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The first steps of become a Model

Those who are not sure you want to be a model that must go into the hands of an agency. What is on character traits and body measurements must bring order to actually be able to model or occasionally earn some extra money through modeling, we have clarified in our previous article. If everything is right and the will and the conditions are there, then it is important to follow up action! but what steps to follow now, and to whom should we turn to make the dream of a career model are you? This and much more you read here!

Model agencies are a dime a dozen:

The first step is to pick a suitable model agency and imagine this. Here is revealed not only a possibility. In the Internet age, there are also those agencies who presented primarily as an Internet database. And among all these can be found working professional modeling agency or firm and those that do not take it too closely with the professionalism. Internet agencies are characterized by the fact that you can apply online and either immediately or after examination of the application will be included in their database.

This database can then be viewed by customers and users. Sometimes ask themselves obviously not conducive to these agencies or only recording a single monthly fee. If you encounter such agencies, it is advisable to carry out a prior examination of this company. Reputable agencies work differently. This, whether online or not, just check the application for suitability and usually follow up a personal interview. It has not always cost something, but no photos are taken - this one has even made available.


Professionally and intelligently apply:

Who wants to be a model should apply professional and intelligent. Keyword: Photos. Here are always in demand professional photographs. Although the holiday photos in bikinis have become ever so nice - they do not give the desired ambition. Who really has the dream to become a model, should let the photographer to sit there and professionally staged. Finally, apply daily with a reputable agency, many women and men, who as it can not offer something that falls right through the cracks.

In addition, an application should pounce on something. Imagine you are applying for a job in a company. Just like there, too, should the application via letter and resume and be presented well. Important for a modeling agency, it is also to stress the benefits of intelligent and character traits. Finally, the Agency would like to know why you have what it takes to modeling.

Be yourself:

Are then invited to an interview at the modeling agency, you can look forward to. Because not all applicants will be invited. At this date, then: naturalness! Who plays a role and totally about makeup and dressed up comes who can go home again. The Agency would like to see the person, not the potential and get ready for a delivered product. For the customer, what matters, what he can project onto the model. Look, therefore, a form-fitting jeans or a flowing dress for an interview from. Depending on body size also slightly high-heeled shoes are beautiful, the stress response and show that you can run on paragraphs. The fingers should leave by 12-inch-heels and baggy sweater. A neat, stylish and confident woman with natural make-up makes everything right.