Supermodel Beauty Secrets

15 Supermodel Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

In the glamorous world of modeling, maintaining flawless skin, radiant hair, and overall well-being is essential. But behind every stunning runway appearance or photoshoot lies a carefully crafted self-care routine that goes beyond skincare products and makeup. Models invest time and effort into nurturing their bodies and minds, and their secrets can benefit anyone looking to enhance their self-care practices. Here’s a glimpse into the Supermodel Beauty Secrets and what you need to know to incorporate them into your own routine.


Use only 3 or 4 cosmetics.

Beauty secrets

Dr. Colbert, the Victoria’s Secret Los Angeles dermatologist, advises his clients not to use too many products on their skin. ” Use a simplified system: 3 or 4 products that adapt to your needs. The application of many molecules can cause ‘status cosmetics’ which translates into dry and fragile skin,” explains the famous doctor.


Visually increase the volume of your lips.

Beauty secrets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s voluminous lips may have her secret. We do not doubt her nature but her makeup artist, Mary Greenwell, revealed to a well-known American magazine her love for nude lipsticks and one of the tips she usually uses to achieve extra volume: ” a lip color that is two shades darker than “Your normal lip shade makes your lips look bigger, fuller and more luscious


How to keep your hair healthy without product.

“I don’t wash my hair every day, which is what keeps it healthy because otherwise, it gets dry, ” Gigi Hadid explains to Into the Gloss. A piece of advice that Kim Kardashian also follows, as she explained on her website About Her: “Keeping your hair shiny and soft in winter can be difficult. I only wash it twice a week to prevent dehydration.” María Baras, director of Cheska, recommends following this advice but only in case your hair does not get greasy.


Wash your face 2 or 3 times a day.

It may seem too simple but not when it comes to the beauty routine of a model like Kendall Jenner. The top has confessed that she has always been a bit manic about washing her face, but since she has been a model, even more so. “I wash my face at least 2 or 3 times a day,” she explained to a publication. Her older sisters have always been very clear: “Don’t touch your face, don’t touch your pimples, always wash your face and put on eye cream. ” And she follows him to the letter.


Sun-kissed face with just one product.

Beauty secrets

Bella Hadid’s makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, explained to how to create a sun-kissed face with just one product: blush. ” Applying the same blush on the cheeks and eyes makes the whole look look warmer. I love applying blush on the eyelids. It makes the eyes stand out and creates a very fresh summer glow,” explained the makeup artist.


Replace the moisturizer.

Beauty secrets

In a video for Chanel, Gisele Bündchen revealed the secrets of the ‘ supermodel off duty ‘ look and the ‘step by step’ of her makeup routine. What catches our attention the most is that the top does not immediately resort to moisturizing cream but rather uses two products before applying the makeup base: a moisturizing spray that she sprays on her face and then a serum


Eliminate dark circles by removing them from the refrigerator.

Beauty secrets

“If you have bags under your eyes, especially if you are a mother because you are not getting enough sleep, a great trick is to use Greek yogurt – the thickest you can find – with a little bit of honey and put it under your eyes. Sometimes I find a bath with that in my eyes and I enjoy my moment,” Lily Aldridge said.


Natural blush without ‘blush’.

Beauty secrets

Another Victoria’s Secret angel, Lindsay Ellingson, revealed another of the tricks she learned backstage at the famous parade. The model explained that the main makeup artist applied lipstick on her cheeks – she recommends a hydrating formula – and then mixed it with a makeup base that we applied on top of it to slightly mute the color. More secrets? Do not spread the makeup in a half-moon shape under the eyes but in a V shape, starting from the corner of the eye to the apple of the cheeks and then along the cheekbone.


Remove makeup with your hands.

Beauty secrets

“What I do with the mascara, which is very gentle, is I wash my face with warm water: I take my fingers and gently rub the eyelashes under the water. And so, you gently remove your mascara that way “You just have to massage your eyelashes gently underwater, that way you don’t have to exfoliate the delicate skin around your eyes, which is the first to form wrinkles,” model and actress Jaime King explained to Byrdie.


Revitalize the face without cosmetics.

Beauty secrets

If you have had an exhausting day at work and your skin suffers, Adriana Lima revealed a few months ago one of her beauty routines perfect for these cases. Just cover her face with cotton pads soaked in ice-cold coconut water. “I prefer natural coconut water. Every time I go to Brazil, I have the opportunity to try it,” the model explained to Byrdie.


How to remove the orange tone from your blonde hair.

In an interview in which she confessed her beauty secrets, Kate Moss explained that she usually uses a mask to make her blonde hair look radiant. Until then, nothing that we don’t know. The trick comes when she confesses that, if her blonde hair starts to turn orange, the top woman uses a violet mask to remove that orange tone.


Coconut oil for everything.

The secret of Candice Swanepoel’s skin hides a single product that she also uses twice: topically and nutritionally. ” I use organic coconut oil to remove my makeup, I also add it to my smoothies to keep my skin glowing. It is a complete and natural beauty product,” she told Vogue UK in an interview.


The smoothie of a 90s supermodel.

Cindy Crawford does not hesitate to talk to her friend Neka Pasquale – a specialist in acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition – to ask for dietary advice. The smoothie she drinks every day is inspired by the expert’s chocolate and mint shake. ” I put almond milk, spinach, fresh mint, cocoa beans, and half a frozen banana in a blender and then add extras like green powder or protein powder. It’s delicious and doesn’t make me feel bloated. I can exercise, go to work, and feel good when I drink it,” says the supermodel in an interview with Violet Gray.


Vitamin A (like you wouldn’t imagine) for the skin.

When we spoke with Magdalena Frackowiak in this article, she revealed a beauty secret that we had not heard about before. She takes note because one of her infallible tricks to hydrate her skin is to “add the liquid from the vitamin A capsules to the cream that she normally uses. Incredible but true.


A touch of bronzer, always.

If you thought that terracotta powders were only indicated in summer, perhaps you were wrong. ” Regardless of whether you have light or dark skin, bring bronzer. Put it on the periphery of your face, on your neckline, and your cheeks. They always make you look like you came from Ibiza!” explains the veteran model and widow of David Bowie, Iman.

Incorporating these supermodel beauty secrets into your routine can help you achieve that coveted runway-worthy glow. Remember, true beauty comes from within, so prioritize self-care, confidence, and embracing your unique features to shine bright like a supermodel.

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