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Advantages and disadvantages of the professional model

Working as a model is often associated with false expectations. Anyone who is seriously interested in the profession as a model should therefore make early aware that there are in this industry pros and cons. Become a model at all not easy task and need to work hard for that. A realistic idea can help to master the often rocky and difficult road to success.

Many young people and young adults dream of the catwalk. A model namely often associated with physical perfection, flawless beauty and glory of the name. Models in the spotlight occur on the side of world famous designer international fashion shows and fashion shows on and have for many young people role model. As a successful model to get also a lot about the world, is in Paris or New York as a guest and part of the high society.

Since models are slim and athletic in general, must have good fitness and health-benefits of the profession. Last naturally attracts the money, who works as a model for world-famous designers, can live in luxury. Make some of the above benefits but also entail drawbacks that are not to be underestimated. Anyone who travels a lot in the world, has little or no time for leisure and family. A fixed partnership is rare or does not often last long. Also, the privacy may suffer if you constantly photographers, stylists and fans surrounded.


Since successful models often under great pressure and stress stand and endure a lot of criticism must avoid the risk of abuse of alcohol or drugs. Another serious health hazard is a disturbed eating that in a morbid Anorexia or Bulimia can end. A eating disorders is a mistaken perception of the body, which is widespread especially among very models.

Aspiring models should also be aware that they are under constant observation and to the ideas and wishes of their employers must be based. This applies not only to the fashion to be presented, but also on the look of the model. To a self-realization is not to think so.

Who early in the occupation works as a model, is usually not education or other qualifications. Unlike other professions, you do not work until retirement age as a model. As a model, you have to make so inevitably the question of what comes next.