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How to look like a Model

The term model is very broad. Models are skinny, chubby models, high etc models. In general there are certain characteristics that any model you have and are desired, when we want look like a model.

A model has self-confidence:

Trust can be faked at first but it is preferable develop accepting your body and face. This is achieved various shapes and discuss them below. No trust the image of the model can not be achieved.


The correct posture is essential in order to look stylish and show confidence. By having good posture and higher we slender or otherwise poor posture makes us look more petite and gorditas. Read good posture

A good body:

There has to be thin but has to be properly maintained. Even the models are careful not plump and have a firm body. To have a strong body is needed exercise. The body includes nail care in the hands and feet in good shape and smooth skin. Do not expect to lose weight to look good , start where you are. There are models in all sizes.

Clothing & Style:

The models learn a lot from being surrounded by style Fashion designers. They create their own style, which is generally informal but sophisticated. Most mixed models clothes and create unique sets and appropriate for your lifestyle. Do not be afraid to experiment with clothes, your style is trying on lots of clothes, by looking as people dress you most admire in magazines or life real adapts to your style looks .


You do not have necessarily wear makeup all the time but you must know to apply for when you need it.

Facial Skin:

A good skin is essential , look after your skin. In very pretty skin section there are many councils . Nothing replaces a healthy skin radiant.


Keep a good haircut. It is essential to have a hair healthy and bright, if your hair is abused it is best cut and care to grow healthy. Experiment with hairstyles

Right Expectations:

The models you see in the pictures do not exist, these pictures are digitally altered to look more beautiful, more skinny etc higher. Do not expect to see perfect, perfection exists.

Practice like walking:

When not modeling gateway does not have to learn to walk as a model but if you must travel in style reads: as walking


The way in which we operate is composed of several factors including label , warmth , kindness and consideration for others . Smile and listen, read to keep informed and considerate of everyone.

Look in the mirror:

Look at all the angles, angles that make you look better, poses favor you, what kind of smile will make you look good etc. Adjust your habits if necessary, at first feels strange but things change fast. All this will make you feel better about yourself and this increase your confidence in yourself. At the same time the more you develop trust you will look prettier and circle continue. All this is a process not a single event, be patient and view it as something fun.