triceps and biceps workout at home

How to get a bigger triceps and biceps workout at home?

Good morning everyone! In this new article, we will discuss triceps and biceps workouts at home. If you have do not an idea of triceps and biceps workouts at home this article help you achieve big arms. Achieving this goal requires time and effort, as well as discipline and willpower. It is not an easy goal, and yet it has the great advantage that we can work to have steel arms from home. We do not need special equipment for it but perform a daily routine of exercises.

The daily realization of some routine of physical training is indispensable for the formation of muscular mass and therefore it will be possible to burn a greater quantity of fat. Physical exercise in addition to being able to help you lose weight will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep you stress-free, ideal for the prevention of some heart diseases, among many other benefits.

For the realization of some training, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to pay some instructor or pay to go to a gym where the same exercise can be done in the comfort of your home, where you only have to have some small accessories like a pair of Weights or accommodate some other object to serve you for the realization of different exercises, in this case, I will show you how to perform a triceps and biceps workout at home. I will share a simple and effective routine where you will achieve an impressive muscle mass and eliminate more fat.

Certainly! You can effectively target your triceps and biceps workout at home with various exercises that can be performed at home. Here’s a list of exercises targeting these muscle groups:


Did you know that the triceps represent more than 60% of the volume that our arms have? Having this present fact we understand why when training arms we should give so much importance to triceps exercises. If you are wondering how you can develop this muscle stay with us and learn what are the most effective exercises to get steel arms.

General information about the triceps

The purpose of the triceps is to extend the forearm so that it fixes the elbow joint. Its name is because it is made up of three heads: the lateral one, which is the most superficial and stabilizes the elbow; and two internal heads, the middle and the long that give as much mass a shape to the muscle and allow the extension of the elbow.

By extending the elbow and moving the forearm away from the arm, all the heads of the triceps are in action. Nevertheless, each one carries out particular actions. For the triceps training to be complete we must stimulate all your muscular bodies.

1. Push-ups with arms together

Push-ups with arms together

As the goal is to have super arms all the exercises will be very intense, this one especially, it requires a lot of the muscles of the arm since it has to lift the whole upper part of our body. The main muscle worked is the triceps.

To perform the push-ups with the arms together we lie down on the floor, and put our arms together, contrary to how the conventional push-ups are performed, where the arms are separated at shoulder level, in this exercise we will put our arms together as much as possible.

Once we have the arms together we can combine between doing the push-ups with the knees supported, with the knees on a bench (A bench more or less at the height of our hips), or simply doing it like the typical lizards. As soon as we are in the correct position we begin the movement of descending and ascending, everything we do very slowly. In triceps exercises do not always perform the exercise faster is better.

Regardless of where you support your knees remember to keep your back as straight as possible, it is a common mistake to make the lizards curve the back or rather the spine. The repetitions that are recommended for using this exercise are from 12 to 20. If you feel that your body endures exceeding this recommendation then go ahead, and remember that you should try as hard as possible.

2. Dips or Funds

triceps and biceps workout at home

This exercise is very intense where using the muscles of our arms we must lift all the weight of our body, this exercise will not only work our triceps, but it will also work with our shoulders and chest.

To perform this exercise it will be necessary to have parallel bars that are approximately the height of our waist or a little higher. To begin this exercise we move to position our body correctly on the bar, holding the bar with both arms and legs hanging (preferably crossed from behind) we begin the movement of descending gently, we go down to obtain a 30-degree angle with the trunk inclined, or simply guide yourself by your instinct until you feel a bit stretched the chest.

You must perform this exercise very prudently because doing it very quickly could tear the muscle of your triceps and therefore injure your shoulder. To potentiate this exercise many athletes usually practice using a weight-adjusted to their waists, so that the weight to work with the arms is greater. During the exercise the more inclined you are the more you will be working your pectorals, so as your goal, in this case, is to work the triceps it is recommended to stay straight. It is recommended to do it in sessions of 10 to 20 repetitions.

3. Triceps kick with dumbbells

triceps kick

The triceps kick is an exercise that will help us define the back of our arm and therefore obtain a more developed arm, this exercise should not be lacking in a routine to train our arms.

To perform this exercise, of course, we will need a dumbbell, we hold the dumbbell in one hand. We position ourselves with one knee on a bench and lean the trunk forward keeping it straight, almost parallel to the bench. and the arm that we are not working on leaning on the bench.

The arm that holds the dumbbell must be extended back parallel to the trunk, then proceed to flex the elbow leading the dumbbell forward to form a 90-degree angle and then return to the initial position. All the force must be centered on the triceps It is recommended to do 8 to 20 repetitions of this exercise.


One of the muscles that man likes to show and with them impress women are the arms. There are a lot of exercises that allow you not only to increase the volume of those muscles but to tone them. Exercise with weights is the most common way to strengthen the biceps. Here we will give you a summary of the exercises that will allow you to increase the size of your arms and strengthen them.

General information about the biceps

The biceps is a muscle that is located in the anterior area of ​​the arm. His full name is brachial biceps, by calling it that way we make sure we are talking about the muscle in question and not about the biceps located in the thigh (the femoral or hamstring biceps). The biceps brachia have two heads, one long and one short, which have their specific function.

The long head, also known as external, is responsible for elbow flexion and contributes to the shoulder joint to raise the arm. On the other hand, the short head of the biceps brachia, also known as the internal head, has the main function of placing the hands in the supine position, that is, with the palms facing upwards. This head, likewise, helps to flex the elbow and other actions related to the shoulder joint.

1. Alternative Hammer Biceps Curl

It is one of the best exercises because it allows practically strengthening all the muscles of the arm. To do this you must stand with your feet barely separated, bear in mind that in this exercise you should only move your forearm. Take the dumbbells with the palms facing the thighs and carry the pieces towards the shoulder, flexing the elbow. To obtain greater muscle gain, perform the lowering of the arm slowly. Change your arm so that you alternate and that the muscle rests.

2. Bicep Curl with Bar

This exercise allows the biceps to take volume; it is done standing with the back straight taking the bar with the hands and the palms facing upwards with a separation slightly wider than the shoulders. Now inspire and flex the elbows by bringing the bar to your shoulders. You must also perform a contraction of the gluteal, abdominal, and spinal muscles, so as not to hurt your back. End the exercise by exhaling. Here we give you a tip if you want to train more the short portion of the biceps separates more hands and if you want to train the long portion, join them. You can stay close to the wall to have a straight back.

3. Concentrated biceps curl

Support in the thigh. In a sitting position, take a dumbbell in a supine grip hand. Rest your elbow on your thigh, properly on the inner side of it. Inspire and bend elbows, exhale at the end of the effort, and return to the initial position.

Remember to start with lighter weights to ensure proper form and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger. Focus on controlled movements, and always warm up before starting your workout to prevent injury. Also, listen to your body and take rest days as needed for recovery.

Thanks a lot for reading my article “How to get a bigger triceps and biceps workout at home?”. Read my another article “How much exercise to lose weight?“Best of luck!

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