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Different kinds of beauty contests

When beauty pageants usually people are the focus of attention. There are also other forms of competition such as the beauty contest between animals, cars or places. In all these competitions, it comes down to his appearance against the competition pursue and obtain a coveted title and prize money.

Personal beauty contests are held at both national and international level, with a victory at the national level often allows only the way to an international competition. There are also competitions for men, yet the main players in these competitions women.

The best known and most prestigious beauty pageants, the Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International. The beauty contests as Miss World and Miss Universe contests are competing, the first of its origin in England and the second originated in the United States. The titles of these competitions are the ultimate goal of many national champions. Which takes place only since 2001 Miss Earth election is now the third largest beauty pageant in the world and has thus launched in 1960 Miss International outdated election. In addition to the awards for Miss or Mister World, etc. There are other personal beauty contests. As regularly the most beautiful children, students, senior citizens or the most beautiful mother-daughter pair will be chosen.


In particular, animal lovers are not the beauty contests for dogs, cats, rabbits and Co. are unknown. These competitions are often referred to as a race shop. As in humans will be evaluated again by an independent jury appearance. Important points for the award are not only the physique and the attitude of the animal but also its skin, or the movement.

In the automotive area beauty contests are regularly held. This fall, however, usually under a different name such as tuning or vintage car competitions. Again, this is a perfect or even striking appearance of the car and, again, won title worth much.

Ultimately, sites are regularly tested for their beauty and their charm and evaluated. So it does include lists of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Europe or the world and the most beautiful islands in the oceans. For places means of winning a beauty contest more attractive, increasing tourism and thus a financial boost.