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Fashion modeling - working as a Stylist

Stylist: clothe people, setting trends and participate in photo shoots - a profession with a calling! What do you have to be stylist, you can learn here. Many young girls but also boys want to be a stylist or stylist. But as easy and glamorous, the job may sound, it is hard work. A stylist or a stylist is always in a hurry. It is well booked, so she rushes heavily laden with suitcases and bags full of clothes from one customer to another. Many stars have their own stylist always there or can also use this last minute. Not always have the celebrities namely one's own sense of fashion, trends and styles. Because usually someone has to serve, the better it can.

The work on the set:

Particularly exciting is it when it comes to put the models for a fashion spread in a magazine scene. This is not for the photographers, but the stylists and his team. Fashion magazines rarely book for people from outside, but usually have their own staff for that matter. Every job at a photo shoot starts with a briefing in which the formalities to be clarified. It's about what deadline must be adhered to, which models should be booked, what should be the main point of the route, the trends represented and what materials should be used. Also the size of the budget is discussed here. Then comes the creative part, be collected, for example, in the ideas for accessories, the result put on the icing on the cake.

Phone book style:

Then follows the so-called "shopping". Here the stylist has to buy not, but rather a call. He is at this time on the phone Trippe, calls modeling agencies and designers to get to the "raw material". Whereas models have to be paid for the expensive and valuable items of clothing are mostly loans from the designer. With which the stylist agreed dates for the clothing choices and determines the outfits. If this is done, so the outfits are perfect model. These include the brackets are stuck, and the challenges set of accessories. What follows, is called "fitting". This is discussed with the entire set, so the hair stylists, make-up artist, photographer and fashion stylist to the natural, as the planned Looks can be implemented with the models. For this purpose the model is prepared and scored a first Polaroid, which will look again to check the heart and kidneys. Everything sits and matches the aesthetics of the outfit, so you can start the shoot.

Theoretically can be any stylist, but you should have the necessary prerequisites. During the shoot, the stylist does not break. He needs help from each set the model for dressing up, adjust the fit of the clothes during the shoot and record, are to see which pieces of clothing on each photo. These credits are fashion in retrospect for the magazine is very important. If it's in, the stylist has to care about the return of the garments.

Generally, this job is no office job. One can always assume that success as a stylist draws a lot of stress on themselves. Many speak here of positive stress. Anyone who plays with the idea to start training as a stylist, who should bring certain requirements. Stress resistance should always bring a stylist.

Requirements: Soft Skills

This profession, you can not really learn how to learn math, or a musical instrument. Here is the basis for the successful exercise later brought the talent and the important properties. A stylist should be trend-sure from the outset, of course, have a good eye for aesthetics and to think visually. Of course there are also educational opportunities - many stylists have started with an appropriate degree from a fashion school. But as an outsider, as a photographer or designer you have of course opportunities. The first years are spent in the profession then mostly as an independent stylist assistant. Here you can learn a lot and then merely observing the handling of clients, empathize, and in the profession of stylists, without having to assume major responsibility. Even so, one can already establish contacts and regular customers secure, one should work then later as an independent stylist. Basically, the stylists-existence has a lot to do with intuition and the fashion game. A talent, colors and shapes to put together and a feeling for materials and substances to have - all this must not be missing here.

Good prospects for the account:

Even if it does not appear so, but if you bring enough experience as a stylist, talent and the necessary ambition, so you can earn well in this activity. Depending on the job are the salary of a stylist at 400 to 1,000 euros a day. However, this is no regular income. Here are a monthly salary thereafter make depends on how the contract situation is. So it can be good, that occur from time to time no orders to land, but is sure to do more later. For one, therefore guaranteeing the profession of stylists: A variety!