How to start a modeling career

How to start modeling

How to start modeling is a question that many teens and young people ask constantly, in today’s society with so many individuals becoming famous for just about anything, the desire to be seen is becoming more popular. A modeling career starts with a lot of research, studying, taking classes and having great photos. Today we will cover brief information about modeling portfolios and how to start a modeling career.

How to Start Modeling Career

The first step to starting a modeling career is to do the research, study everything possible on the life of a model and determine what type of model suits your dimensions and body type. Ask questions and interview the top people in the business, if you are part of a modeling class it may be possible to interview a top photographer or modeling agency representative as part of a class project. The next step is to get a portfolio together and get head shots and full body shots taken.

how to start a modeling career

Look at photographers in your local area and look at their work and see who would be good to work with, contact them and let them know what you’re doing and that you’re new to this field. If they are experienced in modeling photography they will be able to give you some advice. The next step is to sign up with legitimate modeling agencies online, this will allow you to post your photo online and hook up with different people in the business.

Learn how to start modeling

If you don’t know how to start modeling ask questions and take classes to learn about makeup, walking, how to act in interviews etc. Anyone can learn how to tart modeling by doing the research and getting connected with legitimate people in the business. Once the photos are done and some agencies are interested in your photos, it would be best to learn how to conduct yourself at interviews, be confident and have a pleasant attitude.

In many situations when first starting out you have to do your own makeup and wardrobe and this must not be overdone or exaggerated, so it is a good idea to learn the proper etiquette for photo shoots. When attending photo shoots or interviews always bring a chaperone just to be safe. At the beginning of most modeling careers the money may not come that quickly, you may get work in exchange for just photos, or you may have to pay photographers but as time goes on you can get work where you are paid to do the shoot, this is how to start modeling.

From your earliest recollections, you have fantasized about wearing the latest designer fashions while walking the runway in New York or Milan. Maybe your heart’s desire is to see yourself on a billboard promoting a new product or striking a fierce pose in an edition of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan or Seventeen. Today we will focus “Modeling Portfolios – Starting a Career in Modeling”.

Regardless your vision, to get started in the competitive world of modeling there are various steps you must take such as locating and creating a modeling portfolio and modeling agencies. It is not only critical to have a “face that the camera loves”, but to put the time and effort into your passion to help ensure its success.

career in modeling

Different Types of Modeling

You don’t have to be 6’0 and weight 120 pounds to break into modeling. There are various types that include catalogue, commercial print, high fashion, editorial, runway, children, teens, petite, plus size as well as specialty modeling. Although high fashion and editorial is highly coveted, it has strict criterion in regard to height, weight and measurements. Even if you did not inherit the body type of a high fashion or supermodel, this should not dissuade you from pursuing a modeling career.

All types of “looks” are needed in the modeling industry. The “girl next door” type may be just what an agency desires to help a business promote their new cleansing face wash or a curvaceous plus size or petite woman to wear clothing that would appeal to all women.

Catalogue models are also hired to assist in selling products to all sectors of society. Therefore, almost anyone could attain a career in modeling.

Modeling Portfolio and Modeling Agencies: Your Portfolio

Modeling portfolio and modeling agencies are critical to any aspiring model. You would need a portfolio to showcase not only yourself, but also your work in order to land modeling jobs. Even if you are just starting out and your past work experience is minimal or non-existent, you can still create an impressive portfolio. First, you would need to invest money by hiring a reputable photographer that is knowledgeable in the niche of fashion photography.

After choosing a photographer, it is important to know what type of modeling jobs you are most apt to acquire. For example, If your height is not conducive to high fashion modeling, shy away from high fashion images, but include commercial lifestyle pictures instead. If you are already signed with an agency, your agent may be able to advise you on what types of photographs would be best to include in your portfolio. Continue reading “How to start a modeling career”

Woman fitness model – Expert modeling and fitness advice

Today, we are going to share with you some of our favorite health and fitness experts for woman fitness models and male fitness models.

Woman Fitness ModelAlways the awkward girl growing up I was never part of the elite inner circle at school…modeling wasnt something that I ever thought I could do. It’s been several years since I started modeling and now have focused my attention to personal training and my family. I had a tremendously wonderful time modeling and I never lost sight of the fact that I did it for fun and for the enjoyment of capturing a moment, and for getting to live a fraction of a dream; when you lose that then it’s time to quit.

………so step inside my little girl’s dream!!!

I got into modeling by chance…I wanted to get some really good pictures of myself and I met this photographer online through an online modeling website. Through him I met other talented photographers, such as Dan Howell of NY and so on….it was very fun for me, I made some great friends and did some exciting work from it, including a CD cover for 70’s band Vanilla Fudge.

woman fitness model

What advice you have for models?

There are a lot of scams out there. Always, let someone know where you will be an a number where they can reach you. Call when you get there and when you leave the shoot that way someone knows your whereabouts. Always, be prompt and professional in your work if you are a woman fitness model or a male fitness model or bodybuilder. Continue reading “Woman fitness model – Expert modeling and fitness advice”

How to become a model – 14 secrets to becoming a professional model

How to become a model? The most important question that you, as an aspiring model, should ask is…

What are modeling agents, scouts and clients really looking for? And how can you make them want you more than everyone else?

Made up of modeling tips from myself, top modeling agents, photographers and models, it will teach you everything you need to know, to get into the modeling industry. I know that you will be satisfied with the information given in this page. Once you have finished with these tips, you will be ready to start your own modeling career.

how to become a model

Do you want to become a model? Is it your dream to model in different countries across the world?

If so… then this page can tell you exactly what to do!

You will learn… what it takes to become a model… how to become a model… HOW TO GET SIGNED WITH A TOP MODELING AGENCY… AND HOW TO BOOK BIG MODELING JOBS!!!


Well lets get started!

It is our goal to properly educate you on what is really needed to become a model.

The 14 must know secrets to becoming a professional model:

Lets get this straight… YOU CAN BECOME A MODEL!!!

There is a common misconception about the modeling business…

The misconception being… “You must be super skinny, super tall and super sexy to become a model”.


And it is especially not true, Right Now!!!

If you look at hundreds of different TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards… you will see that every different look is being used in advertising.

The truth is, that advertisers need to target every different group of people in our society! And you are a part of our vast society as well!!

There are people that like the same things as you and that think, dress and look similar to you too! These are who you will market the best to!

And especially now a days the variety in models is huge… There is a huge demand for normal average looking people.

Just the other day, I was informed of a casting for a glasses commercial. The client specifically stated that the model must wear glasses in real life and that they needed to be… JUST AVERAGE looking! Continue reading “How to become a model – 14 secrets to becoming a professional model”

Modeling secrets : 14 modeling tips and secrets essential to become a model

Modeling tips and secrets

Be sure to check out our modeling secrets page. It covers modeling tips and secrets that have never been revealed before. The tips and secrets that made the difference between me getting zero callbacks at my first major model search to receiving more callbacks than I could handle one year later at the same search by the same modeling agencies! It is some of the best modeling advice I can give you!!!

These secrets also make the difference between getting modeling jobs and not getting modeling jobs. These secrets are essential to become a model!

modeling tips and secrets

How to become a model secrets


  • Have you ever met or seen someone who for some unexplained reason, you were just drawn to. Someone who has something that just makes them irresistible?
  • They just give off an energy that causes them to be irresistibly attractive.
  • A perfect example of this is Cindy Crawford. She is one of the most famous supermodels of all time!
  • Now, although she was attractive she wasn’t the most attractive model around, even she admits that. It was because she is irresistibly attractive that made her the top supermodel in the world!
  • There is just something about her that draws people. People want to see her in movies, magazines and anything else they can! She is irresistible!
  • All successful and famous people have this and so can you!
  • You need to understand the power of learning this, before you attempt to become a model.
  • You see, when people can’t resist you, you are in control! When you go to an agency wanting to become a model if you are good looking, but not irresistible they will reject you (trust me every modeling agency I went to rejected me until I learned this).
  • I hope you are grasping why this ability is so essential in convincing modeling agents to sign you. If they are attracted to you, EVEN IF THEY CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY, then nearly everyone will be too! $$$
  • Modeling agencies will go into a, total, FRENZY when they find someone with this energy!
  • As you can see, this would be a very powerful tool to have in your possession. It is actually very easy to gain this ability. I will tell you how to unlock this power in no more than a few pages information.

Continue reading “Modeling secrets : 14 modeling tips and secrets essential to become a model”

Model Skin Care Tips and Tricks

model skin care tips and tricks To start a modeling career you need to have great skin. A modeling agency may still take you on, but they will require you fix your skin if it needs it. We have put together a page to explain how anyone can clear up their skin. Today we cover briefly about model skin care tips and tricks.

Skin care, in our opinion, should be simple! You shouldn’t need fancy 3 step processes that cost you hundreds of dollars to use. Most over the counter products only treat acne after it shows up. They do not get to the source of the problem though. Acne forms underneath the skins surface and needs to be stopped before it makes it to the surface.

We have made a list of tips which are from skin care professionals.

For minor acne, these tips are quite effective. Sometimes though, keeping your skins surface clean is not enough. You may have to go to your doctor to fix the problem.

model skin care tips and tricks

Skin care tips and tricks:

  • Don’t squeeze a pimple unless the tip is white, otherwise it will swell and will take longer to go away. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE! Most of them will go away!
  • If you sweat, then clean your skin afterwards. Even if all you have is water.
  • Wash your skin with a non medicated and non scented soap at least 2 times per day (morning and night).
  • Don’t use a lot of moisturizer. Just a tiny amount about the size of a pea or smaller. Use a non scented moisturizer. One with vitamin E is a good choice.
  • Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water per day. This will help keep your skin clean and healthy.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per day. Sleep is when your body repairs itself the most, so you must give yourself good amounts of sleep.
  • Most importantly, try not to stress. Worrying and checking the mirror every 5 minutes will just stress you out. When your mind is stressed your body will reflect it.The less stress you have, the better your skin will get. When your mind is relaxed, healthy and at peace, your body will be the same. Your immune system will do what it is supposed to do.

Continue reading “Model Skin Care Tips and Tricks”

Male Modeling or Female Modeling Tips

Tips to help start your male modeling or female modeling career:

As a male or female interested in modeling it is helpful to know a few little things before attempting to take on the world of male modeling or female modeling. I have put together a few little male modeling and female modeling tips to help start your career off on the right foot. This way you can be prepared when an agency shows interest in you. You will already be the complete package – ready to get started!

Please read through all of these. They are very important and will save you a lot of time, frustration and energy at the start of your modeling career.

female modeling tips

To find even more useful tips on becoming a model go to my how to become a model page.

Male modeling/Female modeling tip# 1 : Skin care

Skin care is very important to get your male or female modeling career of the ground quickly.

The reason being, that if you don’t have pimple free skin, it will put a halt on your modeling career from starting immediately. Go to your doctor if you have problem skin. Don’t waste your time by over the counter skin products. Nine out of ten times they just make it worse.

When I had pimples, I struggled with them for a few years, before I finally decided to go to my doctor for his opinion. He gave me a prescription for the product and within 2 weeks of use my skin was completely clear! I took it for another 6 months. Now I never have to worry about my skin again!

Definitely get any problem skin out of the way as soon as possible.
If you would like some FREE tips on model skin care tips and tricks, please visit here.

Continue reading “Male Modeling or Female Modeling Tips”

Important tips to becoming a model – Practical modeling advice

In 2006 I have had the opportunity of not only growing as a model, but also taking on the responsibilities and enjoyments of becoming an agent and also a photographer. As you can imagine it has been a very fun and busy year!!! Here we cover some practical modeling advice “Important tips to becoming a model”.

By learning about photography and what goes on behind the scenes in a modeling agency I now understand this business very well. I know exactly what agents are looking for and why. I also know how to make sure that you make the best of every photo shoot you are on.

Through photographing models I have learned how to be a better model in front of the camera. Through being an agent I have learned how to truly give any agency what they really want to see.

tips to becoming a model

Now I am about to pass this information on to you. With what you are about to learn you will truly understand everything you could ever need to know to get into this business.

Before starting your course, I would like to add one last thought. I will pre-warn some of you. It may seem like a lot to take in and may not seem to make sense, but trust me once you grasp this concept you be able to BE, DO or HAVE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.

Ya, that’s a pretty big deal, so I recommend reading on!!!

I feel that following is the biggest secret to success in anything…
And it is belief in ones self. I cannot stress how truly important it is to
believe in yourself. Continue reading “Important tips to becoming a model – Practical modeling advice”

Modeling advice – What I did to become a model

I started out as a cocky, unfocused, young man with dreams to be a fashion model. I went to my first model scouting event, which hosted 30 of the top modeling agencies from around the world (with 3000 other “hopeful” models in attendance), when I was 17 years old. At the time I was under the illusion that to become a model, I just had to be good looking. “Every modeling agency will be begging me to sign with them”, I thought.

And boy was I wrong! It was more like ZERO modeling agencies wanted me to sign with them! I went there cocky and left broken!

become a model

Although I was embarrassed, I refused to give up! I realized that maybe there was a thing or two I didn’t know about being a model and could learn about how to be a model. Heck, if others have become models, then I can learn how to be a model too!

Next, I contacted any modeling agents and scouts that would listen to me. I asked them what it takes to be a model and what they look for when signing a model. How do I be a model? What are the “modeling secrets”, can you teach me how to be a model, I asked?

become a model

I asked professional models how they made it and asked them for any modeling tips and secrets they could give me.

I read every “how to be a model” book, self-help book, nutrition book and exercise book I could get my hands on. I learned every modeling secret and tip there was! I increased my confidence, irresistibility, fear issues, goal setting and anything thing else which I was told to improve on in order to be a model.

I studied and improved on what I was told and more. I applied it all until I new that I was ready to be a model. I felt completely unstoppable! And I was!

I decided to go back to the same model scouting event, which I had been rejected at before. This time I was prepared… I was finally ready to be a model!

The funny thing was that I looked exactly the same as the previous year, but was treated totally different. Continue reading “Modeling advice – What I did to become a model”

Is it your dream to become a professional model?

Would it fulfill your dreams if you could get signed by a top modeling agency? Then this page is the most essential webpage online for you to read!!! You will learn how to become a professional model, what it takes to become a professional model, the truth about modeling schools, how to get signed with a top modeling agency and how to make sure you get booked for modeling jobs once you get signed!

I have modeled for several years now and am also an agent and professional photographer. You will learn more about me throughout this page.

become a professional model

Modeling is now more popular than ever in today’s society!

There are numerous TV programs focused on the modeling industry. With more people wanting to become models it increases the competition dramatically… so that only those with a strong mind and proper knowledge of how the business works can break into it.

Makes sense doesn’t it? When each agency can only take on a certain number of models… only the best will make it. The more competition the more knowledge is needed.

Modeling schools, however will charge anywhere from $300.00 to $3000 to teach you very little. No matter if it is $300 or $3000, that is a lot of money for most average kids or parents to have to come up with.

It would be so much more helpful and beneficial to have actual models, agents, casting directors and photographers to simply tell you what it takes to break into the business and how you should go about this endeavor. Continue reading “Is it your dream to become a professional model?”

Modeling advice – What it takes to become a model

takes to become a modelSo you want to learn what it takes to become a model. 50% of what it takes to be a model, is mental. What it takes to become a model is believing in yourself and thinking differently than anyone else.

Do you realize that 99% of people, who think they have what it takes to be a model, will never reach their dreams of being a model! That’s not because they look different than the models that do have what it takes to be a model, but because they think differently.

Your looks may get you half way in modeling, but when things start getting stressful, and tougher than you ever imagined, will your mind cause you to quit or push on? Most models who think they have what it takes to be a model, quit. I did my first time around.

The mind aspect of modeling is the reason most people who think they have what it takes to be a model, can’t make it. Models that know what it takes to be a model, have incredible drive, confidence, energy and believe in themselves 100%. They think different than all the “wanna-be” models!

Now, for the other 50% of what it takes to be a model is physical. Every model agent you meet will tell you, “Get in shape” Get your skin cleared up” Lose some fat” “Gain some muscle”. They will pick you apart. Don’t be offended! They are telling you to do this because they are interested in you. Model agents wouldn’t waste their breath if they didn’t think that you could have what it takes to be a model!

So, get in shape now!!!!!! Don’t go meet an model agent hoping that they won’t notice! They will!!! You must learn how to eat right and exercise right. Then when you go meet model agents you will be like a diamond in the rough! All ripped, energetic, clear skin… You will be flawless! They will see $$$ signs as soon as they see you.

If you have your body strong and you mind stronger then you WILL have what it takes to be a model!.

So how do you learn all of this then? Well, there is a lot to learn, but once understood it is easy to apply. One of our “what it takes to be a model/how to become a model” e-books (written by myself, Jordan Sales) explains exactly what it takes to be a model! It’s called “How to be a model: The 14 must know secrets to being a professional model by Jordan sales”.

It is the most in depth book ever written on what it takes to be a model. No other “how to become a model or what it takes to be a model” book even talks about half of the stuff in it. It is nearly 100 pages and is filled with information on the mental/internal side of what it takes to be a model and the physical/external side of what it takes to be a model. Everything that we told you you must have to possess what it, really, takes to be a model is revealed in this e book. You will learn precisely… what it takes to be a model! Continue reading “Modeling advice – What it takes to become a model”