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Fashion that makes slim

As I emphasize my strengths, as I steer away from the best small weight problems?  Here are our suggestions
styling. Seven women fashion show that makes slim.

What makes your thighs look smaller?

A Sarouelhose is beautifully cut wide at the thighs and calves slim - good for the figure and the main trend in the summer.
Since Suzana is quite large ("My mother was a national player in the basketball team of Serbia"), it can create a
short blazer and a longer top with appliquéd roses good proportions.

Always works! With powerful thighs: Dresses or skirts that are knee length and at least do not show too much of the leg. Also good: Pleated pants (but the right size, otherwise jump to the fold, and the effect is gone).

How do I get more contour in the figure?

This woman was a blessing to us! Finally someone who is full, but at the same time has great fun in fashion. "Jeans
are too boring, I prefer to wear fancy clothes, like sometimes with 20 chains," said the executive secretary Nadine
Paul. The sheath dress defines the waist line, the hem  sandals and high stress Nadine narrow cuffs. A striking vest over the dress makes the waist appear narrower, and the hairstyle stretches the silhouette. " And the bag has just enough room for Nadine's second hobby, reading: "Without the book, I will not leave the house, in the car I listen to audio books.

No fear of proportions! Who is strong all around, should stand by its curves, emphasizing the waist and not be afraid of too much skin. Wrap dresses with V-neck is ideal - and if that is not sufficiently tightened: combine it with leggings!

How can I emphasize the waist better?

A long, straight upper body can be explained by the narrow belt proportioned well, also shorten the narrow grass strip optically. The Blazer is much waisted, thus the center says. Of course I have a dream to appear on Broadway again - in any case, I would like to continue my education in America.

Always works!: Who has no waist, she emphasizes extra. Important: do not constrict, but cheating - with tailored sections or belts, which can also sometimes knots over the Cardigan.

What fits in stronger upper arms?

Dresses with small sleeves make upper arms look thinner, but also a classic blazer like Marlen carries him in the
photo: the straight shoulders arms look thinner automatically. It is important of course that he is cut far enough." Marlen studied fashion journalism and wants to move from Stockholm and Swedish study: "I like the street style there, people are much more fashionable than in Germany.

This always works in strong upper arms: blouses or tops with balloon sleeves, or bat, the main thing, the width is true to draw from the upper arms from sleeves 2/3-lange. Good investment: a cardigan, ideal over sleeveless dresses.


What are some tips for women with a lot of bust?

It may very well emphasize the cleavage, for example by a V-neck or a small button bar at the neckline. It is important that the clothing below the chest again applied, otherwise the upper body usually has to be massive - this solved very well with a wide waist belt. Gretchen Tanner has to be trained in England and Florence, to shoe designer, privately it has forked out a strong Schuhtick: "I love high heels, about 200 pairs I have," says she. Seidenkleid von Theory, ca. 280 Euro. Silk dress by theory, about 280 €.

Watch soccer players calves also to rock?

Clearly yes. Just start with flat sandals and a maxi, to a narrow top, and the look is perfect. Trendy white is the combination in the Western-style, Vanessa is wearing: a rock with a hole tip, leather belts, and - even when it's warm -
Vanessa de Boer is an independent artist manager, her dream job, she says: "I'm glad the Rampensau times, but I also like the part in the background." Rock: Apanage, ca. 120 Euro. Rock: Apanage, about 120 €. Top: Schumacher, ca. 90 Euro. Top: Schumacher, about 90 €. Kaschmir-Cardigan: The German Frauleins, ca. 365 Euro. Cashmere Cardigan: The German lady, about 365 €. Gürtel: Closed. Belt: Closed. Armreif: Alexis Bittar. Bangle: Alexis Bittar. Stiefel: Minnetonka. Shoes: Minnetonka.

Always work in strong calves and undefined chains: boots. Leggings also create proportions, then to even go flat sandals, wedges or high heels are even more beautiful.

How do I steer away from my strong hips?

A few years ago Laura brought over 100 pounds on the scale. Today, light almost by half, she feels with her new look very good. The light-gray dress is placed below the waist in folds, the hips are elegantly plays around. Laura Schweigert makes training as a hairdresser in Cologne, for our fashion production is increased for the first time on the plane: "A little scared, I had already, but it was just great. With Stabperlen embroidered dress set, about 170 €. Leather jacket: Day Birger et Mikkelsen, 450 €. Hat: By Malene Birger.

Always works: Empire dresses or skirts in A-line, trousers should be cut straight and rather sit on the hips. If you want to wear tube, necessarily, in combination with long sweaters or tunics.