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Know better Earrings : Guided by the Shape of Face

The accessory is something we must take into account after the clothes and makeup , for example, earrings. It is not always easy to know what kind of earrings we have better. But guided by the shape of our face is a trick that never fails.

To round face : If we have a round face, you'd better wear earrings oval or elongated. This will create the illusion of an oval face. On the contrary, it is advisable to wear button-shaped earrings or small.

For square-shaped face: In the event that your face has a square shape, oval-shaped earrings. But be careful that the length does not pass our jaw. Thus the earrings stuck and median are the most convenient height.

For triangular-shaped face: For the triangular faces jaw or "heart", the perfect earrings are those which take the form of gout. Depending on the haircut you can use any pending but the most recommended are the lengths and widths. For all we must use very short hair with long thin earrings at a time.


For oval-shaped face: And talk about perfect shapes, oval-faced girls, need only worry about the color of your earrings combine with that of his clothes, because unlike the others, any kind of earrings they feel bad.

On the other hand, consider that if we have a small stature we better be small accessories. In contrast, those who are high, long earrings not only fit them very well, but his features stylized regardless of their form.

XL Earrings:

Just take a look at the main libraries to realize one thing: the slopes, always in size XL. The best designers have agreed to set the tone of the XL key jewelry, especially earrings.

Become addicted to minimalism and remember that a single jewel of this size is sufficient, so do not you combine the earrings to necklaces. If you opted for a spectacular pair of earrings, they will become your best allies to give life to a sober dress.

Extra long Earrings:

The jewelry is also part of our daily lives and also dictate trends , such as the earrings are revolutionizing to play a bigger role this season, now is not enough to look cute earrings.

You can see not only on the runway, if not that well known.

There are four versions:

•Large colored stones.
•Very discreet and fine, but lengthened to infinity.
•Geometric shapes.
•Baroque style.

So you have several options to see and be fashionable player this season.