos for your portfolio, it’s kind of like a trade. There’s no money involved. You can work with like small time photographers. By the way, I did so many of these before I got signed with an agency and I didn’t do them specifically just so the agency can see them and see that I’ve done something because I truly loved meeting people, making new friends.

how to get signed with a modeling agency

I love taking photos. And so that’s what I did. And these improve your portfolio. So when you do go to the agency and they’re like, oh, have you done any modeling before? Yeah, I’ve done test shoots. Test shoots count as modeling because you’re out there in front of the camera that can see your poses. I can see your looks, you can see what kind of outfits you’ve been and whether it’s like hip, whether it’s more simple wedding or whatever it could be, you know, indoor outdoor. Doing tussocks is really, really important as well.

I would just literally a photographer, I’d be like, I’m interested in your work. Would you like to shoot sometime or post on your story would be like somebody you know, I’m in town for the weekend, whatever it is. If somebody would like to meet with you. Those will help you a lot. We’ll also give you experience so that when you actually do get signed with an agency, you’re going to have like a hint of like how a work life works or how you go out there and how you do the shoots and poses and all that stuff. You have some experience and you want to be a complete newbie. Yeah. Wow. I’m talking so much so fast. I hope this is useful so far.

7.) Rejection:

Another thing I’m going to talk about is rejection. So you might get rejected. It might be on the spot and you might get an email, you might get a phone call.

But that is OK. Reasons why you might get rejected. It’s because they have too many girls or guys that look like you and they don’t want to have the same look. Or it might be that, they want you to lose weight or they want you to gain weight or whatever it may be. Do not take that to a fence. There’s so many other agencies that will always want a girl that is little. Bigger, better, sort of skinny or that would die for you. Look and be like, oh my God, her face, his face is perfect.

That’s what we need. That’s what we’re missing in our book. You guys want an agency that believes in you and sees you, that you have potential and that wants you to work with them. You want somebody that is going to push you harder and is going to see you going there. So, yeah, work hard and just like believe in yourself.

Don’t feel knocked down when you do get rejected. If that does happen, just keep going and take it day by day. Some of them may tell you like, oh, we’ll get back to you and you may never hear again it happens. But, you know, everything there’s always rejection and you can’t always win. But, yeah, just, you know, go for it. I think that is it.

I’m not sure what else I have left to say. I hope that’s it and I hope I didn’t miss out on anything, but please, again, if you guys have any questions, leave in the comments below and let me know and I can always ask them and address them. I hope this helps everybody. And I hope you guys get into the agencies you hope to get. Just follow the steps that I walk you through on here. I’ll start with searching, finding out about modeling, finding out about agencies and then finding out if there are open calls. If not, apply online and go there, have personality, follow the dress code be you do not give up.

If there is rejection, try hard apply to more than one. Literally apply to 10 to 15 agencies if you want. If you have the time, go ahead and do that. Take your photos at home, be prepared for anything and good luck. If you guys have any questions, please, please let me know. I’m always here to help.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article – How to get signed with a modeling agency. Hopefully, you read and enjoy it. Have a great day!

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