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Winter and Ladies Fashion Essentials

Fall and Winter Fashion:

Fall in autumn when the leaves of the trees, the smell in the air to break. This should also take place in the wardrobe, on what you should not do without in the autumn and winter fashion. If the warm summer nights to tend to the end and the days are getting longer, it is to rethink his wardrobe at the time. The shorts and dresses are stored for next year and make room for cozy sweaters and thick socks. But what is essential for the autumn and winter fashion?


Both practical and stylish sweater is perfect for the cloth. Every year there are wonderful examples in the local shops: is the subtle, playful floral linen cloth over plain to colorful scarves for each type for every outfit and guarantees the right thing. The shape and size can choose any individual. In winter, the scarf is something to contribute, here again there are plenty of choices: the model of the knitted grandma or the soft fleece scarf, it is important that both the cap and it matches the jacket. Coats and jackets are back in the autumn and winter fashion season-high of the classic sports jacket over his cozy to elegant anorak jacket is the perfect place for any type of clothing. Hit in the autumn and winter fashion is knitting. Whether as a jacket, sweater or dress - Knit versatile and is always guaranteed to turn heads. Although the hot season ends, skirts and shorts are still worn over leggings or tights and that. These come in all sorts of variations, you should make sure that the legs are set in a unique scene.


For sweaters in the fall and winter fashion, there is only one rule: be nice, anything goes. The color should match the respective types. The material are the ghosts: the one like the classic version of cotton, the other preferred practical fleece jackets and the next one is on unusual specimens. If you are not sure here: the well-intentioned advice is always the best friend take seriously. With the right outfit can also be found in the cold season of autumn and winter fashion can be seen.


Baggy pants for ladies fashion? Matter of taste!

The so-called baggy pants for women, the question inevitably arises: Hot or not? Oversized pants worn below the waist, baggy pants called, enjoyed in the past two decades in popularity. Originally it comes from the prison population in America. The belts were taken from the prisoners at the detention also facilitated the larger pants to body search. The hip hop scene took this look on her rough image to emboss. Since female raper in no way inferior to their male counterparts did, they also wore the baggy pants. Of women who are not associates of the hip-hop, but it was not worn, because they can be combined with virtually nothing but oversized t-shirts and the typical hip hop clothes were.

The latest highlight of the fashion industry:

But suddenly even wear stars like Katie Holmes and Victoria Backham men's pants, which seem much too large. Everywhere in the stores to find it, the Boyfriendhose. Plain trousers, straight cut, as they would be worn only by men find themselves suddenly in the women's section. They take up the legacy of the baggy pants. Although one must say that this classic with the baggy pants no longer have much in common. The idea is very simple and the origin clear: if my own wardrobe nothing, I look after my friend. Thus developed in recent times, a complete boyfriend look. And because singles can browse bad in the fund us of her partner, there are now men's clothes for women everywhere in the stores.

Yes or no, to Boyfriendhose:

If you are the first time a woman sees men in shorts on the street that may at first seem strange, since you lived with women rather tight and form-fitting pants is. But casually folded and combined with high heels or sandals, this look is appealing. Make the biggest fashion icons in front of it. Take a feminine top, high heels, women's typical accessories like necklaces, rings, the indispensable handbag and the boyfriend trousers and ready is the trendiest outfit that currently exist. Of course this is not every wife's affair. But for the fashion-conscious urbanites and fashionistas the absolute Boyfriendhose has become a must-have. From the hip-hop baggy pants one should stay away. In the end it remains just a matter of taste.