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Want to be a model: Be Model Step By Step

A real model is discreet and respectful, their duty is to sell, but beyond being the target of criticism and envy is a hard work and travel hours of solitude, beauty techniques, protocol classes and even hair and makeup ideas. Discover helpful tips for those who want to succeed on the runways also applicable to everyday life of any woman.

Besides classics like walking right and keep looking forward, we must also take into account that brand-heeled shoes may be the most slippery. To emulate Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Kate Moss will need more than a spectacular physique, intense preparation and knowledge of the world fashion.

Attitude is important, not all women used to be spectacular physical models. Nor should we take specific steps to succeed. A good example is the British Kate Moss, who despite not exceed 163 centimeters in height became an icon of world media gateways.

Is not the same parade with towels to do with a couture dress, attitude and the pose has to go according to the clothing worn either casual, label, casual or haute couture. Pedro Gonzalez author of  "Handbook to become a great supermodel" says paradoxically if something immutable in fashion is that "It is ephemeral and changing. What is new today is old and stale tomorrow. " Trends fluctuate widely according to the canons of beauty of the time, therefore, a model must be adaptable as a chameleon in many countries, cultures, styles, designs and fashions.

Also be aware of the latest trends and designers, it needs some basic knowledge of hair and makeup, very useful for fashion shows, and learn to recognize the professional stylists to choose from depending on the work and possibilities. The awareness of beauty and body beautification used to get the most out of your own body, after all, the working tool of the model.

Be Model Step By Step:

According to Pedro Gonzalez, "the first thing is to go to a modeling agency to represent you. Then make a book of the work and images of the model. " Once seated in an agency can decide to dedicate yourself to a particular branch of modeling, because there are a variety of advertising media (photography, runway, music videos, catalogs, reports), but a true professional does not rule out anyone.

At the time of going to a casting should be neat, shaved, exfoliated skin. It is advisable to arrive without makeup and with clean hair: "A look inappropriate in the casting can make you lose a job. One model would never argue or select the garments that will parade or pose. Never give your opinion if no one asks and if it does so with the utmost respect for the designer or model in question, "says Gonzalez.

However a professional model has a balanced diet and regular exercise, but the vast majority of models do not meet the hours of sleep or calories needed per day. Discipline is very important for a model as well as notions of protocol and public attitude.

A good model must be natural and pose for the cameras, either on television ads or runway in a professional manner and with a deep knowledge of his body language, walking gracefully on impossible heels to the rhythm and cadence of the music of the parade.