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In fact, the word "model" contains a lot of different definitions. Let us see a little clearer:

1) The Models Agency: To go into an agency must go through an approved agency. IF YOU REALLY THE FEATURES FOR TRADE PRACTICE EC, CONTACTED TWO OR THREE AGENCIES, WITH THE STATE

The modeling agencies pick on contemporary stereotypes. Either you come back in these criteria, or you does not. There is no other alternative. The business model remains difficult, dozens of castings waiting desperately, alongside other models as beautiful as each other.

2) The Amateur Models: As for amateur models, there are a lot of sub-categories. There are amateur models who are paid and this, in black, it's important to know if there is a ratio of silver in a photo shoot, this implies a more professional, and moonlighting is punishable by law. However if they are defrayed for movement is something else. In addition, anyone can be a model, small, large, thin, round, brown, blonde, redhead, man, woman, transsexual, ... There is no criteria to

There are a lot of photographers in France, Belgium, and elsewhere. It is usually easy to find a meeting. That said, should be alert to people you meet. Always ask for a written contract, even if the person with whom they will work is an amateur.

3) The Top models:

To be a top, it must obviously be an agency, have everything to itself, and especially to have much luck. Over thousands of models all of them more beautiful than others, there will be just a handful of them who have this 'privilege'. This tells the world of fashion, fashion shows, show business is not a fairy tale. Being a model is a profession like any other, with a lot of positive things, and its share of negative things to never underestimate!

After there are models semi-pro, pro that are not agency etc; ...It is a very complex world ...And being an amateur does not necessarily make pictures of "family vacation". There are fans who have the level of pro. And vice versa ... After it is true that very subjective, for considerations on art are often based on subjective bases themselves.

Become a model is the dream of many girls and boys, who increasingly crave start in this profession. In all these years we have received very many requests for information about the modeling world s, the requirements for become a model or model on how to start, etc.. So we decided to set up a small guide to explain how the world of fashion and entertainment.

It 'girls and boys frequently delude themselves, or worse, are deluded, to work as models s, sometimes the opposite happens, and are wasting the potential of boys and girls who have the attributes to make a career as model I, thus defeating interesting opportunities.


Photography Models:

The photo, one of the most attractive art forms, has always enchanted feelings, speaks of himself and of his characters, gives warmth and energy. A friend outside the industry, saw some photos that portrayed a model first natural and then during a photo shoot, once told me: "Now I understand why these beautiful models are never seen on the street, why do not exist." Although it may seem like a funny statement, is more realistic because, in a sense, really. In the studio, the set is constructed with great detail, the depths are appropriate color, the clothes carefully chosen makeup and hair care in detail.

The Study of Image:

A common thread unites the elements together, sometimes it is inspired by a theme, era or a character, in order to create an atmosphere of fair involvement, and to convey the image of a special nature, a vital spirit that vibrates from print. Because the image is always an art form born of a creative BY together various professionals with different but very specific preparations. The final creation inevitably converges towards the ideal form, the result of responsible cooperation of all of them. Since the days of the legendary Hollywood divas of the historic first half of the century and beyond, as it were "built" on the table, analyzed in detail, so that they could shine, not only of a particular beauty, but also of the overflowing personality that so captivated audiences. Think of the famous Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or the minute, it is said that they were literally unrecognizable if encountered on the street without makeup. It 's so that all can come from a chrysalis a butterfly of rare beauty. The subject must always have some attributes essential to the construction of: Interesting features, balanced proportions, photogenic, etc.. The image processing, post- photo shoot, we can make an infinite number of variations, the color saturation in strong contrast to a striking grain exasperation.

The Creation:

The creation of the model arises from the interpretation of personality / o. Some nuances of his character are highlighted and exploited, sometimes even enhanced, giving the person has a unique character. As the subject may be equipped with an emerging personality, enhancement due to proper lighting, posture, makeup and hairstyle are truly irreplaceable. The intervention of makeup, for example, is able to characterize the character considerably, ranging from innocence a white meat from rosy cheeks, mischievous intensities suggested by sunken faces, arched eyebrows, eyes intense and provocative. The intensity of trick photography can vary greatly depending on the type of light used, the more common understanding better the realistic effect. Often the cheekbone is highlighted by a dark correction, sometimes you prefer unusual colors such as brown or blue. Eyes, mouth and eyebrows are highly valued and treated in detail, let us not forget that the photographic image does not forgive even the slightest flaws are found and fixed in the static nature of print.

Post Production:

During a photo shoot hundreds of shots are made at the end of the large amount of photos obtained is carefully selected and are taken into account only the most successful and relevant to the canons of ideal form. E 'with the post production and editing that the art of digital photography is at its best, the chosen images will be made almost perfect by a skilful photo-editing computer. The image is polished, illuminated, elongated, smooth, etc.., By highly competent and safe with artistic taste. This produces a final product that we are assailed daily images of fashion magazines, weeklies, advertising,
billboards, etc.. Accomplice of our shopping is the perfect eye-catching image, almost a tacit promise "You too can be like if you use this cream or wear these jeans."

Working Model:

In addition to showing customers how the model is in the picture or model, as it moves in front of the room, the book also serves to show that the model works or has done. Customers love to play it safe, he worked as a model, the more comfortable the client is that his work with the same model will be successful. If the model has also worked for magazines and prestigious customers will have more value, choosing a familiar face, the photo shoot or ad campaign reviews acquire prestige. By reading this you understand that it is the beginning of modeling the most difficult time. Customers tend to accept the girls who already work in the book. The new models then at least start working soon. A vicious circle from which comes only with great patience and commitment.