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The top care tips for male model

With these ultimate tips for your skin make you easily create a perfectly manicured impression. Become a model, a male model can follow these care tips which are surely helpful information for a successful model.

Face: For a clear, smooth, good looking skin have them every night with warm water and a dab of cleansing gel or cream to be washed. Shower gel and body soap have Face not belong, dry the skin from. After cleaning the face gently dry and moisture cream.

Pimple: For unclean skin not to use creams containing fat and face morning and evening gently cleanse. With slightly impure skin once a week peeling to use it away with fine abrasive particles of calluses skin under which pimple can form. In more serious cases, only a beautician or skin doctor pimple it processed.

Complexion: Your face looks pale skin? rinse your face morning from cold, in severe cases, with ice cubes. And you are exercising in the fresh air.

Facial: If the word "mask" get most of the men pimple but only in a figurative sense. In fact, they applied immediately ensures a better Appearance. Here's how: Face peel or wash at least good, the masque liberally face spread can be about 10 minutes, then with warm water.


Tan: Even self revive the broadcast. Important: On the eve of the face a peeling thoroughly cleaned. The product applied thinly and evenly to the neck always economical. Then wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

Lips: Brittle lips arise when one drinks too much. Just not the lips moisten with saliva, evaporation removes more moisture. Moisture-pins for lips help quickly, are counterproductive to fat creams, however, unless it rule-zero temperatures.

Eyes: Not only those who much is sitting at the computer tends to dry eyes. helps counter a lot of dry eye mineral water to drink, often to strum with the lids, hearty yawn, ventilation and eye drops ("artificial tears") from the pharmacy.

Eye Shadow: With a colored complexion concealer, concealer called, you can obscure dark circles. Conceal pat him sparingly with a finger tip do not wipe.

Eyebrow: Pluck your eyebrows after cleansing your face with tweezers. At least Pain causes the procedure when you pull the exhale sharply. Do not remove too much: The eyebrow should start directly above the inner corner of eye. Then put a drop of alcohol-containing skin toner or aftershave on a cotton swab and disinfect the tormented region with it.

Ears: With cotton swab to clean the ear and the belly button, not the ear! When showers you can use the small finger rub the ear input - you should not go deeper, or face injuries.

Teeth: Toothbrush and dental floss part of your daily dental care routine. Still a threat of gum disease may help to a teaspoon of cold pressed sunflower oil before brushing for five minutes sucking through his teeth, then spit out.

Halitosis: Persistent smell can have many causes. Proven strategies dental floss, antibacterial mouthwash, scrubbing the tongue with a toothbrush, peppermint and anise oil and vitamin c-containing fruits such as apples.

Nails: Brittle nails need a fat cream several times a day, keep the nails flexible. Use only sand sheet filing, no metal instruments.

Cuticle: If you cut your cuticles, the more it grows more quickly. Better: After showers then the soft skin gently push back with your thumbnail.