At the Model Photo Shoot

New and aspiring models who enter their first shoot are often surprised at the sheer number of people milling around. Today, we will focus briefly on the model photo shoot.

When they were developing their portfolio in professional photographers’ studios, they became accustomed to no more than three people: the model, photographer, and perhaps a photographer’s assistant. But the minute they enter a real model shoot, the rules change. Who is everybody?


Model Photo Shoot for Client

The photographer is the central person at a photo shoot, and second is the client. Yes, the client is the one paying for the shoot, so in theory they are the central figure. But the smart client is the one who steps out of the way and lets the photographer do what they are paying him or her to do.

That doesn’t always mean that you have smart clients, though. Almost every model has horror stories of clients who interfere with the model, photographer, or both. Meddling clients slow down the process and make life miserable for everyone.

But there are clients, too, who are very educated in the process of modeling shoots who do know how to quietly and discreetly make their desires known to the photographer, if they feel they must do this.

The client will not always be present at the shoot, but you should be prepared to at least meet a representative of the client.

Photographer for Model Photo Shoot

As a model, you will meet many photographers during your career. Some photographers you will love and other photographers you will grow to dislike.

Love or hate, it is always important to get on the right side of the photographer, because they can make your life easier or harder, depending on their whims. And, because they have such influence in the industry, they can be an important motivating force for your future modeling jobs.

Remember, the photographer is most interested in selling the item that you’re wearing or displaying, not you. You are a clotheshorse for the thing that is being sold.

While you will sometimes encounter some photographers who seem sadistic, most photographers realize that it is in their best interest to make the shoot comfortable for the models.

One photographer, Billy Pegram, has in anecdote of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photographer who shot 40,000 pictures to get a mere 60 pictures that ended up for print. This was a shoot on location with a full crew.

Major Career Advice: Lose Your Ego at the Model Photo Shoot

And who is the last major player at the model photo shoot? You, the model!

New and aspiring models who enter their first shoot often believe that the minute they enter the studio, the world will stop just for them. They might believe that the photographer will bow down and the client will ask for an autograph. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Models should get comfortable with the idea that they are “just one of the team.” It’s the entire team that makes a shoot successful, not just the model. In fact, you will find that the photographer may pay more attention to people who you might consider to be minor players, such as her/her photo assistant or a studio manager. This is quite normal, and all models eventually come to this realization.

Other Model Photo Shoot Crew Members

Also for a full shoot, whether on location or in-studio, you can expect to see a makeup artist, hair crew, photo assistant, other assistants, and even extra models. This is quite normal for some high profile shoots.

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