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Lip Enhancement : Lips are more Kissable and Cravings than Ever

For this month of love your lips are more kissable and cravings than ever, follow this simple guide to foolproof.

 First of all, make sure your lips are smooth and free of flakes. If not, gently with a toothbrush and a little old man
Vaseline. Check that your lips are like velvet.

If you're looking for fuller lips, apply at the center of the lips and a touch of concealed makeup. This will give them volume.

If you need to balance asymmetrical lips, then first apply a foundation or concealed on them followed by a bit of loose powder. After outlining your lips depending on how you want (remember to be a subtle change if you want to look cartoon) with a liner of a tone as close to your lips and finally, apply your favorite lip

But if what you want is your lips look more sensuous and nibble, then apply a little over your favorite lip gloss.
With these tricks of makeup, this month of love your lips will be more demand than ever for your lover.


The mouth, one of the sexiest body parts for men, is an object of desire and, therefore, many women seek lip augmentation to feel more beautiful.

All women would like to have plump lips, the kind that makes you want to bite. Today there are natural solutions to the "gloss effect" that gives an increased feeling of your lips. In cosmetic stores can find products of this type so that your lips are ultra bright, hydrated and bulky.

Temporary lip Augmentation:

There are also clinics' taking temporary lip augmentation. The models often use this way to increase your lips because every 6 months the effect wears off and if you want, you can return to renew the collagen implant, but if not, you can return to your lips a natural state.

Permanent Lip Enhancement:

However, permanent lip augmentation is the most painful of times and depending on how you react every woman may or may not be a problem. You can get silicone injections or directly from surgery. Depending on where you do it you might infiltrate silicon or even the patient's own fat.

It is best to consult with several specialists to see what each offers and what guarantees or case studies can teach you to give you confidence.