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Choose a perfume : products made from scented flavors

It is said that a perfume, like a great symphony, has its own structure and unique. The perfumers have some way of talking about the structure of his works are called notes to the different scents that emerge and are in harmony, just as you. It is divided into three groups:

Structure perfume: Note departure or head is usually mild and consist of citrus and aromatic ingredients. It is the first impression, its purpose is to impact those who smell. It does not last more than 15 minutes.

Average rating: Also known as heart. It has the main ingredients of the fragrance and determines the true spirit and olfactory family. Its aroma is seen minutes after application and may last up to four hours.

Bottom or base note: The perfume fixative, which enables the fragrance to smell for several hours or even days. Its function is to stabilize and unite the components of the notes.


How do you choose a perfume?

1. Going to the store in the morning, because the olfactory powers are more sensitive and therefore it is the best time to choose.

2. That day is best not to use any other fragrance, to avoid any reference mixture or smell.

3. Do not fall into the mistake of choosing a perfume because it smells good on someone else. The personal chemistry transforms it, so it is said is said that the skin is an ingredient.

4. It is not advisable to try more than three perfumes, because after four blends smell

5. A tip: take some coffee beans and smell the aroma before testing a fragrance

6. Do not smell the perfume of the container, it is preferable to do so remotely. The best method is to vaporize a bit in the air, smell and feel the development of the fragrance.

7. If you want to try on the skin, the dolls are the perfect place. Do not rub against each other because it destroys the structure of perfume and evaporates

8. Only should buy a perfume when you feel that blends with the aroma of leather and fits the personality. Not all will go well for anyone.

In the market there are many products made from scented flavors that remind you that most odors, and this is very rich, if you have a boyfriend, lover, husband can not deprive of this pleasure, for that  recommend the following products that you can not happen to crave your partner.

The body shop has plenty of options for us, one of them is this bath gel, green apple, totally irresistible, while your body is refreshed and enjoy the aroma revitalizes you wake up and will not hesitate to stay with the craving.

Body cream that moisturizes, softens and moisturizes. Kumquat Body Butter has for us this option to moistens even the most difficult areas, such as elbows, knees and heels are not leaving behind the delicious combination of aromas such as the sunflower, almonds and avocado.

As expected Channel could not get anything back with this delicious fragrance that delights any smell, and feel like any palate, it seduces you with a fruity cocktail you can not resist, leaving behind the aromas like grapefruit, quince and  vanilla undoubtedly seduce!

Mineral flowers to meet your hands dry and and your nose will not escape it, thanks to its minerals your hands will be those of a queen, and their delicious aroma of almonds will not leave you with cravings. Yves Rocher  sweeten our day: orange, mandarin, lychee and vanilla are responsible for Flower Part and is the fragrance that brings us to lose, fresh, fruity and lively is how we stay all day to be the reason  and craving.

A delicious strawberry cake, vanilla ice cream, a lemon meringue or chocolate Souf? Just Desserts ,What pleases you can have it, Just Desserts brought your temptations to put in your hands, and your body without fat and clear, without calories, delicious flavors Delight and not lose the taste.

A strawberry milkshake and caramel popcorn bad for a movie with your boy, now you can wear soft aromas, sweet with a touch of irreverence and clear without losing the style everywhere, for Dior "Miss Dior Chérie" succeeds impossible to simply irresistible!