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Hair: trends autumn / winter 2010-2011

Want to know the hairstyle you will wear this season? We give a touch of the most important trends to show off this fall and winter hair. Eclectic or fusion of different styles of fashion remains, for short, long, curly or smooth serve to achieve the perfect look. Clearly, beyond fashion, to have a hair envy need it to be well kept. Do not forget to apply the proper shampoo to give the necessary brightness, the serum and mask suitable for every hair type. A hair with personality, soft and with a little volume says a lot about yourself and your appearance can change to improve it.

Retro fashion:

If the retro clothes back to win, so does the hair. So you can already carded your hair to achieve the highest pompadour, both long hair as short. The look rock and eighties is imposed with all sorts of eccentricities. Pick it up in a bun higher, but volume not to go unnoticed and gives volume to the bangs, which are increasingly less.

Unkempt, but with style:

How fresh out of bed? Well that's the long hair trendsetters. You must be disheveled, but hairstyle before to get this look. It is not difficult, it suffices to give some volume through foams and gels and carded a bit roots and ends. If you have the hair curly, things will be easier for some curled and let them succeed!

If, however, you Hair is very smooth and straight, can cost more, but we must help the gels, lacquers and diffuser to achieve the desired volume.

Thousand waves: the bucolic reaches:

Fill your Hair Loop! There is nothing more charming to have a bob with waves because in addition to providing volume to the hair reaffirms its color and beauty favoring the face. The bucolic tendency to sheer dresses and, moreover, suits the 50's jacket, must be in accordance with hair with waves and bows with hanging framing the face.

The fashion colors:

There is a tendency to give more intense blondes to spend a somewhat darker color. From mahogany to chestnut brown and strong brown mixed with red streaks. For a few seasons to see it, and the advantage is it possible to combine brown with red streaks, or light brown with some dark brown locks. Viva diversity!

Hair Accessories:

This year's additions are still more. The clips will be huge retro perfectly with those collected, the Roman crowns and ethnic color the hair and the hits are really trendy.

Unlike what we think, headdresses have revolutionized the world of hair as they have ceased to be something for older women to decorate the heads of the celebrities the time: there are many models and colors.