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Different types of models - How to get started?

Most people associate business model with top models, fashion magazines and the boys and girls that we see in advertisements prestige. But this is only category among the various job opportunities that exist for the models. As we have said in previous pages of this site, there are physical models of a variety of different sizes, sexes and ages. To help you determine the class or classes that might suit you, consider the various opportunities that exist and the physical demands that match.


In this chapter you will discover what kind of work are engaged in different types of model and what they are paid. You'll also find some tips to help you get work in these different categories. If you visit this site, because you feel you have a potential to become a model.

In this professional environment famous for the beauty of the actors behind it, you'll be surprised to learn that the talent and desire are as important as having the "look" and that "look" can vary greatly with changes the fashion industry and advertising. Job opportunities for the models are as diverse as the physical models themselves. For starters, here is an overview of some categories and job opportunities.

- The models haute couture
- Models Man
- The models of small
- Models Large
- Models adolescents
- Models of character
- The models of body parts (hands, legs, eyes, etc.).
- etc..

Later we shall see in detail the different types of models, their corresponding physical criteria and the job opportunities that match their.

All these categories of work for models:

 - Parades,
- Catalogues,
- Television,
- Videos,
- Exhibitions and trade fairs
- Press editorial
- Print advertising.


On what models do you correspond?

You'll save time and frustration you'll save yourself if you first take a critical look toward your physical characteristics. These tips will help you determine what you might consider doing in the profession of modeling.

Are you high? Do you have long legs?

Are you quite small and petite?

Round rather than thin?

Those that meet either of these characteristics may consider working as a model. You can change certain aspects of your physical person, some can not be changed. If you are considering a modeling career in high fashion, the physical demands will be greater than in other categories. If you do not have an interesting face, you're not tall and thin, you will have hard to find a place among the haute couture mannequins.

This does not mean that you have no future in the profession if you have a medium or small or you face a more sympathetic and appealing as the perfect features. It just means you need to know the class or classes that match your physical characteristics.

Similarly, is it that you are willing to work hard or do you plan a career more as a dilettante? Some models have fascinating jobs other jobs are more demanding. For example, in the worlds of fashion, you are surrounded by hairstylists, makeup artists, stylists, art directors, who will all be too much trouble you. In other areas, a model for a presentation at a fair or exhibition, for example, you will need makeup and style your hair yourself. Spend the day in a standing position to introduce products or services to visitors. For this type of work, you probably do not even see any camera.