Men’s casual fashion tips

Men’s Casual fashion is too much popular in all over the world. Most of the men love to wear casual dress at home. Today we will cover briefly about men’s casual fashion tips those are really helpful for all fashion lovers.

Men’s Fashion Jeans

What’s Your Type?

Our universal love of denim cannot be understated. Everybody loves a pair of jeans. Men choose jeans as the trouser  not only for the comfort factor but also as a means of defining their own personal style or adhering to the latest fashion trend. With so many different types to choose from, ask yourself which denim design would you pick? Please follow the below men’s casual fashion tips which are very much helpful for a casual fashion lover.

The Baggy Boxer: First seen on screen in the 90s film Clueless, these jeans are baggy, low-slung and generally worn so far down that boxer shorts are clearly visible for all to see. These are the epitome of laid back cool. They are so popular that they represent a key feature of many different men’s styles from hip-hop stars to surfers and skateboarders. Wear for the instant chill factor, yet avoid for job interviews or meeting the in-laws.

The Raving Retros: Beloved by many a rock star, these skinny jeans were first seen on Kate Moss and her band of followers in 2005. Now more and more boys are turning to this rather feminine style of jeans for a sexy yet quirky look. Wear your skinnies with a slouchy cardigan or a blazer and if you’re feeling really brave then add some crazy hair and black eyeliner.

Youth Rebellion: Take style tips from James Dean with this look. These are the not-too-baggy and not-too-skinny more wearable style of jeans. Wear with a leather jacket for an instant rebel without a cause image. Or pair with a smart white or pinstriped shirt for the man-about-town wow factor.

men's casual fashion tips

Don’t-Go-There: Where to start?

Even the most successful T.V stars make fashion faux pas when it comes to choosing a pair of jeans. Jeans that are acid washed, tapered in at the bottom, bell bottomed, extremely ripped and ragged and high-waisted up to the armpits, should be a no-go zone.

Simon Cowell and Jeremy Clarkson should take note. Jeans really can go wrong, wrong, wrong but if you avoid such disasters an array of different, hip and modern styles await your choosing. What’s more you needn’t spend a fortune – established high street stores such as New Look offer stylish men’s jeans.

What are the best Men’s Fashion Jeans?

mens fashion jeans

How To Find The Perfect Jeans

We asked hundreds of guys what their favorite article of clothing was in their wardrobe was and not at all surprise to us their answer was Jeans.

So we asked our fashion guy and resident stylist to give us some pointers on how to find the perfect jean.

Here is what he has to say on Men’s fashion Jeans. What are the best Men’s Fashion Jeans?

The Main Styles of Fashion Jeans : Read below for learning about men’s casual fashion tips.

1) Baggy – The major appeal of baggy jeans is the comfort. So, if you’re looking for a pair of jeans in which to hang around your apartment or go to a movie, spend the day in the park, baggies are a great choice. You have to be careful while shopping for baggy jeans to pay attention to your look and height and size. Baggy jeans can make guys who are on the slim side look slimmer and guys on the bigger side look a little bigger.

2) Carpenter/worker – Fashion Guy tells us these are not the best in a fashion choice they are great for exactly what they are called worker jeans. They are best worn on the construction site, or while painting working on your house or boat. You will get the most comfort from these men’s fashion jeans .. but not the most style.

3) Relaxed/loose fit – Loose-fit jeans offer the best of both worlds for men; they’re comfortable, but also look good. Relaxed jeans are perfect for running weekend errands, out on a casual afternoon date. Relaxed/loose fit jeans looks great with a cool tee shirt or loose button down shirt.

men's casual fashion tips

4) Boot cut – The Boot cut is by far our favorite cut. It is sexy and classy. The fit is very attractive worn with a tighter fitting shirt. The perfect date or night on the town Jean. This jean looks great with a casual jacket and boots.

There are a few others, the Tappered Leg or Euro look, the Retro look these are great jeans if you are going to a club or concert you will not get the most comfort or versatility out of these jeans, they are very trendy and trends like this go in and out.

Dress up black jeans for a date with a light blue or gray sweater and black shoes, and be sure to pick up your date gorgeous flowers to add that special touch. Always wear black shoes or boots with your black jeans. Continue reading “Men’s casual fashion tips”

Modern men fashion | Men’s fashion and modern clothing

We know that in terms of clothes, colors and combinations women are much more careful and knowledgeable about the topic than men. This is a constant in decisions they take and occurs precisely because of their ignorance in that field. However, knowing how to choose and use clothing that enhance the attractive male model is not as difficult as it seems to begin with men must be conscious about his physiognomy to have knowledge about what clothes to wear and what clothes do not. Here we cover brief information about modern men fashion and modern clothing.

Complexion wide for modern men fashion:

If that is the case, refrain from wearing trousers in shades of clear since these colors have a volumizing effect, so its not look svelte figure and the effect will be obtained will be the opposite. To look stylish and optical effects by reducing their body mass, it is best to wear pants in earth tones or dark.

Exactly the same goes for the choice of tailors, Jackets, overcoats and the like. Choose dark colors, earth or failing mate but not very clear. And if in addition to its wide complexion has no favorable height, opt for clothes that do not pass on the length of their quadriceps, because otherwise your silhouette will be reduced and your legs will look smaller.

modern men fashion

Modern male fashion for slim model:

If instead, you have a thin physique ideal is to create an optical effect in silhouette volumizer. For this you can choose any matte or clear any of their ranges, remember that the first color effect ideal for creating greater body mass is white, so jackets, blazers or coats in soft tones effectively encourage your figure.

If you want to show off their shoulders wider than they really are, some of the previous pieces with classic straight cut flaps create the visual effect mentioned. Remember that if you choose to purchase a tailor, the previous advice is not very appropriate, as to choose the right size and matching suit, it must fit the width of his shoulders, and as the pants are concerned, ideally is at a height of about one or two fingers of land, in short his trousers should never touch the ground and there should be at the height of your ankle. Continue reading “Modern men fashion | Men’s fashion and modern clothing”