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Personal Care of a Model

There are many details that make a professional model or beginner is preferred for any campaign or procession, one of the important details is your own personal care. Facial cleansing, moisturizing the skin, the correct treatment of acne, go hand in hand with extreme hygiene.

Knowledge of products that can cause allergies or irritations and how your hair to have the sleep necessary to look cool, take care of the color, texture and shine of your hair with your fingernails are always very clean and manicured. It's all part of the trade of become a model, someone whose image want viewers to follow or imitate the pictures of the parades on the catwalk, commercials, TV and so on.

Many people associate the issue of personal image with something superficial, external, to be aware of the clothing, fashion and frivolity. However, self-image is much more than that and includes an exterior that looks, but also within himself invisible but very visible through the image are the people we contacted, all this can be seen perfectly in a model casting.

You have to take care because your body is your tool. And this undoubtedly represents an investment on your part, both in money and time is essential rule in all model schools. Being pretty and attract attention in the twilight of the club is not enough under the bright lights of a study and to a high definition camera.

Some basic recommendations:
- When you put a moisturizer on your face, do not leave unprotected neck, hydrate too, is very common to see lush collars battered faces ... and not nice.

- Never go to bed without washing face.

- Take time to talk to a professional makeup artist and learn how to make a basic makeup, to select the best foundation for your skin and tones that are best for you either for a session pictures of models or parade.

- Stay in shape. No need to crush you hours daily in the gym, but do a reasonable amount of exercise.

- Moderation in eating, drinking in the snuff, do not fall into excesses which always felt in the skin, bags under the eyes (we all do, but its size and color is what makes the difference) in the look and attitude for your work.