Women fitness model – Expert modeling and fitness advice

Today, we are going to share with you some of our favorite health and fitness experts for women fitness models and male fitness models.

Woman Fitness ModelAlways the awkward girl growing up I was never part of the elite inner circle at school…modeling wasnt something that I ever thought I could do. It’s been several years since I started modeling and now have focused my attention to personal training and my family.

I had a tremendously wonderful time modeling and I never lost sight of the fact that I did it for fun and for the enjoyment of capturing a moment, and for getting to live a fraction of a dream; when you lose that then it’s time to quit.

………so step inside my little girl’s dream!!!

I got into modeling by chance…I wanted to get some really good pictures of myself and I met this photographer online through an online modeling website. Through him I met other talented photographers, such as Dan Howell of NY and so on….it was very fun for me, I made some great friends and did some exciting work from it, including a CD cover for 70’s band Vanilla Fudge.

woman fitness model

What advice you have for models?

There are a lot of scams out there. Always, let someone know where you will be an a number where they can reach you. Call when you get there and when you leave the shoot that way someone knows your whereabouts.

Always, be prompt and professional in your work if you are a women fitness model or a male fitness model or bodybuilder. Continue reading “Women fitness model – Expert modeling and fitness advice”