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Criteria to Become a Model

The Objective Criteria to Become a Model:

To start a modeling career today, when you're a girl, it is desirable to be at least 1m73 (although the English top Kate Moss, who is an exception in its environment, measure 1.68 m), be aged 15 to 24 years and have perfect measurements: about 90 cm in girth, 60 cm in height and 90 cm around the hips. For boys, the minimum size is 1m83 and must be 18 to 30 years.


Subjective Criteria:

They may vary by model agencies, trends ... Are taken into account the look, charm, originality, photogenic, the look, color of skin or hair for some, and even personality. On the psychological level, it is important to have a mind of steel and be balanced. In short: fragile girls, avoid this business is likely to undermine already vulnerable your mind! Indeed, this shows that experience. We see today among the models having a career  perfect examples of girls healthy and balanced, mainly due to a warm family environment and strong. It is indeed very important to relax, in an industry where competition is fierce and where working conditions can be stressful.

The Beginners Model :

The early models are often difficult to win recognition in the fashion rarely comes in one day, there is a must the castings. We must remain vigilant because all the castings are not serious. Before going to a casting, take a maximum of information. When you go to a casting, there is no need to cheat and make a ton: do not wear makeup or very slightly (the pros know a pearl, even without make-up), stay natural, do not try to hide your faults, it's useless! However, remember to remove hair as you will be asked to show scantily clad (in modeling, modesty has no place, you should know!). Be natural and smiling.


Avoid the Pitfalls:

Remember that an agency should not require you to pay to register. Ditto for a casting. You should know that, all agencies have a serious license number issued by the prefect for 3 years. Also, when you get into an agency, it is she who takes care of everything: tests, composite, book ... It will then reimburse the costs incurred by taking a commission on your first tablets (equivalent wages). The percentage taken will however not exceed 20% of salary.

Be known:

For information or let you know, several magazines are opening their pages to future models. Purely as a guide, you can find information from these professionals (not exhaustive): casting magazine, Elle top model, photo, image hunter, elite model.