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Advice for aspiring models and top models

Pull is the dream of many girls and boys, a real art to making this one of the most desirable professions and hard working and professional landscape of today. It is not enough, have a suitable physical, must indeed know how to use effectively and better manage their strengths and correcting errors in behavior, even those that seem trivial. Withdraw at a professional level, it means perfection, to field all the potential applications of this job, without giving minimum blemishes for a profession that makes the visual impression of the image and its first and fundamental weapon.

But the parade also fielding performance, expressivity deep must excite, engage and persuade. For these reasons we try to give some tips to pull out the best way to help put the best on the runway capacity of any aspiring model from basic rules of each model. First, the look must be fixed and impenetrable, as if you were watching a fixed point that only you can see, in which only you can access. This is very important, because the model or the model must remain Neutral relative to the parade to bring out the same: that is what makes it exciting the bridge, remove the so disenchanted, to charm and seduce audiences with detachment, emotionally and make it invulnerable to this intrigue the senses.

The bearing the model or the model is very complex, made up of steps, positions and ways to interact very special. You must walk with the decision by putting one foot before the other elegantly as you were walking on a line, a rope, just like an acrobat. The shoulders must remain relaxed even keep them close because changes in the negative attitude of the whole body with respect to the public, as if he were afraid, with very negative effects on personality (besides the fact that, keep them close, makes them look small, and thus aesthetically very charming). The head up, the arms soft but not falling, his legs flexible and properly aligned: it is important to keep your back straight throughout this, but never rigid. The chest or at least your upper body should be well raised and therefore rigid. The muscles of the abdomen and back must be kept in a contracted stomach in and chest out, a very effective way to keep sustained, and then secure yourself and your performance. It is therefore essential for proper development of the personality which was mentioned earlier.

Be sure of your show is the first condition necessary to strike at the heart of the public, and in the professional optical stylist. This is the first instrument to effect the viewer, who can not help noticing indecision of their performance, so it is very important to work on your inner confidence to be able to express in the parade, and in doing so convincing that the viewer is a model in keep the game, and to "take in hand" to charm its audience firmly. All this can not be separated from a typical positive attitude towards others, manifested in a mix of physical and relational complicity, albeit platonic, with the viewer, who can not help but admire. The enthusiasm, self-confidence but also in others, so much energy and awareness in what you are doing is essential steps to make a long way in the fashion world, where competition is increasingly fierce. Must know how to pull out with simplicity and physical harmony, delivering on the foot that supports the person's full body weight, but at the same time keeping the body flexible, thereby making it lighter, placing the heel first, then the plant and then the tip, according to a 'elegant as harmonious sequence.

The models should have physical characteristics with which to tackle this work peacefully and harmoniously in order to pull out. A fair proportion of the body and facial features, to be slender and tall, physical characteristics are essential if you want to challenge at high levels in the world of international top model for fashion shows with in the most important designers. As is made clear in the page on requirements to become models, A model, for example, must be a minimum of 1 meter and 75 centimeters for the parades. With regard to the showrooms, height can be slightly less than 1 m and 70, or even less. But do not overdo it. The maximum size should be 40, but depending on the size, height and attributes related to the context size can also get to 42.

As for the man, however, must be the minimum height of 1 meter and 85 cm, also for what concerns the parades. This, then, it changes to services in the showroom, where the minimum height may be slightly less than one meter and 80 centimeters. While the physical aspect, that is the way it presents itself to others, is to treat yourself and do not make it too flashy, fashion, especially at the beginning, you should wear makeup with grace and simplicity, so much care and use hair accessories sparingly, and never overdo it. The physical is important but not everything: how many occasions within the site, aspiring models and supermodels must have charisma, agility, confidence, photogenic, expressivity, willingness to work hard. There are real bridging courses and techniques to remove played by some modeling agencies in favor of boys and girls who want to learn and develop and refine the techniques and style of a true supermodel.