A Quick History of Fashion Modeling

Before you start your big modeling career, it helps to have a little perspective about the modeling industry. No, we will not give you a tedious history lesson here. Today, we will focus briefly on the history of fashion modeling.

But it helps you to see how trends originate, and how you can ride these trends to your advantage.

The sad fact of the modeling industry is that trends originate within a small group of fashion industry designers who decide what the next tread will be.

Even though it seems that many of these trends originate from the things that people like to do and where it is often the opposite case where styles are decided on by the insiders and are then imposed on others through relentless marketing.

History of Fashion Modeling

For instance, if Prada designs a new type of shoe and displays it’s in Milan, instantly millions of people may be asking for that type of shoe.

But you are interested in becoming an insider yourself! So, as an aspiring model, you are not a trend-follower but someday will be within the group of trendsetters.

You may have heard of the Powers modeling agency. Even though the Powers Agency’s reputation has declined severely in the last few years, Powers was among one of the first modeling agencies.

It was formed in New York in the 1930s, and models made about $5.00 per hour. Now, if you think that $5.00 an hour doesn’t sound like much, you need to realize that this was during that Great Depression and that $5.00 an hour was a fortune!

For the next couple of decades, models did not command much money. But then in the late 1950s modeling shot off like a skyrocket. Models could command as much as $5000 per week. This is when the Ford Agency became the top modeling agency.

A super skinny supermodel named Twiggy became a model in the 1960s, and we might call her the first fashion model that became a supermodel.

We call her a “supermodel” because everyone, including people well outside the fashion industry, knew about her. She was a famous celebrity.

In the 1970s, the world of modeling shifted. The Ford Agency’s reputation declined, while John Casablancas and the Elite Model agency ushered in a new type of model.

This is when models began to start enjoying higher and higher incomes, become more famous and traveling all over the world.

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