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Requirements to Become Models

The profession of a model and a model is among the most sought after by the young Italian and European business landscape. Contrary to what many believe, this is a very difficult job to do, especially at first, when to enter the professional world you do it right the work involved in mess tin. Often the phrase I want to be a model, in various professions often confused with each other, as the 'hostess or steward for men, girls and boys work for the presentation of products and services, exhibitions, events, opening ceremonies and various events, and it refers to the occupation of model and model for a famous fashion designer for the limestone area of the world's catwalks and stages of the fashion capitals.

Jobs similar to that of model / or, but substantially different competencies, skills, professionalism and prestige, may initially be carried out to establish track record and experience, sometimes odd jobs are the first step toward a more interesting and more difficult at the same and a fierce level of competition, career patterns. But what are the physical requirements and character to walk along the road to become high-level models? the requirements are many and compelling to own, do not refer only to the essential physical attributes, not enough to be beautiful and slender, but the aesthetic beauty is known how to use and channeled into the best way: personality matters a lot and what is expressed.

Modeling, or the model is a choice that is not possible without a specific place or a few places where most of the fashion business and the environment is concentrated: as regards Italy, the fashion city par excellence is Milan. It is here that they are almost all top modeling agencies, this is where you place the main casting the best fashion shows here operate photographers, publishers of magazines and catalogs, but also advertising and other professionals in the communication and marketing. Also in Milan is the main organizing events, the best parties and meetings, there are always the best local "hip" and the focus of the industry. Here, again, are the major television production studios or even in Rome, Milan and always working and have their own atelier the best designers.

You can not want a career in this field or even to think a moment of not wanting to transfer or otherwise move their center of gravity in Milan or in a city like Rome, remaining in Italy and in this great city, Milan in the first place, it rained job opportunities and professional actors in the sector and links with foreign countries. Fashion is a global industry, because in it relate to different cultures that take shape in the artistic ability of professional advertising, fashion designers, filmmakers, journalists, models, mannequins and mannequins. From this it follows, as you might guess, a requirement fundamentally the same: the Knowledge of foreign languages together with a certain cultural sensitivity. This, at first sight, dispels the myth of the model is not particularly prepared by a cultural and intellectual point of view. Quite the contrary. The models, high level, in fact, are related primarily to professional and have great artistic and cultural as it was pointed out before, directors, publicists, stylists, photographers, real artists who ask, to their muse, to join with them in full synergy intellectual and sentimental and emotional empathy.

That is no small thing, particularly not easy to achieve. The interaction also takes place in a language that is often not their own, if you are working at high levels during the Milan fashion often you interact with internationally renowned professionals. To collaborate successfully, understand the work  required very good knowledge of foreign languages, primarily English but also French and Spanish: they will benefit is not insignificant that together with the aesthetic qualities, the body lean, the right measures and personality, will form leading professionals.

Among other requirements that aspiring models should have covered the 'attitude and behavior, Summarized in what may be defined attitudes to this work. It must be equipped with a certain class and artistic personality, Qualities which, however, improve with experience, able to move in front of a lens or a camera, Interpreting roles and know how to contextualize the different scenarios and environments reconstructed from filmmakers, photographers and advertising. You must be able to move with ease and elegance before the cameras, not to embarrass such as a nude art, provided that the branch you have chosen requires it, or other situations of the scene. It is important to have character and charisma, a great bearing, A positive attitude and engaging, we must learn to seduce with the look and intrigue. It is essential to be tenacious because it is not an easy profession, so is great seriousness and professionalism and above perseverance especially given the closing doors. Reliability and precision, commitment and self-confidence and their abilities are the tenets for models.

As a last resort, but precisely because they are the most important aspects to be considered more properly body, physical features and aesthetics. The aesthetics are very strict and not enough to simply be good or beautiful in the traditional sense: it is essential to be thin and slender for women, with a proportionate build the right muscle. For all primary requirement is the height: at least one meter and 70 cm for you, one and 85 for him. Even if, however, for photo shoots a few inches is fine in most (important in this context). The perfect size, Required by many designers, for she is 40 and in some cases can fit 42, but they are rare exceptions. Can not be ignored, however, by a physical well-proportioned: Breast, thighs, hips and shoulders should carry out a form harmonica and never pronounced.

Most important is the hair care and skin: that of hairdressing and make up. How much you should pay attention to the hands, feet, the hair (for her and for him). Course will be professionals to enhance their strokes and then their look. And the age? Before you start, the better. To remove or to appear in the catalogs can start at 14, for advertising and photography age does not matter that much. It depends on the type of work in progress. Speaking of physical requirements in fashion you can make an observation: the best model agencies will be those who so brutally professionally speaking openly about any physical defects, height, and size of an aspiring model and a model that is

Some insights on physical requirements for those wishing to enter the world of fashion and practice as a model, others requirements on physical features and character to become models. A directory that contains sites of models for those who want to get an idea of their requirements through photos and composite sites.