Catwalk Models Guide: Become a Catwalk Model

To model and find a professional modeling agency, one must meet physical requirements and be resilient. Because to be a top model, is a tough job. At present catwalk models have very high demand. So catwalk models get high-paying modeling jobs all over the world.

The latest every year since America’s Next Top Model looks, at the way a model to become a strong presence for many young women and interesting. The path on the catwalks and front pages of the world is no easier.

Anyone seriously interested in the career model should first examine whether he brings the basic physical requirements for it and if he brings the charges, which is undoubtedly the modeling with them, can do justice. Only then does it make sense to look for an agency.

Today we will focus here brief information about “Catwalk Models Guide: Become a Catwalk Model”.

Physically able to become a model: age and size
To be a model must meet certain standards, a girl. For entry into the modeling career, you should be between 15 and 20 years old.

One should be at least 1.75 and a maximum of 1.82 min size and the dress size is 36th.

The dimensions of a model should in fact, at least roughly correspond to the classic 90-60-90.

These strict standards are so important because the clothes of the designers on that particular body type are tailored to fit and cope with these different dimensions simply do not.

For years, we waited for the trend that models look somewhat “normal”, but currently it is still the case that one model must be, above all, tall and thin.

Of course, also plays a large role in the face. Agencies prefer girls with harmonious and symmetrical features and good skin.

Of course, individual characteristics are not desirable, Freckles and the acute gap between her front teeth may be the hallmark of a particular model. Also important are well-maintained teeth and hair.

These physical conditions sound very ruthless, but in an industry in which the body is central, indispensable.

Traits that are beneficial to a model:
In addition, aspiring model must be self-confident and have a good relationship with their bodies it is reliable, friendly, and resilient.

It must be from potential customers at Castings present good, friendly, and professional communications.

With the agency and clients, and put at shoots and shows perseverance in the day and after hours is still able to shine.

The model is a versatile and interesting profession, but also very demanding. It should be every newcomer immediately apparent.

catwalk models
The path in the file of a modeling agency- Photos as samples of work, the right appearance:
Once you become familiar with the conditions and requirements of the professional model, the next step is to look for a model agency.

This is from his models and provides them with professional Sedcards matching jobs. To apply for an agency, it is advantageous to have some professional photos can show.

Those who have not had any jobs, and thus no samples of work, can contact a photographer and take pictures with this first. Perhaps it is someone in the circle, which has a knack for photography.

An aid to such a first screen test, may be oriented to Settings, looks, and poses from international fashion magazines to visit the agency acts professionally.

The personal appearance is much more important. With a simple outfit that shows clearly the character and subtle make-up, you can not do much wrong.

Who is also friendly, uncomplicated, and concentrated, has taken a good chance to be in the agency.

The right choice at the model agency:
When choosing the agency you should make sure that this is serious.

A little research about the customer and the agency model can already give information about the professionalism of the agency.

Requires an agency to advance the screen test, which is usually a bad sign. Reputable agencies invest only once in your new model.

Among the most famous international model agencies, including IMG and Elite Models in Germany are Munich Models (Topmodel Lena Gerke) and Model Management Heidi Gross of the most successful start-up places.

Anyone who has ever signed up with a reputable agency has booked the best opportunities for international catwalk and photo shoots and to earn some experience with modeling for a living.

Alternative to modeling for mere mortals: the People-agency:
For those who do not meet the strict requirements of the modeling business, it is possible to register at People agencies. Such agencies are not looking for classical models but by type.

Such types are particularly popular in the advertising industry. In a people agency, anyone who does not want to think about any chocolate bar or a little unusual laugh also has a good chance of a lucrative advertising job.

catwalk models
Career on the catwalk, dreams of every young model. At the same time, it is afraid to fail, at the first hurdle: the “high control”.

In film and television, the small body size is still not an exclusion criterion:

Alyssa Milano (“Charmed – Charmed”) brings it straight to 1.60 meters. Jeanette Biedermann (“Anna und die Liebe”) even only 1.59 meters is small – which is not noticeable, thanks to recording technology.

In the modeling industry, this relationship, however, is hard to the point – it is the motto of “size matters”.

The license for the catwalk agencies awarded to women is usually only at a height of 1.75 meters to 1, 80 meters (without high heels …), in men from 1.82 meters.

Those who do not conform to this ideal, must quit their dream career but not necessarily. Specialization and a sense of niche are required.

How this can work, show the following great tips for small people:

1st Instead of working in front of the camera on the Catwalk Model:

Until the 1980s, in the modeling industry mannequins, who worked mainly on the runway and photo models differed.

Because of the size that is required for the catwalk models, posing in front of the camera can be a hindrance.

Today there is no longer such a distinction. As before, however, with models instead of working on the catwalk in front of the camera body size is not significant.

On the contrary, furniture manufacturers, for example, book a shoot, with their products in the right light, not like models of 1.80 meters or more – these women work alongside their sofas too small.

2nd Little contact with agencies and studios, record:
Especially large agencies often expect their models, ‘ users can work on both the catwalk and in front of the camera.

Smaller agencies and photographers working with models, on the other hand, do not bring in all respects perfect dimensions.

This may be a chance for candidates to be below the guard size. There are even agencies that are looking specifically always some artists.

3rd Their unique selling points to Emphasize:
For an actor or musician is clear anyway: First of all, decide the artistic qualities of success.

Apart from that harms no one image: Lady Gaga, despite only 1.55 meters is always in focus, not least because of her courage in daring outfits and appearances.

Those who have external features, should not be afraid to accentuate them. Some of the audience is actresses best remembered for their incomparable smile in remembrance.

4th Natural look is better than inconsequential Beauty:

A natural charisma before the camera is no substitute. For musicians and actors can make up for poor design. For models already, on the other hand, it comes to body proportions.

In men, the muscles should not be constructed over the top. A defined washboard stomach is always well received.

A female model should look especially healthy – even if the time of the lean model is not yet over, women will tend to that direction, viewed more critically.

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