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Berlin Fashion Week : The most beautiful looks!

Berlin Fashion Week: The most beautiful looks!

Boss Black, Kaviar Gauche showed, Schumacher & Co., at Berlin Fashion Week fashion their visions for the summer of
2011th The most beautiful looks!

Boss Black:

Traveling circus Mode: In the park at the track triangle, near the Premium, put on a giant boss tent city that is
otherwise used for the Christmas celebrations of Metzinger company. It was shown - that's it so by boss - solid,
salable designs, elaborate collars with little black dress, beautiful floor-length silk dresses. Well, the men's
designs (great red suits) were almost more exciting than the women's fashion. In the audience: Olivia Palermo, Ewan
Mc Gregor, Jessica Alba and a lot of German actors, including Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighofer, or Jana
Pallaske. Following dinner then postured for people in 1200! Candle on the table, white wine in the cooler, the sky
lights on the tent and also a DJ, who himself took the people on the dance floor, which had from a long day of lame
legs. An absolute mega - event, a demonstration of power. In the run they said yes, boss Do Not party. So what if!


Bunt it is, the new collection of cashmere labels ALLUDE from Munich. But that's not all. The spring / summer 2011
is characterized primarily by the successful combination of different, out at first sight contradictory , elements .
Complementary contrasts , such as blue - green or orange -pink , for example, may come along at first glance to be
particularly extreme Color blocking variant. It is true that complementary colors intensify each other's brilliance.
It is true also that the combination of complementary colors creates a perfect balance in mind - the color scheme is
ultimately anything but eccentric . It is perfectly harmonious.

New: The well-known especially for its cashmere creations label ventures with the spring / summer for the first time
to new materials. Belts, bags or leather halter supplement the Woll range. But does it really together? Leather is
smooth, cold and somewhat masculine, however, wool is soft, keeps you warm and suggests security. However, both
leather and wool are natural , animal raw materials. Leather can be very soft feel on the skin , wool, felt to
solidify his brick hard . The versatility of both materials is high. And thus also in the material mix a perfect
balance between supposedly contraries .

The focus on unity in opposites continues in the cut. Where is the front where the back ? How long is the sweater on
the side, how short the skirt ? Played no role . For the next game with the ( dis) harmony , it is this simplicity
that makes the spring / summer of ALLUDE that good.


Green Showroom:

For the second time directed Schaffrin Magdalena and her fellow designers Jana Keller a "Green Showroom "at the
Hotel Adlon from . Get out the hot fashion crowd and into the comfortable air-conditioned hotel : Four days, she and
38 other exhibitors present ecological fashion , jewelry , beauty products and accessories in eleven prestigious
suites. Whether fashion from recycled materials or organic materials such as milk fiber, more social projects and
environmental cycles - each of the exhibited designer has found his own way of creating fashion that not only looks
beautiful, but one step (or many steps is ) and environmental and human rights issues also gives much attention as
the aesthetics. And gave a green fashion show 's course : to classic sounds of musicians of the Komische Oper showed
the (not so bad , fortunately thin) models designs from established eco - labels such as Royal Blush , Magdalena
Schaffrin and exciting newcomer labels like Christina Kramer and Ica Watermelon . And once more it became clear that
eco - fashion has long been reached in the high fashion segment , and fortunately a growing space occupied . A few
names , and green labels, which one should remember important because you can not avoid coming to like them : Andrea
Klüsener , Ksia , Christina Kramer , Watermelon Ica , Jooloomooloo , Kissa children's worlds , I and D, Vilde Svanen

Lena Hoschek:

Fifties - style comeback in Bondage : The Austrian designer Lena Hosckek was among the first who presented their
collections on Wednesday at the Berlin Fashion Week. Was opened by the catwalk show by Topmodel Franziska Knuppe .

Lena Hoschek that once Vivienne Westwood assistant , was the collection view . Her look reminiscent of rockabilly,
punk, rock and roll and the film star and pin- ups of the 40s and 50s. High waisted hot pants , knee-length circle
skirts , petticoats , frilly blouses, rosenbedruckte Tea -Dresses and check shirts with expertly mixed the Graz-
Corsets , rivets, rubber and leather. Porn aesthetics , SM, Bondage and Femme Fatale stood in contrast to the
innocent girl look. An equally bold as successful mix . Dita von Teese would enjoy putting !

Kilian Kerner:

The highlights of the show by designer Kilian Kerner were made of silver flakes existing leggings, mini dresses and
skirts. This he combined with black shorts, short jackets , tops and dresses , which were filled with ruffles and
shimmering Long beige blazers . The men's collection consisted of shorts , tops and T -shirts with little cap
sleeves , available in gray , beige , black and silver. All in all a very reduced range , which would not hurt a bit
of courage to extravagance .

Lala Berlin:

Also Leyla Piedayesh , designer of Lala Berlin ( in February , or common cause with Gauche caviar and Michael
Michalsky had done) , went back to the official ruefully Fashion tent and presented a collection for which they had
"traveled to Africa with Curt Cobain . Of course, only in thought. Their latest trick : Of course there was , as
always, mainly to be seen knitting . And as always in the finest mohair and cashmere qualities. And in combination
with tender and golden silk brocade . The designer can see us next summer in much Sweaters light, coarse , " ragged
"knit dresses, caftans and breezy pants from delicate silk. Besides ethnic Prints ( Keffiyeh and leopard patterns),
the collection was surprised by unusual combinations of fresh apricot and faded Coral red . Was equally a total eye
-catcher: The pumps, with asymmetrical straps , which were established in cooperation with Unützer . And as a treat
for the ears there was live plays new interpretations of Nirvana songs. While the record-breaking temperatures
ensured all by itself for savannah flair ...

Rena Lange:

Rena Lange was always the label for the elegant lady. Now the company has shown for the second time a show at the
Berlin Fashion Week and see there, the clean -Chic is a wink. The German supermodel Kathrin Thormann and her
colleagues showed blue chiffon dress , a summer version of the Boucléjacke and a black schoolgirl dress with white
collar - Marine Look reloaded , classical music for everyone - not just for the rich godmother from Wuppertal. Why
Boris Becker was sitting in the front rows ? Noah 's son was bored at any rate something , and played around with
his cell phone. Too bad , because the young fellow has missed something.


The collection is pleasantly surprised by casual cuts and drapes , and convinced by an elegant color and materials.
Setting the tone were earth tones such as taupe and Greige and berry colors like mauve, lilac and fuchsia on one
side and silver gray , black and white poppy red on the other side. Whether suede leather clothes in the Sixties -
style Bustiertops too short suede shorts , cleverly draped wrap dresses , stamped leather jackets , long blazers,
blouses or Schlupp waterfall ruffles - Laurèl provided the perfect city-chic -look!  

Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg:

At this year's design competition had applied to over 150 000 applicants from all over Germany, eight young
designers were selected at the end of last Friday afternoon and were able to demonstrate their different collections
to the public in the fashion tents at Berlin's Bebel Platz. With the award "Designer for Tomorrow " offered the Peek
& Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf young designers a platform for the second time to show their designs at the Mercedes -
Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

In short video interviews, the young designers sketched their motivation and inspiration for her collection and then
sent her five or six outfits on the catwalk.

There were outfits that were a bright , colorful carnival spring can , there were fabulous silhouettes in black and
white, reminiscent of Russia's legendary figures , it was shown men's suits, with their strong bonds of late 80's
well liked by the two main actors of " Miami Vice " could have been worn. From sensual melancholy through to the
socially "crisis vocabulary " everything has been transferred to fabrics and cuts. The decision was the ten-member
jury certainly difficult . Born in Stuttgart Parsival Csere finally made the race with his knitwear collection " Good Morning Miss Obama " . Impressed by the Bauhaus movement of the 20s he had designed for his final collection at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art graphic and ornamental patterns and body hugging silhouettes. Colourful and with
precious materials such as cashmere , silk , mohair , gold and silver yarn , could perhaps his dazzling outfits
really soon migrate into the wardrobe of the American First Lady. In Parsifal now waits not only an individual support program and prize money, it also provides an opportunity to present his latest collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin in January 2011!

Perret Schaad:

Last January , the two young fashion designers Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad their debut collection at Berlin
Fashion Week presents and had been celebrated for it promptly. Now " showed Jil Sanders- daughters " her second
collection, which also enjoyed enormous. The two young talents showed a very pure with great collection gathers ,
silhouettes , clever cuts and draping . Setting the tone were Nudefarben combined with pastels and sorbet shades.
And because less is often more precisely , the two young talents gave up patterns and ornate details.


A touch of magic: Schumacher designer Dorothee Schumacher proved once again a special feeling for colors and enchanted with a collection that was held in Kit- tones and powdery, faded Colors: Greige , smoky anthracite , Nude , pink and off-white . This time it was not quite as ruffly as usual, instead ensured soft flowing silk and chiffon creations for playful femininity. like we have a particularly nice flat color compositions (keyword color blocking !) , the smoothest leather jodhpurs from the flattrigen blouses with airy , gossamer chiffon towing, the punched Seidentops and creamy white leather trench in Meshoptik . Overall, a very coherent collection that makes aufrgund its soft airy silhouettes desire to sea!

Kaviar Gauche:

After the recent Fashion Week in the short term had become apostate and half- done things with Michael Michalsky , had presented the two designers Alexandra Fischer- Roehler and Johanna Kühl now back in its usual place and showed their incredibly beautiful in the Spring / Summer Fashion tent on Bebel Platz: Maxi chiffon and transparent silks. Predominantly light powdery notes Candy (Jade , rose , vanilla were yellow ). The champions of the Greek draping presented cuts ( One Shoulder Dresses ) and flowing caftans and jumpsuits , made of silk taffeta with elaborate pleating , reminiscent of origami works of art. Other visions for the coming summer: Long shoulder accents and simple silk blazer (in combination with short shorts).


Frida Weyer:

Frida Weyer , which debuted in January 2009 at the Fashion Week , presented elfengleiche evening dresses with fancy ruffles, draping and XL- blossom applications of silk, chiffon and taffeta. The collection was a declaration of love for the romance of the same: for her collection " La chasse aux papillons "(The butterfly hunting) , the designer had used mainly sepia colors such as nude, off-white and greige . The designs were reminiscent of a highly romantic sunset. A real elegance , power, Frida !