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Complimentary trends : autumn / winter 2010/2011

A jewel, a bag or hat ... can say much more about you than just a dress. The additions mark the personality of the same and are really needed to match our dress. Trends put back on the table the most daring vintage touches.

Leading Costume Jewelry:

The most strident parts and flashy jewelry are imposed over all. The pendants, star of last season, will remain key shaft, but with medallions and relics (those that we find in grandma's closet), with crystal accents. All this with a fine blend of colors and materials ... by imagination is not.

On the other hand, necklaces, earrings and rings are transformed into unique pieces in an ethnic style, geometric and a nod to the Oriental. Gray, burgundy, black and white and brown earth tones are the jewelry collections, but as noted above the mix of colors, more alive, like green, red and light blue will give a twist to the autumn clothing.

The beads, combined with other materials, are fashionable in jewelry this season. Pearl white, red, black ... best to carry, as a pendant or earrings. Fashion to the past, Roman inspiration, has been designing gold and silver crowns, which are perfect with sheer dresses of the season. These accessories will adorn the hair whether you have long and short, with fancy goods, based on crystals, feathers, pearls and brooches. The headdresses are taking and are more fun than ever, select it for any occasion you shall not note, is a symbol of glamour.

The bag, the Preferred:

What would we do without the bag? The article in which some seem to relocate the above average home. This is due to the XXL size fashion, still remained, with materials based skin color borders and so different, as the ever popular black, maroon and brown coffee.

The handbags are also preferred, especially to go to cocktail parties, while not the most comfortable, you'll be the belle of the ball. Among these, the brightness and sequins just succeeding, but you have to know they match your dress, to be more smooth tones (with basic colors, white, black or gray).

End Shoes:

Flat, platform heels extra long ... We have seen it all. And this season there will be many changes, because we are going to happen, again, platform shoes to sporting dancers with glamour and really comfortable. Roman-inspired, with studs, black leather, and even animal skins ... the windows offer shoes of different kinds.