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Models pose and look good in front of a camera

Why are famous models always come good in the pictures? Most of the models have taken and tested postures when performing their model casting and pose in front of photographers.

Some of the tricks to get favored in the photos are:

-Stand erect but not stiff, Your neck must be straight, the chin slightly pulled forward, shoulders and abdomen open inward.

- If you bring your shoulders back slightly, your breasts will look better.

- Place one leg forward and the other slightly back and your legs look longer period. The knees should be slightly bent and toes pointed forward.

- It will look slimmer if you turn one shoulder 3 / 4 to the front.

- Lower the chin a bit and pushes the head forward.

- Look at the camera, he flirts with the camera, imagine it's someone you like.

- Leave your arms free, without holding portfolios or objects with your hands, if you do that your fingers are as straight as possible.

- Smiles slightly and takes a look suggestive and provocative.

- Try to highlight your strengths eyes, mouth, hair, chest, shoulders, legs, depending on the type of approach made - Length, 3 / 4 of body, half body, breasts, face, or 3 / 4 face.

- Practice constantly in front of a mirror to find your profile and better poses, the models were not born so, we have learned model schools, So practice, and before you think you'll be a pro posed.

All know there are clothes that suit them more than another, but sometimes are not aware of what they buy and they are driven by the latest trends, even knowing that the clothes were very sick.


Here are some tips that will make them look thinner:

- Look at the positive: most women tend to be very negative about themselves, and it is more important to pay more attention to strengths such as the smile, eyes, waist or legs, and outline, to try to hide weaknesses.

- Experiment with color: We know that black stylized, but can not go black all the time. Search looks monochromatic (same color in different shades) that go well with your skin tone, you will look slimmer.

- Extend your body: To look taller as a whole professional model, Used pants that hide the shoes (eg, flares with wedges or platforms) and the legs appear longer.

- Do not use clothes that suit you: It seems an easy trick, but there are many people who think tight clothes look too wide or thinner, if that's not true. If you are very fair, look like a sausage and call attention to the wrong places, while the oversize clothes does not do justice to your strengths and look bigger and also without form.

- Avoid at the lower abdomen and tail: no skirts or pants with loops, clips, drapes, etc.

- Pay attention to accessories: can help you look thinner or fatter. If you have a few kilos

For more, the wide belts should be avoided. If you have some jowls, avoid chokers. In contrast, long necklaces and scarves will make you look thinner.

Tricks that will make your breasts look bigger:

They can easily get that small breasts look bigger and more attractive, simply by taking certain types of fabrics and designs that is very common in sessions pictures of models. Following these simple tips will enhance your breasts and they look.

- The padded bras make your breasts look more bulky, like bras that lift and center the breast, creating a beautiful neckline. Invest in good bras and they are the right size.

- A shirt with thin horizontal stripes will make your chest look wider.

- Bright colors and prints bring attention to your bust look bigger and so: When choosing a bikini, consider this advice. Sequins also create the same feeling.

- Use accessories and small details that enhance the breasts giving more depth to the gap: A thin chain with a small and delicate hanging will make your breasts look bigger by contrast.

- Keep tight and thick fabrics that get added volume.

- Be sure to keep your back straight, enhances the breasts and gives a better picture.

- Use makeup to enhance your cleavage, slightly darker area between the breasts will create a sense of depth and your breasts look more voluptuous.