5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit When Buying Wholesale Salwar Kameez

Are you planning to set up a clothing business or store that would cater to women who love wearing traditional clothes? If yes, then you must find a place from where you can purchase high-quality, eye-catching wholesale salwar kameez.  

Before you place your order for salwar kameez from a wholesale store, you must make sure that you are not committing any of the following mistakes. If you end up committing any of these mistakes, you’ll surely not make as much profit as you would want your clothing business to make. Read on to know more. 

Ignoring Clothing Sizes 

Modern-day women prefer their salwar kameez to sport a specific fit. This makes it extremely important for you to ensure that your collection includes salwar kameez for women of all shapes and sizes.  

If you focus only on sizes that fit perfect bodies, you’ll never be able to make enough sales. You must make sure that you buy pieces even for women who are too thin and too fat. The process should go like this:

  • Pick the designs you like the most
  • Find out whether they are available for women of all sizes 
  • Place your order

If you fail to find designs that are available in all sizes, place orders for unstitched salwar kameezes. This will allow your target buyers to get them stitched according to their respective sizes.

Here, it must be mentioned that if you find exceptionally gorgeous pieces of clothing that are not available in all sizes, don’t hesitate to add them to your cart. 

Not Knowing the Right Way of Using Wholesale Stores 

Some clothing store owners think that there’s nothing wrong with buying just a single piece of clothing from a wholesale shop. According to those individuals, how can the decision be wrong when it’s still allowing them to save a sizeable amount. The fact is that when purchasing from wholesalers you should always buy items in bulk. Only bulk purchases will allow you to get maximum discounts when shopping from wholesale shops. 

Additionally, if you buy just a few pieces, you’ll never be able to satisfy your customers. That’s because modern-day buyers love to check innumerable options when shopping for clothing. If your store doesn’t have big enough collections for all buyers irrespective of their age, preference, size, etc. it would be difficult for you to make the store popular among potential customers. 

Picking the Wrong Suppliers

The wholesale supplier you are looking to purchase garments from should be a reliable one. You shouldn’t rush your decisions when it comes to picking a wholesale garment supplier. Consult people who are knowledgeable about the industry. You can also look for online reviews (make sure the reviews consulted by you are unbiased ones) and check testimonials written by previous customers. Don’t fall prey to offers that appear to be too good to be true (particularly if they are from stores lacking good reviews). 

Top wholesale salwar kameez sellers also often come up with deals that are extremely lucrative. If you want to make a maximum profit without compromising with the quality of garments you are offering, you should wait for those stores to announce special discounts and offers. 

Indeed, as the owner of a clothing store, your must look to make a profit. However, you shouldn’t forget that for every business owner the customer should be the king. So, to make a profit, you shouldn’t end up making decisions that will dupe your customers. Buying only from top wholesale clothing stores will allow you to offer salwar kameez that are not only attractive to look at but are also extremely comfortable to wear and made of durable fabrics. 

Not Checking the Collection 

You must know that versatility is a common need of all modern-day buyers. So, when running a store that sells salwar kameez and other traditional attires for women, you cannot fail to come up with a versatile collection. This makes it extremely important for you to find a wholesale shop that has everything from wholesale Pakistani suits that are absolutely traditional as well as pieces featuring glimpses of 21st-century fashion. 

Final Words 

To see your garment business grow you must understand the needs and preferences of your targeted customers. Make wholesale purchases only when you have a clear idea about how you want the collection of your store to be. 

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