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Tattoos and Piercings in Models

In today's world of modeling the image is very important because it is the main reason for this business, professional models can change their hairstyle or hair length or color, or nails, but can not change your skin if the suit a fashion design or drawing any large definitively and that ceases to be fashionable. Such is the case of tattooing. Today, tattooing is common and fairly well accepted, many girls wear them, from very modest to very bold.

But this was not always so and, of course, there is no assurance that will continue. The acceptance of tattoos, such as piercings or long hair or beard, has varied according to the whims of fashion. And, of course, there are many people who reject their education or tastes. In the past, tattooing was considered vulgar, prison, typical of gangs and sailors and, in general, unpleasant and annoying.


This is not to discuss if the tattoo is vulgar or not, is not itself, but care about the impressions and perceptions of people. On more than one occasion, we have seen model castings customers reject a model for a tattoo, and even a piercing, but finally piercings can be removed and the hole left by easily clogged with PhotoShop.

But the hole piercing or tattoo of considerable size that can be covered in pictures of models with digital retouching are more difficult to hide if the model is working as a spokesperson or hostess of a company or brand.

Therefore, a model should not permanently mark the body as volunteers because it can be easy fashion victim, unless you are so sure you want to limit your choice to alternate modeling world, which moreover is becoming wider and interesting.

"By avoiding a tattoo, your body is a working tool will be more flexible, have more opportunities," above what you teach in any modeling school but the decision to perform tattoos in a free and respectable.

This does not mean you will not get work if you have tattoos, or any exaggeration of the sort, of course. Even many photographers and modeling agencies like to explore alternative forms of beauty and tattoos or piercings are not limited to work with most photographers.

But you appreciate it when making the decision to permanently alter your tool, bearing in mind that it can cost you some opportunities.