Modeling secrets: 14 modeling tips and modeling secrets

Modeling tips and modeling secrets are too much helpful to become a model. Be sure to check out our modeling secrets page. It covers modeling tips and modeling secrets that have never been revealed before.

The tips and secrets that made the difference between me getting zero callbacks at my first major model search to receiving more callbacks than I could handle one year later at the same search by the same modeling agencies! It is some of the best modeling advice I can give you!!!

These modeling secrets also make the difference between getting modeling jobs and not getting modeling jobs. Our selected modeling secrets are very essential to become a model!

modeling tips and secrets

How to become a model? Please read below 14 modeling secrets.


  • Have you ever met or seen someone who for some unexplained reason, you were just drawn to. Someone who has something that just makes them irresistible?
  • They just give off an energy that causes them to be irresistibly attractive.
  • A perfect example of this is Cindy Crawford. She is one of the most famous supermodels of all time!
  • Now, although she was attractive she wasn’t the most attractive model around, even she admits that. It was because she is irresistibly attractive that made her the top supermodel in the world!
  • There is just something about her that draws people. People want to see her in movies, magazines and anything else they can! She is irresistible!
  • All successful and famous people have this and so can you!
  • You need to understand the power of learning this before you attempt to become a model.
  • You see, when people can’t resist you, you are in control! When you go to an agency wanting to become a model if you are good looking, but not irresistible they will reject you (trust me every modeling agency I went to rejected me until I learned this).
  • I hope you are grasping why this ability is so essential in convincing modeling agents to sign you. If they are attracted to you, EVEN IF THEY CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY then nearly everyone will be too! $$$
  • Modeling agencies will go into a total, FRENZY when they find someone with this energy!
  • As you can see, this would be a very powerful tool to have in your possession. It is actually very easy to gain this ability. I will tell you how to unlock this power in no more than a few pages of information.

02.) Learn to walk the runway like a PRO

  • You will be so surprised at how many little tips and tricks there actually are involved in walking a runway!
  • Most of you probably think it is “just walking”, but it is way more than that!
  • From head to toe, everything on your body matters. It is all relatively easy to learn, but you just wouldn’t think of any of these tips on your own.
  • I will tell you one right now that blew my mind. It’s so simple, but I got busted on it right away. It involves your hands.
  • A professional model of over 20 years of experience taught me this one.
  • When you walk a runway there will be a lot of pictures taken. As we walk most of us naturally curl our fingers inward. What’s so bad about that you ask?
  • Because you have no fingers! When a picture is put up in a magazine with you on the runway, it appears as if you have no fingers! With them curled in they disappear.
  • I found it to be so interesting that such a tiny detail could make such a big difference.
  • There are several other tips for walking the runway. When they are all are put together, your walk will really impress the agents, scouts, and clients.
  • Understanding how to walk the runway is so valuable. Some (almost all) of modeling agents don’t want to take the time to babysit you. That is then one less thing they need to teach you. This counts as one more point in your favor.

03.) Have very high levels of self-confidence

  • Confidence is an important skill that will either make or break your chance at becoming a professional model!
  • It is essential! If you haven’t got enough confidence, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT!
  • Did you notice I refer to it as a skill though? It is something that can be increased and improved to INFINITE LEVELS!
  • There are several methods to gain this asset.
  • I guarantee, that with my methods, you will increase your confidence as long as you practice them.
  • They are centuries old and will never stop working!

04.) Understand how and where your look can be used to make the most money possible

  • Understanding the truth about “The look” will truly free your mind. The truth is… THERE IS NO “right look”.
  • Certain clients want certain looks. There isn’t just one look that everyone wants. Each company has different markets to appeal to. One look may appeal to one crowd, but be completely rejected by another.
  • Almost every look can make big money in modeling; the key is knowing where to place yourself. For the looks (faces) that don’t fit into most markets, I will tell you how to still make big money.
  • You need to realize that agencies can see potential in you, you can’t even see in yourself. Even a less attractive person can look beautiful with the right makeup, style, lighting, and angles. With the right photographer, you can look incredibly sexy!
  • If you look good in pictures, it will get you signed. Although you look totally different in person!
  • You need to know what your look is and where it makes money. I will show you how to use your look to benefit you best.

05.) Find out how and where to get discovered without getting scammed

  • Before I finally made it, I had been ripped off by several phony agencies! This alone almost caused me to give up.
  • Phony agencies are aware that you will spend hundreds of dollars in order to realize your dream. So every person that enters their office will be greeted like royalty. They will be offered tons of fake promises.
  • It’s all garbage! I will teach you how to avoid getting tricked and scammed! You will never worry about this again!
  • In addition, you will learn where to find real agencies

06.) Have beautiful skin

  • For those of you with beautiful skin… you’re extremely lucky!!! I, unlike you, was not so fortunate! For most of my teenage years, my skin was my biggest struggle.
  • It hurts when an agent won’t accept you because of your skin. Let’s get this problem out of the way now. It’s one less thing they have to fix! An agent, client or photographer cannot worry about your breakouts on the day of a photo shoot.
  • So the bad news is, you must have them under control.
  • Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to the best of us.
  • The good news is, there are proven skincare techniques that will totally fix this problem! These methods will work for every different skin type. They are simple and effective.
  • They worked for me, now I never have to deal with it again!!!

07.) Effective exercising

  • Most people think in order to model you must be sickly skinny or anorexic. THIS IS NOT TRUE!
  • Agents want you to look healthy. This is achieved through exercise. You need to be very fit and have low levels of body fat. Depending on the market, you may need to be very small and thin, muscular, defined… etc.
  • If you’re a plus size model you will require excess body fat, but still, need tons of exercise.
  • Different bodies need different types of exercise.
  • I personally, pride myself in having an extremely fit body. At times, I have been thin, defined and very muscular.
  • With the knowledge I have gained I can now change my body type at will and can teach you how to do this too!

08.) Understanding proper Nutrition

  • Nutrition is absolutely essential for making exercise work. You can exercise until you are blue in the face, but without proper nutrition, your results will be disappointing.
  • When I was trying to gain muscle size my exercise technique was excellent. I was disciplined, did everything properly, yet had minimal results! This was because I did not understand nutrition.
  • I began to study nutrition. I soon discovered why my hard work was not paying off.
  • After a few months of applying what I had learned, I started to notice some very impressive results. My goal had been to gain muscle size and I had put on 30 pounds of muscle in 3 months!
  • That was all the proof I needed! Now I can gain muscle or lose muscle when I need to while losing fat with minimal difficulty.
  • This is all relatively simple to learn and apply. All you require is discipline.
    Although you can’t eat bad foods every day, you still get a free day once per week!
  • I have a proven system. And if I can do it you can too!

09.) Eliminate any fears or discouraging beliefs

  • Fear is a mental monster. It tells you what you can and cannot do before even trying!
  • Many people have dreamt of becoming a model. But, because of fear of failure, they will never even attempt it.
  • And if fear doesn’t stop them, their beliefs cause them to shy away.
  • For example; someone says, “you’re ugly and you will never be a model”. This (if you let it) forms a belief in your mind that you are ugly and can never be a model.
  • Every time you go after your dream this stupid belief pops up and convinces you not to! This is so dumb, yet it happens to all of us in one way or another.
  • Fear and discouraging beliefs are the hugest dream crushers ever! But, thankfully, there are a few simple ways of eliminating this problem. Lucky for you, you get to learn these principles!!!

10.) Take AMAZING pictures

  • You must be skilled in front of the camera. You have to capture emotion through your pictures.
  • To build a good portfolio you need excellent pictures. These pictures need to show the client how great you can look on film.
  • Agencies won’t accept people that don’t take good pictures. They want more than 1 out of 1000 pictures to make the cut.
  • Although it is harder than it seems, the technique used is really quite simple. You can practice it almost anywhere.

11.) Learn meditation or relaxation exercises!

  • Meditation and relaxation is the main key to staying focused! It’s not something you’re told to have, its something I’ve learned you really need!
  • There is more stress as a model than you could ever imagine. Everyone thinks it’s so easy. I thought so too!
  • Taking pictures for 4 hours straight is not always fun. Being rejected 100 times before getting a big job is depressing. Constantly being in competition with other models for jobs is very stressful. Having to leave your family and friends for months and months can be very lonely.
  • All these things can take a toll on you. You must know how to relieve these stresses. If your mind is defeating you, you can’t stay focused, and will not last.
  • Not only is this information useful when modeling, but very much so when trying to become one. The first time I walked in front of 30 of the top agents from around the world, I could not, no matter how hard I tried, stay calm or focused.
  • What I will show you has kept me in a positive and calmer state of mind. You should learn these successful keys before it’s too late.

12.) Understand all the myths and facts about the modeling business

  • There are so many WRONG preconceived notions about the modeling business.
  • “You need to be tall, skinny and beautiful”. These are some of the biggest falsehoods about being a model.
  • If you have ever heard of Kate Moss, you will know that you don’t need to be tall. She is only 5 foot 6 inches and is one of Calvin Klein’s best models. She is also a MILLIONAIRE!
  • And having to be skinny is way off! There are so many successful plus-size models making tons of money.
  • Do you have to be beautiful??? Not true either. Watch almost any famous designers fashion show. You will definitely see models that are not “beautiful”.
  • They may not be gorgeous, but they are irresistibly attractive!
  • There are several aspects of modeling that are misunderstood and will be very helpful to know.

13.) Set Goals for yourself

  • Any successful person understands the importance of setting goals. Goal setting keeps you motivated and on track.
  • By learning effective goal setting, you create a magnetism between you and your goal. After using the methods I will explain, you will truly understand their power.
  • These goal-setting techniques have been used for centuries by the most successful people of all time. I was lucky enough to stumble across the right books and people to teach them to me.
  • Since using these techniques my dreams have been coming true. You must understand that when you put your dreams down on paper they have much more power. This will all be explained to very you soon!!!

14.) Learn to discover and use your full potential

  • Unleashing your true potential is, understanding what it takes to get what you want.
  • How bad do you want your dreams to come true? What effort are you willing to put forth in order to achieve them?
  • I will simply explain what mindset and effort you will need in order to get what you want. This is your persistence and personal drive. No quitters will make it, only winners. If you are a quitter then quit now because “A QUITTER NEVER WINS AND A WINNER NEVER QUITS”.

-Thank you so much for reading my article- 14 modeling tips and modeling secrets. You obviously want this. Please read my another article – “How to become a model. Hope read and enjoy. May God bless you!

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