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The Most Damaged Hair Recover & Control Frizzy Hair

It is possible to revive the hair drier and punished by a bit of consistency in the mimes. It is essential to nourish, restore elasticity, repair the damage caused to give color and hydration. For one reason or another, lately you have not dedicate your hair the pampering you deserve. Perhaps the best solution would be a visit to the hairdresser to give a respite to your hair. But if it is not your idea, we will try to help, since even the most damaged hair can recover within a reasonable time. The only trick is to find ways to nurture, restore elasticity, repair the damage caused to the color and provide hydration, hydration and more hydration.

Do you know what your hair? May not know that the outside of each hair is composed of a layer of scales arranged like shingles on a roof. When the cuticle scales are perfectly aligned, one above the other and closed in a compact and waterproof training, core and the water contained therein are protected.

However, over time, brushing, chemical processes (mainly permanent dyes) and the sun, these scales open up, separating from each other and allowing water to leak inside. This is the first step in the process of thinning hair, and once dried, they lose elasticity and strength. The first step to give him strength, will, therefore, close the cuticle and re-arrange their "tiles" in order.


 •Objective, close the cuticle. Doing it goes through several phases. First, wash and comb the hair from top to bottom, following the downward direction of the scales. Equally important is regular use of a conditioner. Sometimes called "softening" or hair balms, these products effect "almost" magical are the best ally to preserve (or, where appropriate, recover) the brightness of the hair by coating the cuticle and temporarily closing it, making it more impermeable and resistant. Its conditioning agents are deposited onto the scales of the hair, restoring the cohesion sometimes lost. The most important thing is that conditioner is well distributed, covering hair by hair, combing it is appropriate for the application, thus ensuring a uniform distribution.

Unraveling begins with a wide bristle brush and always with extreme caution, since the hair is more fragile when wet than when dry. After the removal of knots, you can continue delivering the product with a finer comb, to ensure complete coverage. For conditioners, the application time is less important than the perfect cast, as their agents fail to penetrate the hair.

 • The mask, allied to a more intensive treatment. The severely damaged hair requires more than a conditioner. In that case, nothing like making way masks, treatments so far used in a very timely, but may be the solution for very weakened hair, in which case they may even be everyday. The masks need a longer exposure time, and when used in combination with heat are even more effective, because opening the cuticle, allowing better penetration nourishing agents. You only have to cover the hair with a shower cap, paper, plastic or even take one's own steam bath or sauna.

•Specific care. If you feel your hair is in 'critical condition', do not despair: there are effective products when come to the rescue, as are the repairers that help restore the hair fiber. The lovers find their home tricks best ally in the oil. Yes, as it sounds.

Since multipurpose cosmetic oils to the traditional olive oil, just apply it and massage it strand by strand at least one hour before washing and let it work thoroughly, removing any excess, then with the help of a mild shampoo.

 Control frizzy hair or high volume:

If the volume for many women it becomes clear that the object of desire, there is always someone on the other side and there are those who see them and want them to 'tame' his voluminous hair.

"Solutions? At the hairdresser can download the lower layers of the hair, reducing the amount of hair without affecting its appearance.

And besides, should use products that provide weight to the hair. So although it sounds contradictory, you can try shampoos and conditioners for straight hair: if loop is really very strong, may be reduced slightly.

Logically, the longer you are, the easier it is tame, and fastening products chosen are always very heavy, like hair wax (for distribution by the long hair must be heated in the palms) or silicone serums and Laminates Drops Sebastian and Red ken Glass.

 •And one last tip: for lovers of natural products, why not try to spread egg white? The tight loop is more manageable as well nourished.