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How and when to use a perfume

The weather, the occasion and mood can influence the choice of a fragrance. Its proper use is a subtle process of personal knowledge. The sense of smell often goes unnoticed in a world focused on the eyes and ears. Still runs all the time, changing feelings, moods and assessment we make of situations and people.

While election of a perfume is a measure based on circumstances and personal preferences, there are factors which is not good to ignore.

The perfume and Seasons:

Weather affects the way in which the notes of a perfume developed. In winter or summer the recommendations are a little more weight, while spring and autumn are times more prone to experimentation and the particular choice.

* Summer: In hot weather the smell evaporates more quickly, thus should be applied in smaller quantities and with a little more often. The floral and citrus notes are the best go with the season. On hot days, the ocean or citrus scents can help you feel cooler.

* Winter: With the opposite effect of summer weather, the cold is ideal to use more rich and heavy perfumes, which will develop slowly and last longer. The essences animals, spices and woods are the most used at this time.

* Spring and autumn transition stations open range of possibilities: It is likely that in spring fruit fragrances feel better, while autumn is given to experience with notes of resins, balms and spices.


A perfume for every occasion:

The special moments of life are also recorded in the olfactory memory. The right choice of a perfume can make a difference in a business meeting or an appointment, not only by the reaction of others, but because it builds confidence and improves mood.

* Everyday: The ideal is to use sophisticated perfume that is, that the notes are not obvious especially if they are flowering. Moreover, being in contact with many people, a neutral fragrance avoid mishaps such as high sensitivity or allergy to a component.

* For the evening: The Oriental and woody perfumes are better through the night. It's time to show personality and use scents that define the bearer.

* For tense moments: Some essences can help us relax and stay calm. Synthetic fragrances used for ozone or ocean, or notes of vanilla, lavender have a calming effect.

* Revitalizing: The lemon, orange, pine and rosemary generate a feeling of vitality that can help in times of fatigue.

* Weddings & day: For women it is an ideal opportunity to look your best floral fragrance. It is preferable to use it in moderation, and apply again for the party.

Implementation and use of perfume:

There are very repetitive advice on the correct way to apply perfume, and they are all valid. It is known that the pulse points are key to expanding the fragrance. They are in the temples, the base of the neck and the inside of the wrists and elbows. But as each and every perfume skin are different, the best advice is to pay attention to the results and learning over time. In this way we will know where in the body and how much to use a floral or spicy fragrance.

When testing a new perfume should go from lowest to highest in the amount applied. An excess can cause headaches, both the wearer and to those around them.

Fragrances for special occasions:

The love of a perfume in particular can be used in several different ways. If the perfume is very expensive can be replaced with any imitation fragrances or other products containing the same notes to prove a novel way:

* About a garment, the ideal would be to test a small area and little exposed to assess the reaction of the fabric. If sensitive or light-colored, should be particularly careful.
* A few drops in an oil burner can perfume a room for a special occasion.
* The perfume jewelry can not be applied because its brightness is reduced and changes its outer layer. In the particular case of the pearl may discolor.
* The artificial flowers can be sprayed with perfume.
* To scent paper or cards, the best method is to spray a plastic bag, keep them there and leave them sealed for a night.

A prominent businessman said: "Personality is to man what perfume to the flower". Perfume and personality are related in a permanent return, and match them is a subtle art that requires focus attention on how we relate to the world.