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The first date and what should I wear?

It is the first time we are left with the person we love and nothing can fail. And the eternal question is, what we get? We tested 20 models and clothing from our closet and anything we like. Do not panic! We help you achieve the desired look for every occasion.

At the first appointment usually be pretty nervous, thinking of how we see the other person. What we say, how we act and what we have to convey our personality. That is why the clothes should go in harmony with your nature, avoiding costumes, uncomfortable clothes and go in line with where we meet.

According to the destination:

If you have already agreed to before the appointment and you know what will be the place where you will pass the first meeting, go prepared and avoid the heels if you will be in the mountains or not seen if it is very informal dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Park : For an appointment at the park recommend look rather informal, but without having to go with casual wear. A jeans, Boots and shirt and sporting some tight can be more comfortable to wear. Do not forget a little jacket just in case.

We stayed in a restaurant cool. It's time to show your charms, but do not overdo it because it is not going to kill the first. Get a dress, but not too short or a shirt with some cleavage if you favor. Some nice styling your heels figure and go perfectly with the restaurant environment.

Show your Personality:

What is most valued in a first encounter is sincerity. To show that we are, we should always look in line with our way of seeing things. Sometimes the trick is simply to dress as we usually do many times.

If we are something crazy, we'd love to combine different colors, it gives liveliness and joy. If we like ones do not hesitate, take your favorite bracelets and rings (never fail) but recharge too. On the other hand, if you're a person rather warm, we recommend the black color, we always remove a hurry, but try to combine it with another color, it does not go to a funeral.

Soft Makeup:

Take your best. A good makeup is vital to enhance your look. Nobody better than you know what suits you best, if a black mascara, painted eyes, a lips with color ... but yes, always in a gentle and totally natural. Do not leave the house painted like a door.

The clothes that best suits you:

It is clear that we will try to dress in clothes that suit us. If you're a little plump, avoid shirts and tight pants and replace them with a long shirt with a cute belt on the hips. If we are very high, perhaps we should leave the high heels and flat shoes rather, on the contrary, if we gain height, are ideal boots or shoes with little heels, high platforms but do not go with us.

Luce legs if you're nice, teaches some cleavage if you or display your wasp waist with a shirt more fitting. It is better to spread your charm, but always fine, never so exaggerated. If all goes well, you can teach it in successive appointments.

Nor is it advisable to show clothing brands, dress in a rather simple models of various shops, reaching the perfect balance, neither too bland and austere, not too trendy. Remember that you have to like you, not the latest models in your closet.