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Fashion at work - fashion designers abroad

If you do not want to go to southern Germany, where the fashion industry is represented by far larger than in other parts of the Federal Republic, then it is for many young people in question, to flee. While cities such as Paris, Milan and New York are particularly in demand, of course. The very large American city is a magnet for young fashion designers from around the world. Who wants to hit it big, which should make contacts in the "Big Apple" and gather experience abroad here. Great designers of our time or past have demonstrated it: in their life cycles are cities like New York or Paris to read. And rightly so!

Big Apple, Big Effort:

But who is to succeed in New York and wants to get there foot in the door fashion that would bring great talent, a lot of ambition, stamina and strength. Because this city is so big, so heavy it is, to gain a foothold here. Competition is intense and only those who come through who are willing to hunt for weeks looking for a job through the city to work overtime and take payments in bad purchase. The following shows the helpful editorial fashion, you have to do to get to New York to work there and make a step towards global fashion business. A fashion designer can build his / her carrier as a fashion model. On the other hand fashion modeling jobs have great demand in all over the world.

To seek visa:

The top priority is to obtain a visa to the United States. Without the job, the chances are there is zero. However, the work is illegal and competitions with a normal holiday visa in America. This means that the application for a possible job in the U.S. must be pursued from Germany. This brings with it certain difficulties, because an actual job assignment is usually possible only after a job interview. It was then left to each himself how he solves the problem.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that "sponsor" the company's future employees. This means that the candidate himself does not have to worry about a visa. However, this is for the companies are very expensive and therefore rare.

Trainee Program:

Another possibility for an experience abroad is to participate in New York at a special training. This is usually not paid, but it is easy to get into this context, a visa for at least a year. With this it is then possible to take a job. That is, once called the trainee program is over, you have enough time to look for more opportunities locally. Experience has shown that one as a fashion designer when applying for training programs such good chance, because it is easy to explain why an education is abroad for the further career of great importance.